Rooked: FBI probing Livingston Parish CIAP Land Purchase

Since RFP did the work digging up the old links on Slabbed, a comment bump is in order as the FBI is now poking around a subject Slabbed first reported on a bit more than 2 years ago:

More Mississippi Mud? Louisiana Mud too? Flipping swamplands and CIAP funds? FBI has been asking questions? Say it ain’t so. Oh, and that name seems strangely familiar.

Land deal appraised by tax assessor Barber probed

“Federal authorities have been looking into Madison County Tax Assessor Gerald Barber and his role in a Louisiana land deal that scored almost $3 million in profits for private citizens and a conservation group.

The lynchpin for the deal may have been an apparent inflated appraisal done by Barber’s firm, Barber & Mann Inc., that the U.S. inspector general called “noncompliant” and unreasonably priced in an audit.

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3 thoughts on “Rooked: FBI probing Livingston Parish CIAP Land Purchase”

  1. If the FBI is really interested with preserving the public’s interest then they should take a trip over to the DMR and finish the job that Pickering and his hillbilly crony’s abandoned. I would highly recommend an extra special, close look at CIAP and anything tied with GRANTS or people who wrote GRANTS prior to the Miller Regime. It could be nothing but you never know what you might find, if anything.

  2. Maybe the taxpayers will get lucky and the FBI will finally connect the dots back to Barber then fully investigate the enabling he has been involved in on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I am shocked that all are not outraged by how the CIAP money was misused. Properties in low lying areas that were not sellable to anyone else are bought for as much as $1,000,000. an acre by you an I. Who allowed this to happen besides convicted felon Bill Walker? Why has this not been fully investigated by the FBI ? Are we going to continue to sit around and watch the connected few steal more and more? Everyone of us should be calling, writing, emailing, sending up smoke signals, and communicating in any way possible with federal authorities about all of these scams we are paying for.

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