“These people do not know what they are doing” Part 2: Port n Harborgate – The Docs

But first we’re going to put a bit more meat on the bones of the Hancock County Development Commission fiasco:

Questions surfaced concerning who would represent the city on the Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission. In December, Council Chairman Joey Boudin – apparently without anyone else’s knowledge – wrote a letter to the governor’s office recommending local businessman Danny Johnson for the position. Johnson stood up in a public forum asking for other council members blessings as a nominee stating that “a recommendation is not a vote for or against anyone.”

However, the latest iteration of the commission was sworn in last month, so the point may be moot.

The four returning members are Robert Kane, Realtor with John McDonald Realty; Charles Gallagher, retired Navy captain and Ingalls Shipbuilding engineer; Rocky Pullman, captain of marine resources at Stennis Space Center; and Sherri Carr Bevis, the South Mississippi service coordinator for Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. New commissioners are Daryl Cornell, CEO of Triton Systems, the ATM manufacturer; Paula Jordan, office manager for Jordan Chiropractic Center; David Malley, contractor and real estate developer; and Realtor Jon W. Ritten Jr. of Coldwell Banker Coast Delta Realty.

As I mentioned Tuesday the legalities were not at all clear but after speaking with a couple of folks and finding the right Mississippi Code Section it appears the Board of Supervisors has the five appointments with the Governor having the other two ostensibly, as recommended respectively by the Cities of Waveland and Bay St Louis.

This being the case logic would dictate that someone that has never been appointed to the Board can’t be sworn in unless there is a bums rush exception in the law to which I am unaware but that would be for the lawyers to straighten out I guess. In any event who gives a shit if we just make up the Governor’s appointments ignoring the enabling legislation  in the process and this brings me back to this continuing series of posts and the quotation in the post title from Monday night’s meeting that sums it up on so many levels:

These people do not know what they are doing

But that is OK folks because Bay St Louis is the coolest small town in the entire Milky Way Galaxy, cooler even than Rigel II. Let’s go ride the trolley, drink, sing songs and pretend none of this matters.

But something tells me the Governor, who was evidently ignored in this process, may beg to differ even though playing in the Bay St Louis mudhole may not have previously been on his agenda beyond pumping the return of Amtrack Service to the coolest depot district in the entire universe.

First up is a big drawback in having a perpetual crisis management atmosphere at City Hall because voids develop and in this case Councilman Joey Boudin filled the void:


A month later of course the City Council was approving the Mayor’s appointment of Robert Kane to the HCDC. But in Mississippi, as expressed mathematically:

Mississippi Gov. > Mississippi Hizzoner


It would be nice, for a refreshing change of pace, if the folks running things here didn’t make things up as they go along.  The resulting mess, while entertaining to watch, is otherwise a compete waste of time to clean up.

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  1. Touché, Doug. No end in sight for the ineptitude wreaking havoc around here!

    Why would anyone invest in a community that is so POORLY run????? What planet do our elected and appointed officials live on??? SMH

  2. The letter from Boudin was not to anyone and certainly not to the governor. It could have been a recommendation to anyone that appoints(Governor or Supervisor). It clearly says “Personal Recommendation” I have read it many times. It states clearly that it was a personal letter of recommendation to any one of the posts that are appointed to the Commission. Boudin did not direct it or did he send it to the governor. It was delivered by Mr. Johnson. Anyone can get a letter of recommendation for anything from an elected official for any position at anytime.

    It is apparent if there were an error it would have been on the appointing end (Governor). Since the letter is posted take the time to read it.

    Another error that is corroborated by the Governors Legal is that the city can nominate as many people as they want. Contrary to what Rafferty said, it is the governor who appoints not Les.

    Raff is either in les’s pocket or he is a loose legal cannon that makes up what he does not know time and again always in the favor of Mayor!

    Why was Wendy making such a stink over it? Is it because it was a close family member? Did she vote in the first place on it? She always recluses herself when the appointee’s son makes a presentation! Was she that upset and Raff so distracted with his contract he didn’t remind her of conflict?

    1. Normally the agency will remind everyone of Board terms expiration but Ashley Edwards left Port and Harbor late last Summer.

      If I were a Board member in such a situation that wanted to continue to serve I think I’d be shaking the tree too. Mr. Kane is the President of the Commission, surely he knew when his term was up and who appointed him and/or who could re-appoint him.

      I do not blame the Councilman for writing that letter for Johnson, even if he knew it would end up on the Governor’s desk.

  3. I would agree there was a complacency on the incumbent that it would cruise along the same way it always has. The Incumbent did not attend the nomination meeting nor did he, obviously, let the Governor know he wanted to continue to serve. It was a perfect storm of events that says “assume” makes an ass out of you and me!

