Comment bumps: DMR Oyster Farm a Political Boondoggle for the Gov’s $$$$$ Supporters?

What I think is interesting is how the DMR is trying to present the narrative by comparing what they propose to do to a private company in Grand Isle that obtained its own aquaculture lease. That is not really a good apples to apples comparison to the state sponsored collective farm Comrade Miller is proposing to fund with your tax money. Some of the families being mentioned own copious amounts of marshland where aquaculture would only interfere with recreational fishing, which likely explains the water bottom grab off Henderson Point.

It is at this point I’ll add that about a year ago a source familiar with the operations of state government indicated to me that the entire DMR Oyster Council was a boondoggle. If the plan is to use tax money to grease the skids so some of Phil Bryant’s supporters can profit truer words were never spoken to Slabbed on that topic. In any event the comments from long time commenter Point Park and others begins here.

I have a bump of paying work to do before I can shake this tree but I will say the Harrison Sups resolution against the Bay St Louis site truly reflected the will of the local people that will be impacted. Also worth noting is the fact that a certain supervisor tried playing both sides of the issue thus the framing of the Sun Herald story of the local residents being NIMBY refusnicks to the idea of aquaculture overall when it is pretty clear that is not exactly the case.

Speaking of aquaculture, I happen to know a bit on the overall topic and it is not necessarily a panacea to all that ails the Mississippi Oyster Industry, which was virtually wiped out by the dual blows dealt by Hurricane Katrina and the Macondo well blowout. The first link contains some of the very latest information:

Infectious diseases in oyster aquaculture require a new integrated approach ~ Fabrice Pernet, Coralie Lupo, C├ędric Bacher & Richard Whittington

Disease Management Strategies for Shellfish Aquaculture: The important role of hatcheries ~ Milford Aquaculture Seminar Slides 2014, Rhode Island University

Slabbed intends to monitor this matter.

19 thoughts on “Comment bumps: DMR Oyster Farm a Political Boondoggle for the Gov’s $$$$$ Supporters?”

  1. There’s a reason our marina passed through the DMR like, well, you know what, through a goose. The DMR is for sale to the highest bidder.
    I’m sure the same thing happened here.

  2. The Oyster Farm in BSL is a positive thing. Tourist like watching the commercial boats at work, the restaurants can serve local seafood, the local seafood merchants get more business,expands our recreational fishing inshore, etc…..Only a short sighted self serving ass [email protected] like Nonnie D would find a problem with that. She is against any and everything that improves something so she can complain about no improvement. People like her are holding Pass Christian back. Let’s ban her self serving ass.

    Historically speaking the coastal waterfront has thrived and lived with the commercial seafood harvesting from BSL to Pascagoula for centuries. I live on the beach in BSL and enjoy the veiw of oyster-man and shrimpers at work during each season. It improves my property value and access to quality seafood!

    1. Your name and name calling suits your mentality. Oyster reefs and aquaculture are miles apart. The proposed site is what Nonnie is fighting. NO ONE is against the oyster industry.
      Maybe you would like 940 pilings in front of your house and when it goes bust they stay. This distracts from the navigable waterways and values of residential areas. Lights will have to be attached for night safety. Is this what you would like to view overlooking your water at night or would you like to see the moon over the water for a serene ambiance that brought you to the Coast and living on the Beach.
      Nonnie may be a lot of things, but most of all she fights for the community and residents of this Gulf Coast. I will always vote to have her on my side. Hope you never have to go against her, you will lose. She has done nothing but Positive achievements for the Gulf Coast and hope she will continue to fight for our best interest.
      You can also thank her for fighting to oppose a Casino on the Henderson Point area. Maybe you would have had to look at all the lights and activity 24/7 across the Bay sitting on your porch.

      1. scared of change and advancement. that is reflective of pass christian economy. once you yats move here nothing can change. live your dream back in louisiana where yall screwed it up!

        1. Well if it was not for the Louisiana property owners and visitors here your economy would be terrible. If you go to local establishments on the weekends all you see are the “Louisiana” group spending their money in the restaurants, groceries, gift shops etc…
          I don’t think the local merchants would appreciate your comments. These businesses can not survive on the locals alone.

          1. Oh yea! pating yourself on the back is what yall do best. louisiana is toxic! the people are toxic especially from N.O. Yall are not smart you just have oil! Go back and fix yalls state! Oh yea! we do enjoy your tax dollars! Hahahahah

            1. Sure glad the people of Hancock County don’t enjoy our tax dollars. I won’t be going and spending there anymore. I’ll make it a point to stay in Harrison County where the money is appreciated. You must be some miserable person to have the feelings you express about other people.

  3. Duped. Too bad the hard working fisherman won’t be working those leases. This system is rigged by Jamie and his internal group of thugs that are faking a process to look “transparent” but the Governors marsh tour man and Joe Cloyd and Joe Jenkins are the ones that are going to benefit. And when the boondoggle goes bankrupt the taxpayers will be left holding the bag. Nonnie needs to hold fast with this group of political thugs that are hijacking a process to benefit the political elite. Said it once and I’ll keep saying it, the DMR needs to go back under Wildlife. But they like everyone else want nothing to do with them.

  4. If DMR would clean up the environment with the BP money instead of fattening the pockets of themselves and their crony supporters, there would be more areas suitable for oyster farming instead of running roughshod over homeowners who pay high taxes and insurance in west Harrison and Hancock Counties. Oyster farming could be great but with DMR running the show, that’s a different story. It appears Trust and Honesty are 2 words that are not in DMR’s vocabulary.

    1. In most probability they may be dishonest but we cant stop trying to improve what and how we do things. The sky isn’t falling in we just need to monitor the management and prosecute if it is what yall fear! I personally would like to see it happen in hancock county. I am not afraid of the commercial industry. We have lived in harmony with it for 2 centuries and things change and we must change with it. Fact is there are only 2 private entities that can pull this off because they have the set up and the most expertise that is just they way it is. I hope they make money and we benefit from it!

      Secondly your property deed does not come with a view provision that the property owner has to approve. Our biggest resource is the water and it is our obligation to use it to our best potential!

  5. So let me get this right, I’m a little slow. Jamie Miller and the Governor want this oyster farming so bad and it’s such a great idea, that the ONLY place it can go is in private tax paying citizens front yards. Well I have an idea. Let’s place one of the great oyster farms right out front of the Sliver Slipper. A thousand piling operation and well dressed commercial oyster fishermen grooming themselves for the gaming public to see. A free lesson in where Noro virus comes from. I guess they would have to conform with Jamie’s dress code. Maybe we could get the DMR to permit a site in front of Shaggy’s and the restaurant strip in Biloxi, after all they are the ones that want this. Let them have a thousand piling view shed for their paying customers to whiteness every day and see if they can understand where the private citizens are coming from. Maybe permit one in front of the private mansion of the Gulfport construction guy and see how he likes it. Surely he won’t mind. Bet he likes oysters on the half shell. The Commission meeting is June 21 at the DMR building let’s get a bunch of the private landholders to show up and recommend permitting an alternate site. Let’s offer the DMR the front of the Beau Rivage as an alternate site. Jam a thousand pilings down their throats and see how the gaming industry likes it. Come on DMR you know very well why the private citizens are having the Governor and the Governor’s Oyster Council shoved down their throats. Because you can and you know it. You would not dare put one of these sites in Mike Cure’s front yard and risk a phone call from Bryant. You pick on the defenseless because you can. You intentionally chose these site because you could and you thought they would and could not sue. And now you guessed wrong and are trying to vilify Nonny and her willingness to stand up to thugs like Jamie Miller and the Governor’s Oyster Council.

    1. Picking on the defenseless. That sounds like it’s right up the Regimes alley. Isn’t that right Pickering, Bryant and Miller?

    2. you are just an angry bernie sanders impersonator! go to anger management. you dont even own a waterfront home. you probably live in St Bernard!

    3. The DMR is having the Public Meeting June 14, 2016 in Pass Christian at the City Hall complex in the Court Building 6:00 p.m.
      Please attend and let the DMR and Governor know what you think about this.
      Our group is NOT against Oyster business, only these locations in Henderson Point.

  6. It starts with naming people Marine Scientists who have degrees from a Sea Lab based university and not degrees in forestry management or just any science based BS. No integrity.

  7. I am being told that the MS rules are being written by a “con” sultant from Alabama because the DMR has no one on staff that is willing to lie to benefit the Governor’s rich politically connected oyster restaurant owners. They have a “con” tract employee running the show even selling out the coastal preserves program because Dufus Hozeman is in the Governor’s pocket to. So many lap dogs and so few bones to throw.

  8. More updates, I’m hearing that the person presenting the rule change is the attorney Ashley Morrison. Seems the DMR is picking some real winners here. A real winner representing the state cramming the oyster farming down the throats of the private citizens. Still scratching my head trying to figure out why these specific sites were chosen. Why not out in front of a casino or the restaurant strip in Biloxi. Just plain two-faced. The backstabbing Governor and his lap dog DMR led by Napoleon Miller trample over anyone in their path just because they can. Hey Doug can you publish the Ashley Madison link again, let’s see how many DMR employees we can find on the list. From what I hear they got a house full of potential list members.

  9. The room was packed for the Public Hearing on the Oyster Aquaculture. Everyone there was in full support of the Project, just NOT the 2 locations in Henderson Point. Who wants to see 900+ pilings in the Bay where the boat traffic is heavy and residential homes are present.

    One gentlemen questioned if anyone in the room was in favor of the location? Silence, no one was present. Does that not tell you something. Not even the Oyster group wants that location. Wake up DMR and go find your Governors friends another location.
    The attorney for the groups in the area pointed out to the DMR staff that both locations are actually illegal. Bet that went over good with the DMR attorney the next morning when he had to meet with Napoleon Miller. Can’t wait to see their response.
    It is my understanding the Oyster council meets next Tuesday 9:00 6/21??

    1. He doesn’t listen to the staffed attorneys anyway so there likely wasn’t a meeting. He’s been told from the start about issues with the locations. The deer island location is illegal as well with what restrictions were put in the deeds when that property was transferred over to the dmr

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