Thursday SRHS Miscellany: Public hospital to comply with Open Meetings bill passes the Senate, plus a court hearing

But first the readers get into the act sending Slabbed more protest pictures from earlier this week, first from Ocean Springs and then Pascagoula offices of Dogan and Wilkinson:

Reader Submitted Photo | SRHS Retiree protest
Reader Submitted Photo | SRHS Retiree protest
Reader Submitted Photo | SRHS Retiree protest
Reader Submitted Photo | SRHS Retiree protest

State senate passes bill to put public hospitals under Open Meetings law ~ Emily Wagster Pettus

Special master considers whether chancery judge should step aside in SRHS cases ~ Anita Lee

28 thoughts on “Thursday SRHS Miscellany: Public hospital to comply with Open Meetings bill passes the Senate, plus a court hearing”

  1. After reading the newspaper articles pertaining to the hearing about Judge Harris recusing himself and seeing this same matter on WLOX, I just wonder what is at the root of all of this? How much are the taxpayers paying this law firm to delay, delay, deny and place legal obstacles to keep the hospital records from the stakeholders? I did get a chuckle or two from seeing ex-judge Charles “Chuckle” Bordis making the case at the hearing as the SRHS attorney. This is the same person who is being sued by Chancery Judge Michael Fondren for alienation of affection. As reported on Slabbed some time ago Fondren’s wife was Bordis’ court reporter. Some hanky panky got started and April Fondren left her husband. Chuck Bordis also left his wife. While she is still his sex supplier, she is no longer his court reWHOREter because he is no longer a judge. Wonder who she reports for now? The cesspool over at Dogan, Wilkinson, Williams and others is expanding faster than a Florida sinkhole as they search for new ways to embarrass themselves. With the robe-less Chuck Bordis placed in charge of this “The Firm” now has a different meaning than the movie although all of this would make a great movie. All of the needed components including dishonesty, lying, cheating, stealing, political corruption and so on are included.

  2. Tommy, we all may giggle at your comment. However, it detracts from the very serious issues facing current and former SRHS employees. Talking in crude terms about the situation you describe, only serves to diminish your message. The people you mention do have children, who might find themselves reading your words today, tomorrow or even months from now.

    1. While I respect your opinion and critique of my comments I make no apology for repeating facts that have been told by many and known by most in the community. If you are truly an ombudsman, which is a person or public advocate who hears and investigates complaints by private citizens, maybe you can look into how a married sitting judge is allowed to have an affair with another married employee of the same court. If Judge Bordis had any respect for his family or his position as a Jurist, that judged family matters, he would have never allowed this to take place. The children you mention are not my concern nor obviously a concern of their parents. In exposing hypocrites you sometimes use colorful language in calling attention to who they are. One man’s language is another man’s “crude” slang. This is not the most important point I would like to make.If you think the attorneys representing the hospital and trustees have not been directing the management or trustees that have created “the very serious issues facing current and former SRHS employees” then you have not paid attention as this scandal has unfolded. When the records are finally released because a judge demands it and all is known, you will not have the lawyers at Dogan,Wilkinson,Williams,Bordis and others to thank because they will have fought it all the way.In the end many will be exposed and these lawyers may be just the firewall or could be part of the many. We will see.

      1. Making false assumptions about what I know, think or believe, and then offering up criticisms in response, does not advance any point you make. You may offer insight as to the failings of SRHS management, their attorneys, the BOS, etc.. Yet, the wording of your comments as to Bordis and Fondren are simply designed to tittilate or embarass. People want serious discussions about issues facing 2,300 people whose futures are in jeopardy.

        If you want to talk in terms of sex suppliers and whores, go lurk on a porn site. God knows there are plenty of them.