  4. The Agenda item on Jan. 19, 2016 was for Council to ” ratify the “MAYOR’S” appointment of Robert Kane to the Port & Harbor Commission.
    The vote was unanimous, but in my opinion Counciwoman McDonald did nothing wrong.
    First of all, her cousin who was married to Kane is now deceased, and all of their votes are moot because the Mayof had no statutory authority to “appoint” only to recommend or nominate.
    When you consider 5 of the 7 Council, the Mayor, and Gov. and the Commissioner in question are all incumbents, and the attorney has been there longer than any of them, you have to wonder ” who ties their shoes for them??!!”
    What a pack of slow learners?!

    1. Why does she recluse herself when his son speaks to the council? You cant pic and choose when there is conflict! Obviously she felt there was. Consistency is very important.

  5. I agree with WTF. Joey’s letter, although on City letterhead, clearly states that it’s a personal recommendation for a resident of his ward. Ray Kidd wrote a personal letter of introduction for me several years ago that was also on City letterhead. I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong, I’m simply stating that it’s a common practice. I don’t believe the letter was read.

  6. Mississippi is a state you can be proud to live and invest in. Gubner Pheel has taken his message of how far we’ve come in economic and cultural development to a whole new level. A truly memorable message Pheel has sent to the world at large about ol ‘sipp. Really spells out what we stand for in this great state of ours.

    Thank you, gubner.

    I think the gas fumes from his lawnmower have impacted more than his helmet hair.


  7. The Hancock Development Authority is not a family business. The incumbent had that job handed down to him from his father in law 20 plus years ago (Estimate 40 Yrs of their family Control). Has he done a good job. No one would know as they have never addressed the council and pretty much have private clandestine meetings. They get paid $89 per meeting plus travel. They meet regularly. Why has this appointee fought so hard for this position? Maybe the incumbent is trying to get the Hancock Chamber Director the new Port Director job. There is no secret that they are big friends and that she wants the Job. Lets see how it plays out?

  8. While the Potprt and Zharbor Commission has brought business to Hancock, the downside I have heard is that the employees of the companies they’ve brought don’t choose Hancock County as s place to live. And that is what we need desperately–
    An increase in our ad valorem base.

    1. You are spot on. Just as the Stennis Space Center employees don’t choose to live here as well. Has been a pet peeve of mine for years that the Chamber has done nothing to recognize this issue or to address it. They have zero data on it, that I am aware of. Certainly did not when I researched it. Had to get the data from a source at Stennis. Problematic to say the least that the community doesn’t make an effort to attract those folks. Hey, but what do we really expect at this point?

      1. Correct on Stennis employees living in Louisiana. But let me be the first to call bullshit on your comments about the Chamber. The Chamber established Partners for Stennis 20 years ago. Here is a link
        “You can become a catalyst for the enhancement of education, quality of life and economic opportunities in Hancock County by joining Partners for Stennis.”


        The Chamber also assist the relocation depart of Stennis in providing information to job applicants about our area. Local Real Estate firms pay good money to help pay for this program as well as grants the Chamber applied for and manage.
        Program website


        You act like you went to the chamber and they could not provide you with anything they do to promote our community to NASA. Your full of bull and your doing this under the cover of alias. Why?

        1. Steve,

          How do you know Louisiana is the FIRST choice? The Chamber had zero data on how many employees work at Stennis and actually live here when I requested it. Maybe they do have this data and only share it with friends and family like yourself. It’s one thing to promote or have a program in place. Doesn’t mean it’s effective and/or makes an impact. Clearly, Hancock County is last choice on places to live when relocating to Stennis. Pearl River county has surpassed us, which is saying something.

          Some folks have mastered the medium of pontificating as a means of remaining relevant. Also, quite a few entities around here stay busy doing “things” that only accomplish making money for the few and produce short term gains, if any at all.

          I’m glad the chamber has such programs in place and am aware of them. However, how effective they are and the difference they make should be measurable. If I were a realtor that was spending “a lot of money” to support such things, I would want to know what my ROI is. Same goes for the local government entities that support these efforts.

          Bottom line: activity doesn’t always = results

          I appreciate your insight on all things Hancock County, Mr. Haas. Thank you for your feedback.


            1. You can change your argument but you can’t change your prior comments. Did you not remember what you posted. It was what I was responding.

              1. Steve,

                I’m glad your sister has you working overtime. I did not go on the Internet today for this info. As a matter of fact, I was doing volunteer work when I was looking for this information and the chamber did not have it. Period. Not online and not onsite or via request. I literally had to source it from another person at Stennis. I’m not lying nor am I spreading false info, but glad to see the Chamber finally has it online and you took the time to find it for everyone to see. However, you are missing the big picture…..

                It doesn’t matter how many links or programs you have out there. If they aren’t effective it doesn’t matter.

