We have a final!

By now everyone should know the drill, some Hollywood celebrity flies into the area to pick up a taxpayer funded welfare check, films a few scenes and immediately flies the heck out (Mississippi / State of Louisiana in general) or sticks around and goes on a bender in the French Quarter (New Orleans). Either way when word gets out that a celeb. is in town to pick up their welfare check the local media is quick to fawn.  It is against that backdrop that when a heavyweight reporter like Karen Nelson is assigned to write a story about Hugh Jackman filming a few taxpayer funded movie scenes at Michoud, something snapped inside and a twitter poll was born:

Frankly the poll results, nonscientific as they are warmed the cockles of my heart.  Had I been able to vote in the Slabbed poll I would have gone second option but what is clear is the majority of you that took time to vote know exactly what the score is:

When a celebrity is in town, your tax money is being pissed down the drain.  In a perfect world the media would not be cheer leading that sad fact.

One thought on “We have a final!”

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