Thad + Kay = Luv 4ever (Updated)

Those of you that followed the 2014 senatorial election coverage here on Slabbed already know Thad Cochran Staffer / Landlord Ms. Kay Webber. Not long ago, Sam Hall at the Clarion Ledger reintroduced Ms. Webber to the public as Mrs Thad Cochran.

In any event to the new couple from Doug and the gang at Slabbed: Continue reading “Thad + Kay = Luv 4ever (Updated)”

Sid meet local noisemakers Rebecca and Les

I’ve been kicking this whole Bay-Waveland School District becoming the City of Bay St Louis’ capital projects fund around for a few days and I’m coming to a few inescapable conclusions that include the term malfeasance. Since Slabbed began covering local Hancock County government the only constant is the rate at which schemes are hatched by Bay St Louis Mayor Les Fillingame, all of which costs money, a commodity everyone agrees is in short supply at the City of Bay St Louis. This does not stop the City Council from regularly being derelict in its statutorily charged duty to oversee the municipal purse, which in turn lends an Alice in Wonderland type quality to the entire sad affair.

I say this because we are now finding out the Bay-Waveland School District is so flush with money that it has extra to give the City for sidewalks, and not the ones promised to Councilman Reed and Compretta’s Districts along Old Spanish Trail earlier this year. Earlier this year though, Bay-Waveland Schools Superintendent Rebecca Ladner was sho’ nuff’ poor mouthin’ levels of education funding here in Mississippi and that is where I begin:

Being as how we are equal opportunity here at Slabbed we gotta give good ol’ Sid Salter the credit for inspiring this post:

Democrat’s rewrite of MAEP history short on fact ~ Sid Salter

I thought Sid’s column was superficial as there is plenty of blame to be spread around to both political parties for Mississippi’s well documented deficiencies in public education and that is where I think of history and not the partisan political variety. Once upon a time in Mississippi, 16th section tracts were routinely used as a source of political patronage at the expense of the school age kids and local levels of funding were at the whim of the Board of Supervisors or City Council, not the school board. These abuses were cured in the 1980’s under Governor William Winter and the Education Reform Act. But here in the Bay we’ve now come full circle. Continue reading “Sid meet local noisemakers Rebecca and Les”

Good News – Bad News

It depends on your perspective folks. We have elections happening this year in both of the two states Slabbed covers. The good news is I will be covering certain races in both states, one being the At Large council seat in Jefferson Parish which features Chris Roberts and Louis Conjemi. For as long as Slabbed has been covering Jefferson Parish politics it is easy to forget that Roberts is just 33 years old accomplishing feats that Dixie Darlyn Newman could only dream of achieving including winning the first Slabbed 5AM Award of Gastrointestinal Excellence involving Robert’s unsolicited advice for the proper conduct of campaign finance research. I would posit this is good news for the Jefferson Parish electorate as a whole, maybe not so good for the candidates but we’ll see.

Next up would be the race to replace Cynthia Lee-Sheng in District 5. Lee-Sheng has a lock on the other At Large Jefferson council seat:

Former state Rep. John LaBruzzo has started campaigning for Metairie-based Jefferson Parish Council seat ~ Ramon Antonio Vargas

LaBruzzo joins former Interim Councilman Mike Thomas in the race. Parish Prez John Young’s COO Jennifer Van Vrancken Dwyer will be joining the guys when the time is right. I am being told by some of my best sources in JP there are skeletons aplenty among the announced candidates for District 5 so this race also bears keeping an eye on.