From the mean streets of Mayberry-by-the-Sea: Journalists harassed by spouse of Bay City employee

When all else fails on the truth suppression front, thuggery is often a method of last resort…..

Tomorrow’s meeting looks like it will be contentious. I think I’ll bring Slabbed’s new HD video camera* along to record the public event for posterity sake.

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Comment Bump: Grandpa Grimm’s bedtime story

From Tuesday Roundup: “We Were Robbed by the System”.

A very loyal source within SRHS told me that Holland has his own secret agent woman! Yes! SRHS now employs spies (double agents). Let Grandpa Grimm tell you a little bedtime story…

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a woman who was a contract employee with SRHS, “G”. Her work with this world class facility began with her teaching a class here and one there. Now, keep in mind that these classes did not require a vast amount of skill or expertise; in fact, almost anyone could have taught them. But, you see, this individual had the inside advantage, (she went to the same church as Holland and his crew). She wasn’t a dynamic speaker, nor a vigorously engaging facilitator, but to Holland she was the cat’s meow. To the employees she was nothing more than another one of Holland’s “favorites”.

Several years ago, when the economy started its downward turn (coincidentally, the same period SRHS went on its huge spending spree), “G”, a contract employee came to see Holland (then COO) to woo him into making her a permanent FTE. The entire basis for her request was that her husband “might be losing his job in the summer” and…”if, he loses his job, her family would need insurance”. Holland immediately called HR and they agreed based on this POSSIBILITY, she should be made permanent FTE.

As in the usual practice for the hand-picked individuals and made up positions at SRHS, the job was posted AFTER the fact and quickly taken down and she was immediately announced as a new Director of Guest Relations. Just like that King Holland made a decree in h is Kingdom and so it was done.

In her new role, she was to be over guest/patient experiences. She very rarely visited guests in their rooms, she didn’t round on a daily basis to new admits, she refused to handle complaints. Basically, she stayed in an office and ran reports that SRHS paid a company a great amount of money to produce. She would then present them at meetings for King Holland and jester Anderson. I won’t bore you with all the parties she planned and money that was wasted on trips here and there, or the classes she taught that were so old and backdated from the 70’s. But alas, we must keep in mind, she had a very limited skill set to begin with after all. Continue reading “Comment Bump: Grandpa Grimm’s bedtime story”

Liars and Crooks are easily spotted……

It is a long interview and there is copious amounts of BS early on when SRHS CEO Kevin Holland tries covering for his predecessor but overall Doug and Dave did a good job honing in the real issues at play on News Watch This Week. Most interesting is Holland tacitly admits that SRHS chose construction projects over honoring its promises to its retirees. – The News for South Mississippi
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