29 thoughts on “I’m surprised Phil Bryant getting his butt whooped in Biloxi hasn’t made more waves….”

  1. You are indeed a wise man Doug Handshoe. They are too yellow to open their mouths in public. They favor
    “packing together” and stabbing their innocent and unsuspecting victims in the back. They don’t have the coconuts to face one on one, so they meet in back rooms, bars, yachts, and other seedy places to hide and plan how and who to strike. They have no coconuts.
    But this one surely caught them with surprise!!! Looks like the castle may be crumbling – the taxpayers are fed up with them – what do you think?

  2. Telling that Wendy Swetman had his party at the Biloxi Yacht club for the rich and political elite of Biloxi and FoFo had his party at the Slovic lodge for the common people. Yes Phil, Haley, Jamie and Keith have to eat some crow. Sad thing is all these elitist pigs had to do was keep their mouths shut. Well Windy, Phil have to face re-election soon. Jamie and Keith have to go back to the start line. These two goons can’t pass the test of a public election so they have to ride the coattail of the Republican Party.

    1. Mr. Point Park – Why would MR. Swetman have his party at the Biloxi Yacht Club? He is not a member; although I hear he frequents there regularly.
      The dues to belong to that club are exorborant and he does not pay fees there. I wonder how long the good folks down there that pay their fees are going to put up with that? Unless some fool there is tied in to the Philly, Billy, Fatty and Fatty2 gang is covering his buttocks.
      And I do believe you are correct about poor old Jamie. It is my opinion that he couldn’t wipe his butt with both hands and does not know what the word “classy” means. It is obvious that he is hanging on to coat tails to try to get ahead as you said. I am afraid that he is the one that will take the biggest fall when this all comes to a head because the Coast people aren’t going to stand for someone like him who is making his staff wear “dress clothes” when they are in and out of the field on a regular basis. Word is that he is about to be overthrown by his staff. He doesn’t have a clue how to run that Agency, and he has little to no management experience (other than throwing parties in Washington) imo. Also imo, he can’t manage people effectively because he is not truthful with them and no one trusts him. They are all laying in wait for the chance to stab him in the back and I don’t think it is too far off?? He might want to keep an eye on the ole General and Mr. Feidt of the Bernie Madoff gang. Pay attention Mr. Miller!!

      1. Ole bill feidt is out. Took a better job down in miami. Just in time for them to do end of the year things. You heard the “dress clothes” policy as well i see. How ridiculous is that? He should know better… He has been out on the state boats, although he was dressed rather inappropriate for a boat ride.

    2. Really? The Slavic Lodge for the common people? To be a member you must be a man and of Slavic decent. Only white men are members. To rent the facility is $1, 800! Not the common folks place. The Biloxi yatch club is not for the elite. Many medium income families belong!! You have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Just pure garbage!! Give it up people!! Actually I found it funny!! And anyone can rent the yacht club you do not have to be a member!!

  3. Miller and Davis have not quite figured out that there are a lot of DMR employees from Biloxi and they have friends and family from Biloxi. All they did was tell there extended friends and family about how poorly they are being treated and Fo Fo got a bug bump from DMR, not Wendy as Jamie and Keith supported. Yes I have heard of the dress code. Jamie is making the DMR employees look like Washington Bureaucrats so he can feel comfortable. He don’t know the slightest thing about marine resources or marine resource management so he has to run the DMR like a congressman’s political office. I am also hearing that they can’t get any work done because the Fiedt man don’t understand what he is doing and things are so screwed up he bailed before the next audit starts. Feidt spend the majority of the day blaming it on Jackson. Maybe they will hire another MP officers kin folk. It appears that Law enforcement understand more about accounting than World Com.

