Transparency again an issue here in Mayberry by the Sea

How does a City Councilperson properly discharge the duties of their office when they can’t get access to basic financial information?

Bay St. Louis City Council spars with clerk over financial records ~ Wes Muller

And as per usual when inquiries are made by the council of the administration they are met with sneers and snark:

Kolf sent out an email Sunday with a single sentence that inflamed tensions even more:

“I’ll get everyone a key to City Hall on Monday,” he wrote.

Whether his statement was meant to be serious, sarcastic or a simple joke is unclear. Kolf could not be reached for comment at his office.

Its ironic folks because this was covered over on just last week:

Feud over finances: 5 Fairfield City Council members sue the mayor ~ Kent Faulk

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Wednesday Open: Don’t believe a word the Gov or Chaney says….

Folks I’m afraid our Gov and Insurance Commissioner are still wholly owned subsidiaries of State Farm. Last election they both supported a Policyholder Bill of Rights and here we are four years later with zilch, zip and nada so I wouldn’t hang my hat on anything Bryant or Chaney has to say about actually helping the people that elect ’em down here on the coast.

Next up is SRHS as now each case that was removed to Federal Court has been remanded:

SRHS cases headed back to Chancery ~ Anita Lee

Rumor holds the fight in Chancery court is shaping up to be a nasty one, which happens to be Slabbed’s favorite variety.

Next up from Diamondhead and a full contact POA meeting:

Former DH POA President Elton Marshall Kyger found guilty of assault ~ Dwayne Bremer

I end with this:

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Marine Biologists: Speckled squash and soybeans possible but……………

But first Gov. Lawnmower Fumes was in town yesterday talking soybeans…..

I imagine there must be a marine biologists or two out there in the Slabbed Nation that can speak more intelligently about the problems and difficulties that come with the sea soybeans than I:

Oyster Imports Bringing New Disease and Invasive Species ~ The Fish Site