        1. COed, I guess I missed the false assumptions you speak of. I also thought I was very vulgar lite when using “sex supplier and whore’. You must not visit Slabbed often because if you had you would read curse words from A-Z along with a lot of pictured body parts from P to P. I even remember a lusty lawyer, other than Bordis, being mentioned once or twice. When speaking of the situation some might call Fifty Shades of Grey- Jackson County Court House Style, I find it hard to describe without a little color. One thing that is for certain only one person on this blog acts in the capacity of speech police and it sure in the hell is not you. If Mr. Doug Handshoe feels what someone says is inappropriate, he has the ability to take necessary steps. You have no authority or ability to impact my free speech rights so do not waste your time trying. If I or anyone else uses language you do not approve of then do not read it. I, for one, get very serious when my tax dollars are being used to pay the salary of someone like Chuck Bordis, who has made a circus out of his court room. He was in court representing a taxpayer owned entity, against the taxpayers . As for as the sex sites you are familiar with, just like your advice, I am not interested. The little bit of embarrassment from the little I say that may cause those individuals involved is minute compared to what they have heaped upon themselves. Also, for your weekend reading, RFP as provided a link downstream to a previous Slabbed post about this same matter. You can see what people are really saying about ex-judge Chuck Bordis and his court reporter. I must warn you, its rated R.

    2. OK, then, let’s just get down to brass tacks: Robert Wilkinson, Amy St. Pe, the Williams family, most of the lawyers at Dogan & Wilkinson, as well as Jaye Bradley and Chuck Bordis, are unethical crooks (and Bradley’s husband is a lawyer-turned-preacher at the church most of this redneck trash “worships”). If you think any of these assholes have the slightest interest in the SRHS retirees, any of the various government entities they “represent” or the public welfare, you are sadly mistaken. They are totally disreputable and thoroughly corrupt and they only care about themselves. The whole bit about recusing Neil Harris is simply sour grapes because they tried to get yet another member of the “mouse pack,” Paula Yancey, (whose husband is yet another nebulous “consultant” who would be saying “do you want fries with your burger” if not for the “friends helping friends” system) elected to a chancellorship and by some miracle for the folks of Jackson County, they weren’t able to pull it off. The only reason that Yancey (who has the legal skills of a block of cement) ran was to help cement the power over the judiciary in Jackson County. These people are sorry-assed, chickenshit redneck trash, as were many of their parents – they are stereotypical Mississippi corruption. If their children read this, maybe it will do some good insofar as making some difference (don’t hold your breath, however). The Cumbests, the Williams, the St. Pe’s, etc. have been looting from Jackson County (and U.S.) taxpayers for 2-plus generations – why would anyone be surprised if the children are the same?

      1. Mr.Scruggs,I am sure you are aware that Charles “Chuck” Bordis is now a lawyer at the Dogan and Wilkinson firm.What is more troubling than anything else is the fact that this group of lawyers are fighting the taxpayers of Jackson County, which includes employees and/or retirees of the SRHS, to stop the records from being released and the taxpayers are paying them to do this. Why has Dogan and Wilkinson not been asked to step aside? Why have they not been fired? What have we paid them to date since this scandal started? I hope Harris does not step down from the SRHS case and that Earl Denham along with other lawyers kick their rear end(trying to keep it clean for the kids)

        1. Chuck Bordis should not be any where near the dealings with SRHS…He is an under handed lawyer if you know what I mean…crooked as the day is long. Of course, we should know that, since the retirees and employees of SRHS are dealing with a bunch of crooked lawyers from the hospital.

  3. I was surprised we didn’t see SRHS’ lawyer at such a highly contested hearing yesterday….or any SRHS leadership. I was equally surprised to see who I am fairly certain is the Srhs lawyer’s husband…also an attorney, in the courtroom at least some of the time. Tacky choice for both of them. Is he on the payroll, too? Is somebody scared?

    1. The law firm of Dogan and Wilkinson sent one of their finest, Charles”Chuck”Bordis, to represent the SRHS at this hearing. I found this to be quite ironic because ex-Judge Bordis may be the most conflicted person involved in this entire matter.

  4. Tommy Gordon:

    My response to Coast Ombudsman’s criticism of your above post is not necessarily applicable to any of the named people you have commented on but only to ALL public servant proven to have chronically served themselves at the public trough.

    Considering some Mississippi political miscreants have intentionally lined their pockets with gold and in so doing have directly or indirectly contributed to the unmerciful interruption of 600 retirees’ benefits which may result in the immediate/ future loss of life of the hard working innocent, I don’t think any public statements of absolute TRUTH should be prohibited including personal TRUTHS which may already be known by members of the local community, friends and family.