  4. Phil Bryant once again endorsed his own stupidity! I thought that I was the only one who heard Gov. Lily White insult the people of the Coast by saying that the Oil Spill smell and residue was from locals “mowin theya grass with lawnmowas” while he whored himself and his cornbread inbreds to BP (Big Pullout)! Then Gov. Maude look=a=like pulls his dress down for the Oil and Gas industry again by saying that the drop in gas prices “aint good fah evaruhbaduh ya know… ahwa pohwa brothas in the awhl industry r
    suffahrin (translation- they are bigger contributors than taxpayers are to my re=election!) And then, his trying to cover for his stupidity in endorsing “SpongeBob” Swetman”! I hope that the other Republican candidates beside FoFo recognize this slap in the face, or is it that Govno Jeno (check out the Croatian translation for Gov. Phil) didn’t have the manparts to endorse Windpasser Swetman at the expense of alienating the other Republican candidates? Our Govena ( urban slang for one who wears their bra outside their dress and speaks with a fake accent,) and John “Bonehead” Boehner should get their pictures with Princess Cankles and her VP Chris “Bud Costello” Christie after they get her elected! Updated baseball score: Biloxi Shrimp Pickers 1 Jackson Jackasses 0

  5. Great readings on the powers that be in Biloxi and around.

    We Jackson County people are awaiting the news on McKay’s fund raiser in Ocean Springs. Thought he had so much money and retirements coming in he wouldn’t need to have a fund drive. Wonder what he will tell his voter constituents in District 5 on his role in the Singing River Hospital pension plan scam?

  6. Holy Kryptonite Batman! I think I just found Boy Blunder!

    Gov. Phil Bryant was all about Stupidman in his PRCC graduation speech Thursday, revealing his emblem at the end. He said, “I believe there’s a little bit of Stupidman in us all.”

    Gov. Bryant reveals Stupidman T-shirt as part of PRCC graduation speech

    He said alcohol, drugs and pornography are ‘kryptonite’ to the Repubican Party and they want to get them some!

    POPLARVILLE — Gov. Phil Bryant told the story of Stupidman on Thursday morning to graduates of Pearl River Community College.

    Bryant’s speech was all about zeroes — finding yours and being one yourself. He also reminded everyone to pass it all around and not to bogart anything!

    The first thing Bryant remembers reading as a child was a Stupidman comic, he told the graduates, because it was easier for a dyslexic child to follow a story that had pictures.

    He talked about the tragic death of Stupidman’s parents and destruction of the planet where he was born, his adoption on Earth by simple farmers in Smallville and his super powers. Bryant compared kyptonite — the one thing that could destroy Stupidman — with alcohol, drug abuse and pornography.

    “Kryptonite exists in all our lives,” he said. “You just have to determine what it is and stay away from it.”

    Stupidman, he said, could have ruled the world with his super powers. Instead, he disguised his might as the mild-mannered Boss Hogg.

    The graduates seemed confused when Stupidman suddenly claimed he was being assaulted by lawnmower fumes and old tar balls and then seemed to faint. Stupidman seemed to revive, but he seemed confused, then he became extremely agitated when he saw medical assistance being summoned with what Stupidman thought was an Obamaphone.


  7. Gee Stupidman, me taught yo’ Kryptonite would have been political corruption, graft, secret backroom deals and a”dick”sion to da’ Good Ole’ Boys Club of Mississippi.

    Oh cuse me, I done tink I got yo’ confused wit da’ lawnmower fumed Boss of Da’ Hogs!

  8. The article in the Sunherald peaked my interest about how the GOP was operating in Ms and Harrison County. Mr. Frank Genzer, a local architect and local Republican chairman, says he was blindsided. If he really wants answers he should just call a meeting of the Harrison County Republican Club and question the current and past president who just so happen to be the very people who requested that Joe Nosef send out the first letter about Gilich. They are Brandon Payne(the Payne Group) and Joe Cloyd( Frontier Strategies). What authority do they have on behalf of this political organization? I am told they are also running McKay’s campaign. This is going to get very nasty.http://www.harrisoncountygop.org/clubs.php

    1. I went to the webpage above. I saw some VERY intresting names listed on there, although it looks as if it hasnt been updated since 2012.

      Spy: i believe it was charlene who stated she saw some pictures. I wish i had some in my possession… I have only seen some things first hand, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

      1. The Republican Club of Harrison County must have gone underground to keep from being on the radar here at Slabbed. Funny little creatures they are, planning to take over the state, one candidate at a time.

    2. And there you have it!! I visited the linked site and was amazed at the list of names AND functions that were documented. It is like an elite frat group. Simply amazing. And it explains why they act like children and throw tantrums and don’t play well with others!!!