                I’ll also be surprised to find out if any of the “data” was put together by volunteers or originated by the Chamber staff. Not saying the chamber volunteers or employees don’t do a good job, just saying that I seriously doubt data analysts are on staff to cull through and mine such data and make it accessible to the public at large….

                Good news! Everyone reading slabbed is a little better informed tonight! Keep up the good work, Steve! As always, thanks for your insights. CG

            2. Exactly.

              Programs don’t always = results.
              PR doesn’t always = results
              Galas don’t always = results

              However, they may serve the purpose of making everyone feel better that they are doing something for the greater good.

              Just because we create and advertise a service/program,etc., doesn’t always mean it’s effective. Using the same approach for years while gaining zero ground is not addressing the underlying issue(s).

              1. Thank you coastal gal…..when you have non quantifiable results it means very little…..Chamber is classic……they refuse to open their books to the very same people they pander for money……there is always a reason. Tourism is sponsored by tax payers….not one down town business pays one cent to tourism, it is left on the back of the tax payer but they get to choose how it is spent.


              2. And facts don’t always match your story sir.

                “How do you know Louisiana is the FIRST choice? The Chamber had zero data on how many employees work at Stennis and actually live here when I requested it. Maybe they do have this data and only share it with friends and family like yourself.” Coastal Gal

                “You are spot on. Just as the Stennis Space Center employees don’t choose to live here as well. Has been a pet peeve of mine for years that the Chamber has done nothing to recognize this issue or to address it. They have zero data on it…” Coastal Gal
                And going on the Internet with poorly researched misinformation under an alias does so much good for Hanocock County doesn’t it. Please do not try to place words in my mouth. When did I say Louisiana is the first choice? I did not. Here is the link to organization founded 20 years ago by the chamber. On it I found the very information you base your argument on. Surely having this information you say is so vital to issue on the website with colorful graphics is great?

                Residential Distribution of Stennis Personel


                It is on page two of the report and references the Stennis NASA website as its source. I don’t think you did a good job researching this matter. Before you go on the Internet spreading misleading and false information you owe it to your readers to reach out the people involved. They work hard to produce to have the very information you are complaining about and would be glad to help you.
                In fact why not volunteer to help the business community do an even better job of solving this problem. The answers to our attraction to local living is found on this very page, in another post. Help with that issue and it will be good. There is a lot of work to be done. Spreading cow poop don’t solve nothing.

            1. I think you want a forum where your false statements are not corrected. I really think this is so wrong to accuse people of things which are not true in a public forum, then when they present true facts you attack them personally. But if that is who you are than keep on. It does no good for the community. I just wonder why people do this type of thing.

              1. Also I would personally like to see the efforts to address these issues translate into actionable steps to help the community. There are many originations working on education, employee relation to NASA, community beautification and more. It would be nice to have motivated and obviously intelligent people like those posting here to volunteer their efforts with these groups. I saw a really good historical account posted here with solutions which are being worked on by people in the community. Education being the most glaring. It would be nice to have more helping with these efforts. I really hope some or all here would take actionable steps to improve our schools. It is the key to solving so many of our community issues.

  9. Wait just a minute…..

    Doesn’t the council have health insurance coverage provided by the city? Are they full time? What about that part-time job J.P. had/has? Didn’t/does he receive health benefits? Seems strange that the city council would accept health/dental/vision/retirement from the city as part time employees and not extend the same benefits to others….

    Double standards? Maybe the council should decline the coverage until the city is out of the financial dire straights they find themselves in……


    1. Judge Maggio not only gets paid when he misses his one day a week job he gets PERS and Insurance. This is the Judge planted by Raff and Les. Fortunately that may be their demise. Corrupt court system equals legal ramifications.

  10. This may well be before the time of most posters on this sight, but when The NASA Facility was in the planning stages and the government and all of the big companies were arriving their engineers, scientists, and other personnel to get things established, the first question they asked was “how are the schools in Hancock County?”
    I don’t have to tell you they drove right past us to
    Long Beach, Slidell, and those that settled here used the private schools.
    We have tried to drum this message home to the “powers that be” and they have responded to s degree, but still insist on they know best.
    Here we are 54 years later dealing with the same problem. What can I say?

    1. And to your point, Lana, it’s the county as a whole that is resposnible, which includes local government leaders, local business leaders and the public at large. Not much leadership to be found when it comes to making the hard decions that would move our communities forward and affect long term viable changes that would improve the image of our county and its schools, but I digress.

      We have a lot of folks that continue to feed off the same “teet” for their own benefit and to the detriment of the community as a whole. As long as we accept this is the way of our world, things will not change. And folks, that is the Hancock County way. Always has been. With rare exceptions over the years, the relatively few in charge take care of themselves first.

  11. Looks like Mike’s accounting is a lot like arithmetic the mayor uses. This is just the kinda guy ole Les loves to have in his cheering section. Does Mike have a job at City Hall? If not, why not?

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