Bad settlement first and Justice later?

I guess the root of my heartburn comes from the retirees ostensibly paying for all the legal fees in a breach of fiduciary duty case and folks, it was not the Singing River Retirees that did the breaching. The folks at SRHS Watch have some heartburn too:

Opinion: Reeves on the Hunt for Pension Plan’s “Real Killers” ~ SRHS Watch

Keep an eye peeled because they have some good stuff coming:

Forthcoming on SRHS Watch: Certus Labs, Ethics Laws

Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Rupert Murdoch is Jewish and Tom Callaghan is Catholic

Published on Dec 3, 2015

Screw Political Correctness. It’s boring and, like Jeb Bush, low-energy.

Trump proves that every day. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about political correctness, and people love him “for telling it like it is”. Right On, Donald.

Rupert Murdoch, through his hacks at FOX, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post stomps all over political correctness on a daily basis, and has dynamite ratings and readers to show for it. Hey, you gotta love the FOX program at noon with four babes with legs on a circular couch interviewing some dopey guy in the middle. I mean, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

Murdoch and his hacks laugh at the candy-ass liberals who get all “hurt feelings” about everything. Poor babies. Don’t they know that politics ain’t beanbag.

Rupert himself had a little fun recently with what he called “the deeply sensitive souls” on the Left in a speech he gave at the Hudson Institute. He gave fair warning that the room would be “an unsafe place” while he spoke because he would not be “Politically Correct”.

Rupert, I think you and I are going to be cool. It’s time to identify who’s who and what’s what. I’m with you completely. And one more thing, Rupert: if people don’t identify who they are, let’s you and I do it for them. Bingo.

Rupert, did I tell you I’m Catholic? Irish too?

You can be sure Murdoch hacks are going to step up to the plate and call those ISIS people what they are … Islamic Jihadists, right Rupert? And in case people aren’t paying attention, Rupert will have them put the emphasis on ISLAMIC and drive that point home.

Repetition, baby. Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you’ve told them. We don’t have to worry about Rupert. He’ll get his folks riled up big time. That’s what he does. This isn’t his first rodeo.

Now, if people start to feel really angry at all 1.5 billion Muslims and it makes the war with ISIS bigger, like really a lot bigger … no problem. Not for Rupert anyway.

Look at it this way, wars are great for ratings and if people die, well, everybody dies sooner or later. Plus, it gives Israel a chance to snatch some more (Islamic) Palestinian land in the Occupied Territories … I mean, who’s going to make a big stink about it if Murdoch has everyone convinced that Islam is toxic? And, it makes conditions favorable for an attack on (Islamic) Iran … things that are near and dear to your heart right, Rupert? Continue Reading……..

If it weren’t for special interests some folks wouldn’t have any interest at all. A Campaign finance update

I had to laugh at Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes dismissing the Sierra Club and other environmentalists as special interests while pouring perfume on the Landfill Sleaze from New Orleans that have been courting Gulfport city politico$ for year$ now. But all the money the Wards have been spreading out can’t take away the stench of the kind of people that want to come to Gulfport and bulldoze more wetlands in the name of progress that Billy Hewes now attempts to prettify:

BILLY HEWES: Don’t squander a second chance at Turkey Creek

The first sign the public should be harbor great dubiety is that Hewes is from the government and claims he wants to help. Normally this means helping himself by helping the monied special interests that want to fill in wetlands to the detriment of the local residents. If I lived downstream in the floodplain I think I’d be highly skeptical. Make no mistake folks, Poppa Ward is still calling the shots here.