All eyes on the Federal Courthouse in Gulfport (UPDATED)

I’m hearing some vague rumblings that there will be a newsworthy event take place there later today.

Scratch one name off the indictment rumor mill:

Supervisor Martin set to appear in federal court at 11am ~ WLOX

It appears Supervisor William Martin is no longer in the land of the living.

Update: Coroner arrives at home of Harrison County supervisor William Martin ~ Anita Lee

20 thoughts on “All eyes on the Federal Courthouse in Gulfport (UPDATED)”

  1. I’ll kick start this thread by disclosing that I have heard the names of three additional Harrison County politicos mentioned in the same sentence with the words “federal indictment” attached.

    1. Mr. Handshoe,

      All Harrison County Board of Supervisors receive 2 free tickets to every event held at the coliseum. Are they required to report this on their income taxes? Is this legal since the only reason they receive the “free” tickets is because of their position?

    1. nothing to see here.

      was busy writing his resignation letter and lost track of time.

      had gone out of state for a better wireless connection

      was googling about fedexing bitcoin

      1. If there was a one hour edit window I would edit my previous comment.

        It is apparently confirmed that Mr. Martin is deceased.

        “Hours after indictment, William Martin found dead at Gulfport home
        He did not show to court after indictment today on federal bribery, obstruction of justice charges”

  2. This former assistant DA apparently decided there was no way he would make it in jail. William was a very smart lawyer. Terrible for his family.

    However the way he went out only confirms the accuracy of the indictment. And these charges may have only been the tip of the iceberg.

  3. The media is not to blame for this. The blame is with those who commit the acts of wrongdoing. It is tragic that Mr. Martin chose the route he did. I pray his family can survive this terrible loss. What a shame that he lost hope at the end. But it is not the fault of the media.

  4. Must say this result is a little drastic given the charges. If he would of cooperated, as a first time offender he probably would have lost his law license and got probation. Fought it maybe 4 to 6 years
    Shame for all involved.

  5. I can’t believe this!!! Please read this article in the SH today: “Mississippi auditor’s office had begun investigating Martin, too”. I guess Mr. Martin was not one of Pickering’s “dear friends and family”, so he was able to investigate him? This has to be the worst political animal in State government. He says that he wasn’t investigating the other Supervisors – well maybe he needs to!!! Maybe he was gathering all of Mr. Martin’s papers from his office to cover other Supervisor’s butts imho??? They may be some of his “dear friends and family”. Please Mr. Auditor; the Coast has your number and so does Judge Schloegel. Go back home with your tail tucked between your legs. My only wish is that you are fully exposed for the failure you are; because in my opinion, you only pick and choose who you want to investigate – not who should be investigated. In the dictionary, this is defined as a hypocrite.

    1. They were kinda late showing up on the day he was indicted Mona. I interpreted their arrival on the scene yesterday as being strictly for show.

  6. Mona Blackledger, You pulled no punches in your tirade against Pickering and he well deserved the kudos for his selective investigation issues.

    It would not surprise me that before all is said and done, Pickering will blame the cafeteria workers and the cleaning staff for the pension failure at SRH.

    Of course, now people are blaming the media for Martin’s problems. Martin caused his own problems! I am just sorry for his family.

    There are many new names in the listings for upcoming elections. I hope and pray people get off their duffs and kick most of the incumbents out. If not, we only have ourselves to blame for being the ‘Most Corrupt State in the Nation’. What an honor!

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