Receptionist or Washington Avenue Madam?

The men that frequented the alleged house of ill repute???

FBI agent: Cabbie acting as informant shuttled money, prostitutes for St. Martin spa ~ Margaret Baker

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“My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference. I, for one, believe the piano player job to be much more honorable than current politicians.” ~ Harry S. Truman Plain Speaking

UPDATED: Former Trustee Strickland’s Tenant Raided in Human Trafficking Sweep ~ SRHS Watch

Book: Don’t Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs: She Thinks I’m a Piano Player in a Whorehouse

Ohio Couple Swears to Owning, Profiting from 777 Spa ~ SRHS Watch

14 thoughts on “Receptionist or Washington Avenue Madam?”

  1. I just can’t resist making some comments, none of which are particularly “original”. (1) If I lived in MississSLOPPY, I’d be demanding disclosure of “the client list(s)”. (2) How could these establishments have existed IN PLAIN VIEW, for so long, without “law enforcement” being “on the take”? (3) This is as bad as things were during the 1960’s when illegal gambling was running “wide open” on the MississSLOPPY Gulf Coast. (4) Perhaps prostitution is (as some people believe) just another vice that CORRUPTS a community when gambling becomes pervasive. (5) But really, folks: GOOK WHORES!?! Can’t you do better than that? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. LOL–gook whores. I know having an Asian fetish appears to be quite common with Whities thanks to internet exposure. But then again, exploitation within the Asian culture is also popular.

    2. Couldn’t resist a comment here myself for Mr. O’Dwyer. Just to touch on your 5 points a little. 1) It’s a great thing that you don’t live in Mississippi, we have enough of the New Orleans overflow corrupting the Gulf Coast and “demanding” a client list from an Asian spa is about as good as asking one of your Chalmette shrimpers for a ledger. 2) I would not doubt one bit that there are a few people on the “take” in order for an establishment like this to operate for an extended period of time, however, legally bringing down a business like this with enough evidence to actually obtain a worthy penalty is not quite so easy. If it were, New Orleans would be a much smaller town. 3) Illegal gambling? Do you think that doesn’t exist everywhere, especially Louisiana, specifically around New Orleans; or do you guys just come over to our illegal gambling establishments for the weekend getaway ( I think this is how BSL got it’s formal start as a destination). 4)100% Fact that casinos/gambling increase crime surrounding the establishments. For those of you from Diamondhead…take note. 5) To follow up with Doug, surely you are not oblivious to the large population of Asian people surrounding your shining beacon of New Orleans? GOOK, really, you lose a lot of credit with the points you are trying to make when you use terms that were phased out decades ago as racist slang.
      Although I enjoy reading many of your comments, I am not impressed by the pot (you) calling the kettle black (Mississippi) using childish and racist slang; when everyone in the world knows what goes on in the great state of Louisiana (see how I made a derogatory comment there without using pointless name-calling). I’ll leave you with an assignment; instead of worrying about the establishments of less-than-moral/ethical standing in MS, demand to know why career criminals are allowed to obtain weapons and open fire on defenseless kids/young adults in broad daylight…..

  2. Holy Healthy Hoe Houses,Batman

    Sounds like one of the hoe rentals was once operational then went bankrupt,then went dark,then reopened years later.

    Why would a lessor not rent the location out after the hoe’s bankruptcy to a ligit business but would leave location vacant only to again lease same premises to same bankrupt party?

    Was lessor being paid monthly to hold hoe site until hoe reopened years later? Did lessor know site was a hoe house and was lessor reaping huge rents?

    Lessor should be deposed as to what he knew bout da’ healthy hoe house site and how long he knew it existed and for a federal felony of interstate trafficking of prositution would seizure of hoe house site be justified?

    Maybe the Feds will get the Madam Singing…..he,he,he.

  3. To: Mr. Handshoe: Yeah, Doug, but a “friend” told me that the whores at the Tokyo Spa are really Africans posing as mixed-race members of American Indian tribes (the GOOK genes make the African whores look like Eskimos, who are a “cross” between GOOKS and Indians). AND, the whores have venereal diseases that American MDs can’t pronounce, or spell, and have never heard of. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Rumor has it after Trustee Strickland, who owns this rental, gave his deposition in the SRHS dealings, things went south as far as the prostitution and money laundering business was concerned. Even though it has been going on for a reported lengthy period of time, and formerly in Ocean Springs, now our wonderful DA and new sheriff decided to have their pictures in the media. Why they did not do their job before now is anyone’s guess.

