Comment Bump: Mona Blackledger | Flash Cash plus Sup Barry Cumbest

Doug, was hoping you would be covering the war chest info the SH listed today. Lots of those people earned “frequent riding miles” on the DMR yachts and the public needs to be reminded. Also, they need to see who is donating the big bucks to who so we don’t forget to vote them all out!!! This article is for the representatives of the coast.

Story Bump: April Havens | Jackson County supervisor Barry Cumbest claims he doesn’t know how to contact Pascagoula State Senator Brice Wiggins, with questions and concerns over SRHS legislation

I’d add that Senator Wiggins is like Rep. Steve Scalise in that he will meet with anyone to talk public policy.  He opened up his law office last Labor Day to meet with Slabbed and other DMR stakeholders for example.  Against that backdrop, Supervisor Cumbest’s reasoning for not supporting Senator Wiggins’ Public Hospitable Reform legislation is telling.

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  1. Well, I see Supervisor McKay has selected Scott Taylor, retired attorney, for the SRHS BOT seat vacated by Morris Strickland. Looking at his resume I feel certain the Dogan, Wilkinson, Williams and others law firm are very pleased to have someone they know to look out for their interests. One thing for certain,Taylor will not need directions to the firm’s office either, since this is the same location he once occupied while working at the Scruggs firm. Very hard to believe their is now another attorney involved in this debacle, but hell, maybe that is what this BOT need. What is obvious to most at this point is that the father and son legal tag team named Williams has not been giving very good legal advice while they reviewed contracts that they probably wrote for the LLCs they act as agents for and may even own. This will not help McKay in his re-election but I do not think anything will.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t Scott Taylor the legal genius who told Dick Scruggs that not only did Scruggs not owe Roberts Wilson, etc. any money, but that they owed Scruggs money? That didn’t end too well. And if I remember correctly, I seem to recall that Mr. Taylor had some involvement in the Scruggs Katrina litigation that, well, got interesting. I have no idea why Taylor “retired” from the law just a few years out of law school – there could be perfectly reasonable reasons – but one thing that might be of concern is that news reports quote McKay as saying that Taylor had been after McKay for some time to get Taylor involved in the situation.

      It would seem that the best way to solve the SRHS problem would be to bring in a true outsider, one with some real experience with the problems at hand. And when I say “outsider,” I mean a pro with absolutely no ties to anyone or anything even tangentially connected with the whole mess. Of course, doing something like that might uncover things that certain people do not, under any circumstances, want uncovered.

  2. I suppose Mckays choice was the best of the 4; however all of the connections to the same firm bother me. This I would guess is partly due to the small rural area. It would behoove the JCBOS to begin thinking about a set of pre-determined criteria for all future SRHS BOT appointees. Unfortunately the BOT is not diversified as a true board of directors should be. Not the first woman, only one minority. The Board should reflect a mix of the people it serves as well as a better diversity of its members. There should be someone on the board with execellent accounting background, proven successful management, some healthcare background would be nice as well. Also the BOT need education on what the typical hospital looks like, how it functions from the moment a patient enters until after discharged with all payments made. It takes a hell of a lot more to serve and I mean actively serve on a board such as this than just the monthly meeting. Questions need to be asked and accountability needs to be held to the leaders of SRHS. I still believe all new management needs to take place within the senior ranks of SRHS. They were each and everyone part of the original problem just had different job titles

    Until people are secure of themselves and want to truly be a servant leader then nothing will change at SRHS.

    May the force be with each and everyone to do the right thing regardless Just do the right thing !

  3. The Board of Supervisors told the Board of Trustees to resign. None of them did. Morris only did because he was caught breaking the law. Why hasn’t the Board of Supervisors put more pressure on the Board of Trustees to step down? Why hasn’t the Board of Trustees put more pressure on hospital administration to step down? Could it be that everyone is just protecting their own selfish interests?

  4. Not sure what to think about McKay’s appointee. Sounds good BUT where/ how is pension trust going to be “fixed”? All of a sudden seems like everyone wants to restore the pension. Even Kevin Holland. If it can be done why was there such a rush to terminate it to begin with and what is to prevent them from doing this again? At this point I don’t trust anybody.

  5. Holy Names in Jest Batman;

    Is this the same Cumbest person whose family name has some Cumbest Park named after them as per post a couple weeks ago?

    Really, you can’t invent some of these names involved in this SRHS debacle as they sing out loud and are so freaky telling .

  6. Holy Names in Jest Batman;

    Is this the same Cumbest person whose family name has some Cumbest Park named after them as per post a couple weeks ago?

    Really, you can’t invent some of these names involved in this SRHS debacle as they sing out loud and are so freaky telling .

  7. SRHS Board of Trustees lack of diversity is equivocal to that of the lack of diversity exhibited throughout SRHS. In the history of SRHS, there have only been 2 African American women holding the titles of Executive and Vice President, Queen of Legal Services and the former VP of Emergency. How many African American Directors have there been? How many years have this hospital been functioning lacking diversity? Has there ever been an African American male in a key leadership role? Are there any women currently holding an Executive, Vice President, or Administrative title, excluding Nursing? Does the current leadership look like the current CEO? At SRHS it’s all about who you know and whose butt your sniffing to be strategically positioned. It’s about the mighty mighty dollar and less about the people on the front line working hard to satisfy patients and get the job done. It doesn’t surprise me who was added to the Board of Trustees, another replica of the majority members who are male and white. It’s obvious there are some serious diversity issues, leadership issues, financial issues, ethical issues, fraudulent issues, integrity issues, issues, issues system wide.

