A message to the person diligently trying to hack this website

Using proxy servers carries limits, especially since I have logged every server address that you have used over the past month.

Now who would want to hack Slabbed? I can only think of one group of people…….

22 thoughts on “A message to the person diligently trying to hack this website”

  1. From China? Russia? Canada? Or just local out of favor politicians and their ilk trying to find out who doesn’t support them? If someone were successful what would they gain? Do you think they are trying to shut Slabbed down? I am more curious than anything else. I always do my commenting from the Biloxi Public Library as a safety precaution. Now that we got FoFo elected I get extra hours in my reserved sitting area. Maybe it is just those New Fondlers. I suspect they get really bored way up in the north country. I guess there are many who want to disable Slabbed.org. Did someone try this before? I remember the site being shut down for a short time once. Your a smart man Mr. Handshoe and I feel comfortable you know how to protect the brain trust.

    1. The traffic pattern has all the hallmarks of a single individual that periodically tries a brute-force attack to gain log-in to the website using a tactic termed Dictionary attack. The person bounces from server to server across the globe including the US, likely using Onion Routing to servers that have been previously compromised.

      Significantly the first attack used an old user name of mine that was compromised by Broussard’s un-indicted co-conspirator buddies using the Canadian courts back in 2011. In those days the blog was hosted by Automattic, the same bunch that never notified us about the Canadian court order from a case to which Slabbed New Media was never a party. I think the technical term is lack of substantive due process. In any event Automattic, may be good enough for Scott Taylor SRHS Trustee but Slabbed is now with a more communicative web-host located right down here in the sunny South that is less chatty with outsiders, especially out of the country outsiders.

      In terms of the more than a few people category, I’ve had several people point recently, gratuitously I’ll add, here and here. And a picture is worth 1000 words.

      In any event, coincidentally some of the same bunch marketed themselves as a “privacy attorney” and “private investigator” practicing “cyber sleuthing”.

      Rest assured I have multiple layers of protection on this website that I will not discuss in terms of specifics. Slabbed New Media has plans to upgrade security further within the next few months.

  2. Hey I wonder if it’s not those wonderful ethical folks at the DMR. As previously posted they got an internal investigator don’t they? What about that Doug? Maybe they don’t like so much the truth they keep covering up being blabbed on slabbed. How ’bout that Keith o’boy. Hear you got a real hen house on your hands.

    1. I’ll be it’s some of the ITS cadre of the Red Beret, at the behest of their masters in Jackson. That or some of Pickering’s lackeys. Then again under Byrd the JC SO’s had some blackhats with badges, so there’s that perhaps.

    2. It could be some of those Bible Circle Thumpers, they’re so rampant and wild these days, from wild pagan style fraternization/fornication in the clique to beer drinking and cruising hwy90 in state cars – apparently untouchable. Wouldn’t surprise me if they held some bizarre lunar rituals on the 6th floor roof at the new Dark moon or the upcoming Blood Moons. Or maybe that’s what those boats are for these days?!?

      1. Way to brainy for me, all I know is my girlfriend told me one of them officers bust up in the salon and confronted the wife with a letter describing all the elicit details girl. And there were details. Porno and everything. They covering that up to all kinds of covering up. Way to much action for ole bald top and the psycho girlfriend.

        1. Porno on the state network, my lawd! Why all those uncovered people trying to cover the wrong things up. Next thing you know they’ll be eating donuts, that holy roll of the Krispy Krimson King! You know how those Donut Eaters get! I wonder if the seafood team knows how to make crayfish bengiets? I can hear Homer on the top floor……MMMMM……Donuts…..

          1. I don’t know nothing about porno a state web site? I know the girlfriend claimed they were watching it while they were doing it. At least that was what I was told. It was in the certified letter. There’s proof crazy as it is. I also heard about the cover up on the bridge. I know one of the women that was on the bridge that night. One of the Marine Patrol Officers actually called her and asked her if it was true she told them it was and they didn’t do nothing about that either. Same old story at the DMR. Lies and cover ups.

