Comment Bump: Mona Blackledger | Flash Cash plus Sup Barry Cumbest

Doug, was hoping you would be covering the war chest info the SH listed today. Lots of those people earned “frequent riding miles” on the DMR yachts and the public needs to be reminded. Also, they need to see who is donating the big bucks to who so we don’t forget to vote them all out!!! This article is for the representatives of the coast.

Story Bump: April Havens | Jackson County supervisor Barry Cumbest claims he doesn’t know how to contact Pascagoula State Senator Brice Wiggins, with questions and concerns over SRHS legislation

I’d add that Senator Wiggins is like Rep. Steve Scalise in that he will meet with anyone to talk public policy.  He opened up his law office last Labor Day to meet with Slabbed and other DMR stakeholders for example.  Against that backdrop, Supervisor Cumbest’s reasoning for not supporting Senator Wiggins’ Public Hospitable Reform legislation is telling.