  5. Yall know ole Pimp Daddy Strickland will sing the same song he sung when he got caught living in another county sbd sitting on SRHS BOT ” I didn’t know”.

    I’m so sick of these intelligent men claiming to be stupid

    I works like to know how many of Srhs leaders were patrons of the JJ Spa? Wonder if some of them secret meetings were held there?

    I betcha lessor received a heft monthly rental to kindly turn his head to what really was going on

    Lessor sure has been part of wine shady deals the past few years; SrhS pension scandal, living in diffetebt county , purple pelican with its drug problems , boots and Spurs with serving underage kids and now another run in with yet another tenant conducting a house of prostituon

    I think I shall call him Shady Strickland going forward
    G’night yall

    1. Gpa, my guess is the only SRHS admin that went to the spa were the ones rejected by them cutie pies that work at SRHS doing little more than going to meetings and lookin perty. They walk down the halls like they on a date! What about the raises some of them got?

  6. Gpa Grimm: “….. how many SRHS leaders were patrons..”

    What – How can you think that said highly moral “members” would subject themselves to be JJed at the Spa ( for those who have not had the pleasure to enjoy a JJ I’ll just tell you it is very relaxing!)?

    And Gpa if you ever had one I done gauruntee it dat’ you would sleep way past 4 AM the next morning. Its not only very relaxing but medically bees proven to bees therapeutic as it done blows out the congested prostate tubules dat plagues older gents.

    Just tink BJ butts with lots of J.

  7. From reading the above comments I have even more questions about the 777/JJ Spa operation. Can a landlord be involved in a conspiracy to transport,harbor, and market female aliens by knowingly providing the place of operation for illegal activities? The landlord in this case must have knowledge of exactly what was going on. He also must have know that at all times, 24/7, that young women occupied the space he was renting to their pimp momma. Did the landlord do the leasehold improvements that created this residential boarding house? How much per square foot did he receive from the spa operators or was he paid by the head or client count? How does the amount per month received from the spa compare to other tenants he has like the Twisted Anchor tattoo shop or Pho Real restaurant? If the landlord knew what was going on should he not be charge at a minimum with misprision of a felony for not reporting these illegal activities? Did women,like maybe the landlord’s wife, also come to the spa for massages or was it exclusive to males only? It has been confirmed that the landlord was a regular customer. What he received during his many visits is yet to be known. Who placed the order for the 9000+ condums and were they Trojans or cheap Chinese knockoffs that are available on Alibaba? Did the Korean girls ever use any of these condums to make blow up animals to satisfy say a wiener dog fetish? Did the spa owners play the music videos of “Gangnam Style” by Korean musician Cho Soo-hynn over and over for the customers enjoyment? Did the “Total Package” advertised by the JJ Spa include a Twisted Anchor tattoo and dinner from Pho Real? These are just a few questions that come to mind but I feel certain that the authorities and the public have many more. I hope the landlord holds a news conference soon to let everyone know what really took place for those many years at the 777/JJ Korean Brothel House next door his Eagle’s Nest.

  8. Tommy –
    We have heard from another local landlord who was approached regarding renting space to a “spa.” It was around the same period that 777 was set up. They were approached by a middle aged Asian woman and man from out of state who claimed to have other similar operations outside of Mississippi.

    What set off alarm bells for the landlord were the requested leasehold improvements: a 10×10 shower and the installation of a back door, outside of which there would be space for parking. The proposed hours of operation were outside what seemed appropriate for a legitimate establishment.

    The owners sent the prospective pimp and prostitute on their way, knowing it would be a nuisance for the landlord, other tenants in the building, and the community.

    You are dead-on regarding per square foot rent. If it is grossly in excess of other tenants, that could possibly *possibly* indicate an added risk premium. Common Area Maintenance (CAM) could also be inflated so as to make the rent appear congruous to other tenants. In the Jackson County market, these properties are typically gross leases, although there are a few similar developments (particularly in OS) that break-out CAM from gross rent.

    We are informed that DA Tony Lawrence had no interest in Morris Strickland in this investigation.

  9. SRHS Watch,The landlord you speak of did the right thing in passing on an obvious prostitution operation. As we now see there are some landlords who will cast aside morals, other tenants and community concerns just to get to the pot of rental gold.Of course we can all be certain the 777/JJ landlord had access to the young girls at will and enjoyed their abilities to make the SRHS Trustee stress away with their special massaging. Maybe one of the other law enforcement agencies will pickup where Roy’s boy stopped. If nothing else this landlord and community leader has sure s..t in his eagles nest.

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