  3. Well what could someone hide on Slabbed? Only a couple of outcomes for a breach. They would want to find out the IP addresses of the commenters. Or they would want to damage to host to take down the site. That would narrow the candidates down. Certainly DMR would have a dog in that fight. Jackson Co. Board of Supervisors would and a handful of local dimwit politicians. But the risk of getting caught and the outflow of publicity would be damaging. I’m not convinced that the commenters here on Slabbed would be as harmed from the publicity as those that would risk such a public breach. Even a surrogate under the threat of legal action would have to give up a lot (that is if Stacy Pickering or Joel Smith were not prosecuting). But there is much to lose in the upcoming elections as Wendy has so aptly demonstrated. Go Rep Go!

    1. Point Park:

      Great post with valid motives but I have a third and fourth motives.

      Third – Not only IP addresses but possible the actual identities of leakers/informants from other parallel electronic communications…

      Fourth – To know leaked information to stay a jump ahead of breaking news and attempt to seal the leaking boat….

      Hacking is so fluid as it’s a chess match of cunning minds.

      Hell, sometime it’s as easy as getting access by taking over an e-mail account of a regular communicator with an entity which is known, recognized and e-mail opened by unsuspecting entity who regularly opens apparent friendly e-mails. That’s how simple the North Koreans brought Sony to its knees.

  4. Not many people know this, BUT, little Jamie Miller hired a “forensic computer sleuth” on the top floor quite a while ago with a big salary. His job is totally to snoop at Philly, Billy, the General, and Miller’s direction. There is so much illegal stuff that has been done there and is still being done imo, that I feel sure they don’t want slabbed to “spill the beans” on them. Several there have very barely escaped indictments and it isn’t over yet. So, it could be Philly and Miller that are doing the snooping. This entire administration has to go the next election. It is my opinion that they are all tainted.

  5. This marine patrol gig doesn’t sound too bad. Keith doesn’t care if you get pulled over for a dui, and I hear everyday is an orgy at work! They just got a huge check from BP can’t wait to see how that gets spent …

    1. it’s gonna RAIN from that Upper Room!!! Rims on the Boat Trailers, Drones to scout Redfish in Alabama! Keycard Access to the Executive Elevator. Bikini clad “deckhands” for those Birthday Fishing “expeditions”. Those teens will love that like a fat girl loves a cake donut.

  6. It would be just like the new transparent administration at the DMR to start a covert operation at Slabbed. I guess now that Phil and Bill have another round of money to funnel to Joe Cloyd instead of Scott Walker its off to the races. I’m not sure about the new comments but more power to you. Seems like all is not well in the law enforcement at DMR. Such a shame a lot of good folks there. But there were a lot of good folks at DMR under Walker that were turned out by the Pickering and Barbour. Just another scandal waiting to blow up. Said it at the public hearing way back when, DMR should go back under Wildlife.

  7. So a free pass for the officer with the confiscated beer on the bridge, free pass for the officers having the illicit affairs at the hair dresser in OS. A new life jacket policy for the DMR employees that Miller and Davis don’t conform to (review some of the recent (WLOX) video clips, a new media policy for the DMR empolyees that the sixth floor employees don’t conform to – the donut eater makes multiple posts on her Facebook site that violates the policy and Miller has a Linkin account that violates the policy. And I keep hearing that the cook team in law enforcement is up and running, any truth in that? Maybe some special purchases or donations from the local Walker watering holes. Yes the DMR would have a dog in the fight and Joe Cloyd would be a lead dog with a lot to lose.

  8. After reading all of these comments I see lots of “hackered off” possibilities. Many are upset about being exposed and want to keep Slabbed from doing Part 2,3,4,5. If we cannot have transparency we will always have speculation. DMR- Sex,Lies and Charter Boats!!!! Cuming soon to blog near you. Please tell us more.

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