    I dislike town criers who attempt to elevate themselves to be sinless by announcing one’s minor frailties/sins that can destroy and hurt innocent people around them particularly their family. However, when these frailties/sins grow huge, unchecked by conscience or religious restraint and hurt innocent masses then the person/s need/s to be broken to the point of serious self reflection, total surrender of self, repentance, Godly intervention and hopefully restoration of the soul.

    Bearers of LIGHT shining upon persistent, grave and ugly hidden TRUTHS only aid and speed opportunities for loss sheep to seek God’s Will for repentance, Godly intervention and redemption. Luke 8:16-17.

    We are ALL individually at some point in our lives the Prodigal Son, who if we follow God’s Will, eventually return to the Father’s infinite love and grace. Luke15 :11-32.

    P.S. – An usher will be knocking upon on all Slabbed readers’ front doors within the next 10 minutes so please contribute generously to this continued ministry. He, He, He

    1. A lady far wiser in expressing the ways of Mississippi politics at the local level told me local government is one or two very sharp cookies leading all the rest around. It is a theme that is truly recurrent in my experience.

      The smarts ones will dirty everyone up. No one on those DMR taxpayer funded fishin’ trips necessarily understood the ramifications of what they were doing at the time. But for the benefit of hindsight, they still wouldn’t.

      But since they have it I bet most of them would tell you they’d wished they stay on shore.

      Its both nuanced and absolutely the human condition.

          1. The butt hurt and shame is mostly because some were dumb enough to be clueless about the bigger schemes and thus couldn’t get their piece even though they were unwittingly mud splattered while living the high life.

            The schemers have no real shame even when caught and coddled by the justice system.

            Mark Knopfler & Sonny Landreth Gravy Train Live”

            Well the hanger-uppers and the hangers-on
            Ridin’ on the gravy train
            Champagne suppers with their daggers all drawn
            Ridin’ on the gravy train
            Some act tough, some act rude
            Some bit of fluff complain about the food
            You wanna see somebody getting really rude
            Get on the gravy train, gravy train

  5. I wish Mr.Handshoe would repost or provide a link to the previous post about the race for Chancery Judge that included Michael Fondren and Chuck Bordis. Also included was the info about the lawsuit between these 2 fine judges. The comments by others were very enlightening and should be read by Coast Ombudsman.

  6. Confucius Cajun say:

    Law clerk shouldn’t drop “briefs” down in Judge chamber and not expect to cum out wit’ out his pussonal signature.

    Judge enjoy lively, entertaining clerk “briefs” cumming to rapid climatic conclusion before personally positing his big opine.

    Me parody comment above bees specially dedicated Tommy Gordon after his request for a Slabbed’s previous blog and reading rfp’s response and production of Slabbed’s referenced blog with telling comments on Mississippi’s November Chancery Judgeship race.

  7. After a long week that was very hectic across three states I have finally returned to my home,got a glass of wine and read Slabbed to get a little relaxing laughter going again. Lock, you are a witty individual. Tommy, don’t let them keep you from saying what you think and Doug, thanks for another week of Slabbed.

  8. What individuals involved in the SRH scandal were/are attached to the DMR scandal? What has happened to Joe Cloyd? And Scott Walker’s other partners? Are any of these people in the SRH scandal associated with the Walkers? Bryant? Pul-ass-oh? Jackson county legislators? Harrison county legislators?
    Who the hell is allowing this to continue? I mean this constant and continued stealing from the people? The DMR thing was covered up and the crooks are still continuing to funnel money to open hands. Nothing has changed – new players; the old employees just have to sit back and keep their mouths shut and watch the action.
    Now, it appears that the SRH system is attempting to cover up what they have done to those poor employees. Why isn’t the IRS, FBI, Attorney General, and our justice system allowing this to continue??? They should be on top of this like gravy on rice!!!! Has the world gone crazy??? Someone, somewhere must care. I continue to believe that everyone sticking together and getting this reported nationally is the answer. It will take the FBI agents going against whoever is covering these things up and standing up for the right thing. Does anyone have any intestinal fortitude left??? Where are the knights in shinning armor who will save these people? Who will be there for the families who have had loved ones who lost their lives due to these crooks??? If you fail to vote against these people this next election, then you are part of the problem. Don’t complain on slabbed or anywhere else if you don’t start working and spreading the word to vote this trash out. All politicians who are not part of the solution (even if they talk the talk) needs to be thrown out. We want to see progress at the DMR and SRH. If the current politicians won’t do it, maybe the next guy will. Vote in the new guys if they are not connected to the old regime. It is the only way people. Get out and vote. Get the word out. Bring someone to vote. Get off of your duffs.

