Jackson and Mayberry by the Sea have something in common

Through time I’ve learned to trust my instincts and watch certain indicators when it comes to happenings in the investigative community. I’ve also made several connections that include high quality people that know many other high quality people. I’d be more specific about sourcing but that would destroy the magic.

Several months back I ran a post about the City of Jackson, Siemens and Mayor Tony Yarber which highlighted a Jackson Free Press story on Mayor Yarber being questioned by the FBI, an assertion which Mayor Yarber denied. I can’t say who has spoken with whom in Jackson but I can say I’ve confirmed through my own sources that the FBI is looking at the City and the Siemens contract. The rumors surrounding that investigation are about as numerous as the ones involving HCUA so this is no major revelation but the journalism community likes confirmation, especially when it comes from sources that were not previously aware of the Jackson Free Press story or the identity of the Mayor of Jackson for that matter.

Moving right along to here in Mayberry by the Sea, news of the presence of the FBI is not necessarily a bombshell as there had been previous sightings of the G-men at the County annex within the past three years. I can’t be very specific but I will say the latest rumors here do not involve the FBI visiting the County Annex. I have the possibilities narrowed to two but I’ll decline the chance to publicly speculate on those possibilities as things are not yet completely clear. That said I have reason to believe it is connected to issues previously reported on by Slabbed New Media.

Stay tuned.

JustUs Justice: A Grand Isle Child Molestation Update

I’m speeding to eight years on this endeavor called Slabbed and we all have seen some of the worst humanity in this area has to offer.   The ongoing five year saga of Captain Jay Dantin, the child molestation allegations that dog him along with the accusations that Grand Isle Mayor Carmadelle and Police Chief Dubois tried to cover up the alleged crime ranks as some of the worst in my opinion.  Once again Slabbed has been right there literally from the time this story broke as the kneecapped criminal prosecution of Dantin through yesterday’s PACER filings, which contained a plaintiff’s filing with multiple bombshells including a transcript of Mayor Carmadelle’s deposition, which was done on video. What I am going to highlight is the unsworn declaration of the Grand Isle police officer that arrested Dantin way back when the crime was alleged to have been perpetrated in 2010 right at the time of the BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe. It is devastating to both Dubois and Carmadelle:

Doe v Dantin Doc 78 9 Continue reading “JustUs Justice: A Grand Isle Child Molestation Update”