    1. Hey, maybe Chris Epps has some time to come help sort things out. Or maybe Al Sharpton. The SRHS mess isn’t a result of a lack of racial diversity, it’s a matter of a bunch of small town nobodies who found a way to be somebody in their tiny little minds by, basically, dipping their snouts into the public coffers.

      1. Nunn,

        I couldn’t agree more. Not that anyone cares………….

        If I were a black person living in America, I would be embarrassed as to who is standing up for black equality– (Although, it has seemed to have turned into a racial catering service IMHO).

        Sharpton—give me a break.

    2. Just Browsing;

      Let me give you a hint about the diversity game: It does nothing more than empower minorities with a false crutch based on the color of their skin or whether they have a penis or a vagina.

      The true key of a prosperous society is to lay down fair and consistent ground rules which allow the chips fall were they fall. Essentially, select the best of the best.

      I do agree and I think the state of Mississippi has a typical mindset that caters to older white males but there are many instances of “token blacks” and “females” being put in positions in order to avoid a gender lawsuit or a NAACP attack. Of course, I also believe culture, tradition and refusal to change helped encourage this behavior in many ways.

  8. It doesn’t matter if you are black white red or yellow. Skin ain’t got nothin to do wit it. This issue is about green. Cash. Mo-nay. So Where is it going to come from. Maybe the new guy will be a hero and donate all of he and dickies whitewashed green money to save it. He say he wanted to save it let see if he put his money where his mouth at.

  9. How much has the county paid the lawyer billy guice. Why can’t Taylor do it for free like all the other pro bono he did, if he really is the hero that he wants to be. Seriously how much have the county taxpayers paid Guice what Taylor could do for free? If they all believe in no secrets then spit it out, inquiring minds have a right in this case to know.

  10. I’d like taylor to tell us if he is still good buddies with Brett Williams and how often he talks to him and his daddy and what they have discussed. I’ll bet this guy is gonna come in and cover the Williams’ asses as well as their buddies.

  11. “Let me give you a hint about the diversity game: It does nothing more than empower minorities with a false crutch based on the color of their skin or whether they have a penis or a vagina.”

    So Eye, white males automatically are experts in every endeavor they choose to participate but minorities like blacks and women need to prove their worth? Did it ever occur to you that diversity mandates are the only reason ANY women or minorities ever make it to the table…regardless of what they know?

    Interesting that we are discussing hospital systems where the majority of nurses are female…yet they should be satisfied with representation by an all knowing white male…..just like the 5 white straight-arrow males on the BOT.

    1. I believe you misinterpreted my comment. White males are not experts at everything and I never would make such a false claim. I think its clear that there were diversity problems in the work place that were dominated and caused by white males up through the 80’s. Since then, clamping down on equal opportunity laws and diversity mandates have helped level the playing field. But, in a lot of cases the pendulum has shifted the other way where major employers sometimes play “the diversity game” rather than truly selecting the best candidate. This type of behavior often empowers an isolated percentage to pull the “race or gender card” rather than earn their way. If you think this does not actually happen I feel sorry for you because it does. If they would simply hire and promote the best and brightest, diversity would not be an issue and would have never been.

      I find it funny how you mentioned that hospital nurses are for the most part female. I would believe that statement but I have a question for you. Do you know who of any hospitals that generate efforts to seek out male nurses because they do not have enough on the payroll? I ask because I personally know a large organization who has made a strong efforts to seek out minority engineers and scientists because their current work force in those trades did not match the demographics of the general population of society.

      I could give a hoot if the male population in our society is interested in nursing the same way I could give a hoot if we have enough minority engineers and/or biologists.

  12. Just heard that the YMCA is naming the “lobby” after David Harris. Anybody want to fact check that. I also heard Melba’s trying to secure his “legacy” by donating $100,000 to get it named after him – seems like the Harris’ are once again on the wrong side of history and the YMCA is on the backside of the Bible. Perhaps the Y would have been better served by demanding the land back the Harris boys looted? We can always hope the facts are wrong and I will be corrected. Speaking of insulting rumors – this one just in, a certain appointee to the aquatic area around OS was reported to owe $100’000 to Mr Williams. Now, Mr. “Fishing Trip” McKay that wouldn’t have done gone and have nut tin’ to du wif’it would it? Yep need some fact check’in. Better watch it Doug might have a “mysterious” fire and all them records go up in smoke!

    1. The Harris family will not be donating but giving back money they took that was not theirs. Why would any organization place a name like David Harris on anything unless they approve of what he conspired to do? He is lucky to have left this earth prior to be indicted and having his ill gotten money clawed back. I hope his head stone reads “Marine Resource Foundation” because that says it all about his legacy.

  13. What a great tag! Thanks for keeping us aware of our local politicians. We need to be kept aware of who is out there representing us and who is out there representing themselves and other rich entities. Please be sure and look this list over people. The ones with the most money are the ones that are usually “bought and paid for” in my opinion. Choose well people. We don’t need any more of the same.

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