US DOJ OPR Report released to the public, former AUSA Jan Mann harshly criticized

Meantime the Horn report remains sealed up, stored deep in the crypt located in the basement of HQ in Washington DC. As for Slabbed our lips are forever sealed :mrgreen:

Justice Department report scathing in its findings of former federal prosecutors Sal Perricone, Jan Mann ~ Jim Mustian

DOJ report found that Perricone, Mann acted alone, in secret ~ Gordon Russell

Judge refuses to overturn Broussard’s conviction ~ Jeff Adelson

Gotta given Gordon Russell and his gang over at the Advocate props for nabbing the OPR report.

In other news, to update a story first reported on by Slabbed New Media:

New subpoena issued in probe of former St. Charles DA Harry Morel ~ Littice Bacon-Blood

Monday Altered Engineering Report Three Pack: Significant layoffs at Gerald Nielsen’s shop

Slabbed had an inkling things were shaking back last August and by November United States Magistrate Gary Brown joined the Super Storm Sandy party. Then on February 27th, 60 minutes blew the doors off the bad faith claims handling by the NFIP by highlighting all the changed and back-filled engineering reports. If all this sounds vaguely familiar to those of you that regularly read Slabbed it should as the only difference is the angle on the same scam.

About the time that 60 minutes report ran Slabbed began receiving reports of layoffs at Nielsen, Carter and Treas as our own Magnum looks to be the one staggering out of the ring victorious in this legal slug fest. If the courts in the northeast re-visit the issue of Plaintiff’s attorney fees then the victory becomes complete.

Make no mistake folks, the battle ground is in the northeast but this is a good ol’ fashioned Louisiana blood feud.  I’ll continue to follow this story, updating as time allows.

Anyone seen Rossie lately?

Not another noose!

I was asked by a reader to highlight the following:

Noose on Ole Miss integration statue brings federal indictment ~ AP

The arrest raises disturbing implications so I understand the interest as even Mr. Meredith apparently hates his own statue. No doubt the message conveyed by the perpetrators is one of hate, but is it a crime? Apparently AG Holder thinks so as we have a federal indictment.

I am uncomfortable with the constitutional implications. Fire away your thoughts in comments.

Tina Shumate released from prison (Updated)

Slabbed has learned that Tima Shumate, former head of the Mississippi DMR CIAP program, has been released from MDOC custody. Stay tuned to this developing story.


I’d like to take the opportunity to dispel two rumors as Eye Spy took the opportunity to help me out with some links and background plus I spoke with a couple of other folks that will remain nameless.

1. There is no truth to the speculation that Ms. Shumate’s release is in any way related to the Livingston Parish CIAP Investigation.

2. Ms. Shumate’s release was not politically motivated. Our state prisons are stuffed full of nonviolent offenders. In 2013 a law was passed that reduced the amount of time nonviolent offenders had to serve to 25% of the total sentence so that we could house more violent offenders. Shumate, based on when she took her plea, fell under the new law. If someone deserves the blame for this state of affairs it would be her lawyer Tim Holleman, who would be on the short list of people I’d go see if I got into serious criminal trouble. The bottom line is Ms. Shumate is being treated no differently than others similarly situated.

BREAKING!!!! Another Goat beheaded, rumored to be barbecued and delicious

Outside of the $19,000 reward being offered by the Louisiana SPCA to find out the identity of the diners, I’m really not seeing why the following dominated the news yesterday:

Man beheads goat as others film gruesome event in New Orleans ~ Jim Mustian

So it is a crime to be at the apex of the food chain? I reckon that depends on who you ask.

The SPCA did not release the 12-second cellphone video but described the “extremely graphic” clip this way:

“While the men stand in a circle around the plastic swimming pool, string is tied around the goat’s neck and hanged from an above object. One man then beheads the goat while the other men cheer in the background and record the felony act with cellphones.

Accusing someone of perpetrating a felony is serious stuff, especially since:

Haefele acknowledged that the video leaves unanswered the question of whether the goat was cooked after it was slaughtered — actually an important legal question — and whether it was abused before the footage began.

“We don’t know what happened prior to the video or after,” she said. “Did they slaughter the animal to cook it, which, as awful as it sounds, is not a felony if they cooked it. It’s not illegal to kill livestock for food.”

Now I’ll grant the kids today are a bit different from back in the dark ages when I was a young man for we used to offer the Goat a blindfold and a cigarette before dispatching it with a single gunshot to the back of the head but everyone has seemingly gone jihadist these days especially since Youtube is littered with Goat beheading videos, some worse than others.

Sources familiar with the back yard goat roast tell Slabbed not a single scrap of the goat went to waste, even its liver was consumed by the festive party goers with fava beans and chianti. Then, general dancing ensued after the suite of sweets was served. Follow-up comments from the guests were numerous and laudatory with one party-goer claiming “It was the finest event he had ever attended in New Orleans.”

Stay tuned as Slabbed follows this developing story.

Jim Brown: Louisiana Could Have the First Presidential Primary

Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana is scheduled to have its presidential primary on March 5th of next year, but there is one little problem. The state is broke and the Jindal administration has allocated no money for the legally required election. So what happens next? Does Governor Jindal really want a primary? And is there a way to hold an election for free and get huge national coverage in the process?

Some cynics around the state capitol think Jindal purposely gutted funding for a primary so he would not have to be on the ballot in his home state. The governor’s popularity has plummeted to an all time low at 27%, with few signs that it will improve before the spring election date. Calling off the election would be a way for Jindal not to be humiliated by Louisiana voters.

Actually, there is no national requirement that a state has to hold a presidential primary. A few states, including Colorado, Iowa and Nevada, hold caucuses where each party conducts regional meetings to discuss and vote on delegates who are pledged to a specific candidate. A similar system was in place in Louisiana for a number of years. Continue Reading…………….