      1. Thanks Eye – I do what I can – been out of pocket for a bit. BUT – I’M B-A-A-A-CK ! ! !
        No one responded to my questions. Does anyone know how the DMR wannabees are tied in with SRHS? Is it through Pahl-ass-o? Or Fata$$? What is the connection??? Bet Bill Walker could tell you.

  9. I am so happy to see people exposing these crooks for what they are…how many innocent people were hurt in the courts of these high and mighty lawyers and judges when they were in the courtrooms…it is time to stand up to these crooks and expose them for what they are…only when the truth is brought out about their wicked ways, will the public see them for what they are…the lawyers and courtrooms in Jackson County are so corrupt, they should be banned from any dealings with people’s lives.

    1. You are right Leeanne. And it takes a community working together to fight against something as well put together as this network. But it is not impossible. Don’t give up the ship! The more that join in and stay on top of it – the better. Everyone needs to be involved in helping these poor people. Flood the AG in Washington’s office with complaints; flood all of your politicians offices with complaints. Everyone needs to get to work and help these people!!!

  10. Charlene, like yourself, I am waiting to hear who from DMR is also involved in this crooked situation at SRH. Old blow hard John McKay has kept a low profile so far. Guess cause he and his appointed trustee had the wool pulled over their eyes by Roy Williams, Chris Anderson, etc., and maybe he don’t want his constituents to remember how bad they were screwed thanks in part to him while he’s running for reelection.

  11. Ha I am back too after freeing some manatees in Florida. John McKay is the first and biggest crossover. McKay and his crony David Harris used the law firm to promote Harris’ illegal CIAP rip to the tune of $100,000 for the taxpayers to pay for the Harbor Landing lawsuit. When Harris wanted that bull thing to cross the road, who did he turn to? Dogan etcetera, who cheerfully provided opinions that the thing was oh so safe to be on public roads! (Yeah, right). And no one so far has come forward to tell us how much of that Foundation money went into McKay’s re-election kitty. Politicos get to keep and spend the balance, right? So look and see which hospital CEO’s and big ass salary docs donated to McKay.

    Letting a private management company like Ochsner manage both hospitals is a good solution, but keep in mind that the nepotistic habits of a public hospital are NOTHING compared to the little nests of incompetence that thrive at private hospitals, where agency-hired docs who are on salary dominate the independent doctors and run the place as they are unencumbered by the necessity of having to run a small business or be personally responsible to any individual patient. (You know this, Doug). The Nurse practitioner who didn’t see your sick mama has a brother-in-law who is the chief financial officer there and she will be paid $90,000 and never fired. Yes, I’m taking about YOU; you know who you are.

    I have to say that the patient care at OSH is better than: (let’s go:) Memorial Hospital (who used to ship all its broke ass patients out and would not take Obamacare); Garden Park (the worst…they have a doc on salary who did not operate for 10 years and then went back…..), Biloxi Regional (about three years ago hired out of town docs on salary squeezed out all the good ER docs and now the place is an ER hell hole, just ask a good nurse), with convicted felons in the ER as docs and a really nasty old felon on salary at the Wound Care Center). Truly, if I was harpooned I would go to OSH; the only doc I know there that is truly unnecessary is the one they picked to not actually touch patients, just bitch out other docs. Shoe? Is that right or did he actually have to see a patient to pick up the $250,000 they are paying him? Please don’t abandon the decent care you get there, the standard of care is fine despite the crooks in management.

    As always, transparency is the key, but Wiggins has a way to go as his DMR blindness was suspect. I also think they are going to have to decide what the legal vesting period is for that retirement account…20 years? If you worked there 20 years, you should get what was promised and guess what…the taxpayers of Jackson County are going to have to pay the increase in property tax that the giant $140 million bond issue to fund that part of the fund will require. Everybody under 20 years gets a new plan. And please put that lawyer who ripped off the Medicaid collections in jail. Everyone know that you can’t get retroactive anything but Medicaid and maybe disability and there are people at OSH who are PAID to do just that and will do it. What a rip.

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