It’s called Mississippi Mud…..

The most frequent bit of feedback I get from the readership is that Slabbed is written too much to the inside. It is a valid point. I often write to the inside with both a purpose and on purpose so it is not unusual that inside commentary often follows:

Is anyone else confused about these comments? Is there something here I need to know?

The answer is yes, there is good information to be gleamed from the commentary to yesterday’s post. I’m just not certain that any term fits it better than Mississippi Mud.

Mississippi Mud? The dessert? The song? The book? Nope, I’m talking about the ol’ mudhole filled with 100% genuine Mississippi gumbo mud, the kind of mud that once it sticks to you does not easily wash off. Mr. Pickering at OSA is an expert in the topic. So are certain of Slabbed’s commenters.

To understand how the Singing River debacle happened is to understand decades of associations between and among the local power players. In the case of Jackson County the lineage traces back literally to the very top of the GOP power structure (once upon a time) and state government (once upon a time). Some of the fault lines we see today in the SRHS disaster can be traced back through the Scruggs bribery prosecution and before. And once again it is the little people at the bottom that are getting dumped on. Continue reading “It’s called Mississippi Mud…..”