Early pictures from SRHS Retiree protest in downtown Oceans Springs (Updated)

This morning the gang at Team SRHS Hopes is protesting in front of the Ocean Springs law office of Dogan and WIlkinson of Counsel Oscar Jordan. Slabbed’s on the scene photographer indicated to me just moments ago that motorists are honking in approval. Around 1:00 pm Slabbed has been told the protesters will move over to the Dogan and Wilkinson main office in Pascagoula to spread the joy there. Here are two early pics from Ocean Springs:

2/11/15 SRHS Retiree Protest in downtown Ocean Springs | Slabbed New Media LLC
2/11/15 SRHS Retiree Protest in downtown Ocean Springs | Slabbed New Media LLC
2/11/15 SRHS Retiree Protest in downtown Ocean Springs | Slabbed New Media LLC
2/11/15 SRHS Retiree Protest in downtown Ocean Springs | Slabbed New Media LLC

Update: Here are the rest of the photos from today’s protest in Ocean Springs: Continue reading “Early pictures from SRHS Retiree protest in downtown Oceans Springs (Updated)”

Louisiana Roundup: Steve Scalise meets with scandal ridden former Mayor, Piyush completely out of touch, Mel Leavitt remembered

Like I’ve consistently said folks, Congressman Steve Scalise will meet with anyone to discuss public policy, including corrupt former big city mayors like Marc Morial per Bruce Alpert’s report for NOLA.com.

To set things up Morial’s reputation drastically declined since he left office as his former staffers were indicted and convicted on public corruption charges. Later a former top aide to Morial would also plead guilty to taking bribes and kickbacks.

More recently both Morial and former Congressman Leon Panetta joined the Board of Directors of scandal ridden Corinthian Colleges, which had previously donated heavily to the Urban League. Per a Washington Post story dated February 3, 2015, “Corinthian has become the poster child for the worst practices in the for-profit education sector, including high loan defaults and dubious programs. Clouded by allegations of deceptive marketing and lying to the government about its graduation rates, Corinthian lost its access to federal funds last year, forcing the company to sell or close its schools”

Finally, the Urban League itself was the subject of a major scandal in Seattle Washington involving vendors who received “questionable” payments from a Seattle Public Schools program that was the focus of a criminal investigation. More recently in August, 2014 as part of the HUD OIG investigation into the money designated for substance abuse programs in Rhode Island, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was brought in at the HUD’s request to specifically look into the Urban League’s role in the misuse of federal funds. Safe Haven then closed permanently.  In January, 2015 the scandal claimed the career of long time Rhode Island Housing Director Richard Godfrey who resigned his office.  This scandal continues to unfold.

Against that backdrop I wonder why anyone in their right minds would be associating with either the Urban League or Marc Morial but such is the job of a politician I reckon.  Here at Slabbed we’ll continue to not hold such meetings against Rep. Scalise. Continue reading “Louisiana Roundup: Steve Scalise meets with scandal ridden former Mayor, Piyush completely out of touch, Mel Leavitt remembered”

Wednesdays Wars | Tom Callaghan: A truthful Netanyahu would rip Congress. Like this

Published on Feb 9, 2015

Members of the Congress, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen:

It’s good to be with you for this my third address to a Joint Meeting of Congress. I’m well aware that it is a distinct honor and a rare privilege to address the two houses of Congress in Joint Meeting.


On the plane from Israel, I spent a bit of time studying the history of Joint Meetings, and the people who have spoken before them. The first to speak to a Joint Meeting of Congress was the Marquis de Lafayette of France back in 1824.

He earned the honor of an address to Congress in your Revolutionary War. He fought and was injured at the Battle of Brandywine; spent the brutal winter of 1777-78 with Washington at Valley Forge; and fought alongside Hamilton and Washington at the decisive battle of Yorktown.

Charles Krauthammer and his neo con friends hate it when I speak well of somebody from France. Poor babies. Any student of American history knows the affection the American people had for Lafayette in the early years of the American Republic.

Nelson Mandela has also spoken before you in Joint Meeting. He earned that right by spending 28 years in a South African prison … punishment for his efforts to end the despicable apartheid regime in that country. Mr. Mandela spoke to a Joint Meeting shortly after getting out of prison, and again as President of South Africa.

Mandela’s ability to rise above bitterness and resist the urge to seek revenge on his former tormentors made him one of the giants of the twentieth century. We can all learn a lot from the life of Nelson Mandela.

A number of very distinguished Americans have stood at this rostrum to address prior Joint Meetings of Congress. General Dwight David Eisenhower received the honor twice before being elected president. General Douglas MacArthur, who served with great distinction in World War I, World War II, and Korea, spoke once, as did Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz who, on September 2, 1945, accepted and signed for The Japanese Instrument of Surrender on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

These five men earned the right to appear before you by decades of selfless service to causes greater than themselves.


Comment Bump: RFP finds SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor in Slabbed’s Archives

Here in an old post is a brief mention of the newly appointed SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor in the context of his advising Dickie Scruggs. As far as I could find it is the only prior mention of Scott Taylor on Slabbed. Who may well be all that John McKay thinks he is. The past association with the Scruggs firm (Scruggs, Millette, Bozeman and Dent) is not exactly a secret, and it was mentioned in the recent Sun Herald coverage of Taylor’s appointment by John McKay.

Taylor, a Mississippi College Law School graduate in 1992, managed asbestos claims for the law firm Scruggs, Millette, Bozeman and Dent in Pascagoula from 1994-2000. He ran his own practice from 2000-2003. He was previously employed at the John M. Deakle Law Firm in Hattiesburg, and Langston, Frazier & Sweet in Jackson.

Some Slabbed readers may be surprised to learn that the Scruggs firm was representing Kwajalein Island landowners in treaty negotiations with the US government in 2000.

Marshall Islanders Want Big Bucks For More Missile Tests
by Giff Johnson
Majiro (AFP) February 24, 2000 – Marshall Islanders seeking a vast increase in US payments for using a test range central to Washington’s plans for a national missile defense system have hired a high-profile US law firm to get them a “better deal.”

Senator Ataji Balos, who represents Kwajalein Atoll home to a major US missile test range, announced Thursday that Kwajalein landowners have hired the law firm of Mississippi-based Richard F. Scruggs. Continue reading: Tower of Babble – USA v Delaughter and Wilson v Scruggs in Slabbed’s archives.