  9. My Fellow Americans,

    I am with Mr. John Rodgers about McKay’s campaign fun raiser and would love to hear the results of what was raised and who contributed. Of course he is probably thinking its going to take a pile of money to win the election but in the end, I think he will be a dead duck.

    For him to run again makes me think he may have brain damage or is simply in it for his personal gain. All in all, he “just doesn’t get it”–Pointing at my head.

  10. I can’t remember who it was but someone made a post on Slabbed within the last week that stated they knew someone who had photographs of DMR related activities. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Eye, I think this would be the captain of the Silver Dollar III. He stated that he would “tell all” when all of the indictments were over at the DMR according to an old post here. I know I have seen several that were posted in the past of many that were not made public.

      1. If the photos are available on the Internet I would recommend to start slinging mud. Or wait until the campaigns start heating up by summers end. The Regime must fall.

  11. Again, we witnessed a very viable candidate taken down by his own team. How many errors can a campaign make? This one may have set a new record.
    Swetman should have addressed his residency questions right up front the first time it came up with documented proof. I think the public would have accepted the fact that he was caught by surprise when the Mayor Holloway resigned. He defended his homestead move in a way that made him look like a liar. The rumors (and that is all they are) of his pending federal indictment were also clouds that a needed a Windy burst to dispel. The worst kept secret in Harrison County was the over the top fundraiser at Ron’s house where much $$$$$ was given. Too much for a county supervisor. All knew then he was not raising money for his re-election campaign as he pretended but for the run for mayor. Even the SunHerald anointed him “Biloxi’s next Mayor” after that event. As the days went by Swetman threw all of his big endorsement punches and Gilich beat him with the jab. The Swetman commercials alone would make other campaign professionals wonder who in the hell was running that show. They were just awful. And when their internal polling showed them behind they called in the Ms. Republican Party cavalry who, with letters drawn, charged into a “Custards Last Stand” campaign ending. Meanwhile the Frontier generals, watching from a hill in Jackson, managed a last minute endorsement from Governor Phil Bryant to increase the embarrassment because the Swetman campaign was already dead from friendly fire. What a wasted effort it was. Now the watch is on for Windy Swetman to step away from his election bid for county supervisor. His exhausted mind and purse must be considering this. At a minimum he should put together a new campaign team and shed the Payne he must be feeling.

  12. Mr. Swetman must not have been taught what we were taught here on the Coast. You leave with who took you to the dance. He and all of the others who have sold (or tried to sell) the Coast to the highest bidder in Jackson need to watch out. The people are coming for you. We take care of our own down here and we DON”T sell each other out like Billy the Kid, Lenny Bentz, (and the list goes on….too many to mention including Senators and Representatives) imo. If they want to play with the big dogs, they better be ready to pay for their traitorous crimes. We have had enough!!!

  13. Come out of hiding Jay T. Bring out the photos!!! Tell it all so the people of the Coast will know the truth!!

  14. Joe Colyd is still around – the DMR is still bankrolling this republican operative. I believe they are doing a much better job of covering up this operation than Walker did. McKay will soon be held accountable by the voters much the same Wendy was. He is still unrepentave for the DMR birthday fishing party on the DMR boats. McKay felt then and feels now that he is entitled. DMR is likely supporting his re election campaign such the same they did Wendy. There are pictures, who knows where they are?

  15. I believe Joe Cloyd will stick around as long as government contracts and tax payer monies are lining his pockets. I believe he would be a failed businessman without it.

    There is a good story in the sun herald today that Paul Hampton wrote. He pointed out a good fact on how Phil Bryant is labeled as “Superman.” That should tell you what the average mentality is of a Mississippi voter above the bottom six counties. Phil Bryant has done little to nothing to improve Mississippi and move it forward. As the same went with Haley Barbour.

    What they have done is fuel the Republican Regime and their personal agendas.

    1. That topic is long overdue for a post as you know better than most. Using financial intermediaries to hide certain contracts from the transparency website is becoming fashionable it appears.

  16. The transparency website is a joke. Originally it had much useful information. Now that they figured out the tax paying pubic actually use it they have changed the format so that individuals can be hid in subcontracts like Joe Cloyd.

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