One possible reason Supervisor Barry Cumbest is against the Community Hospital Transparency bill

Perhaps because Mr. Cumbest has some transparency issues of his own involving the Hospital system. The Mississippi Ethics Commission has issued four opinions directly addressing the issue of an elected official’s spouse  working in a community hospital since 2008. Three of the four opinions directly address the issue of a Supervisor’s wife working at a community hospital.  Here is one:

Click to obtain the entire 4 page Ethics Opinion

It is a bit more complex than that however as this opinion from March 2012 demonstrates but the end result is ultimately the same. To the extent the facts in the 2012 opinion mirror Supervisor Cumbest’s fact pattern one wonders how it was missed by both the County and Hospital’s legal departments.

With the events of this past week here on the coast….

Given the stunning events here on the Coast this week one would naturally think that one of the recent posts on the Singing River disaster or the William Martin indictment would be the major site traffic generator this week here on Slabbed but that is not the case. Simply put when one media outlet leaves the rest eating dust on a topic, said media outlet gets massive amounts of site traffic even if the latest twist is not highlighted.

So what in the heck am I talking about? The sentencing of lusty lawyer gone wild Jennifer Gaubert earlier this week in New Orleans:

Wrist-slap for New Orleans attorney caught on video in steamy encounter with cabbie ~ Lee Moran, New York Daily News

This particular post from last month got quite the workout in fact and so did this one.

The Slabbed New Media posts on the topic actually went viral in Australia. Its nuts but once again the old adage sex sells bears itself out in spades. As for Gaubert, she indicated in published reports that her conviction will be appealed.  As for Slabbed: