Harrison County Indictment rumors: Signals and Clues….

Folks the rumor mill is still going full tilt on more public officials being indicted in Harrison County. People are paying very close attention thus the rumors begin to fly when something occurs that is perceived as out of the ordinary.  And when it comes to public officials here on the coast in January, 2015, out of the ordinary is seemingly becoming the norm.  Here are some links which illustrate what I am talking about:

From the second story by Paul:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway, also under subpoena by White, didn’t show up. Ron Peresich, who does a lot of legal work for Biloxi, when asked if he was at the courthouse to represent Holloway, said he was there to speak to the judge on a “related matter.”

Peresich met with White, Circuit Judge Michael Ward and Utility Authority attorneys Jim Simpson and T. Russell Nobile in the judge’s chambers.

“I’m tired of secret stuff going on,” White told Simpson as he tried to talk to White shortly before that. “You’re trying to hide stuff from the press.”

What was being hidden from the press? I personally do not think it was this:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway checks himself into rehab ~ Mary Perez

Additional background can be found here. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Harrison County Indictment rumors: Signals and Clues….”

  1. While Mayor Holloway is in treatment, he might have some time to visit with the good folks from the “D ependancy O bliviating J annisaries,” the “F riends of B iloxi’s I ntoxicated” and the “I ntoxication R elief S ervice,” amongst others, about what he might know about the goings-on down on the coast. For a fellow to get the help he needs and badly wants, it’s probably better to be away from his day-to-day distractions.

    A speculating person might wonder if the topics will include the boys over at Page Mannino Peresich and others in Biloxi-Gulfport, as well as various players over in Jackson County. One might also speculate that Holloway hasn’t had his lips too tightly around the, er, “jug” and if he works diligently with those who can help him, he could come out of “rehab” all “cured,” unlike some others who, er, sucked on the “jug” a lot harder and a lot more often.

  2. Friday afternoon before the Superbowl, Deflategate uproar continuing, hired pr experts might advise this would be a good afternoon to dump some bad news.

    A smart criminal defense attorney might have a opening in their schedule for a quiet prearranged perpwalk or two.

    1. Well, true enough, rfp, but a some points come to mind:
      1. If you’re in a group of people being chased by a pissed-off hungry bear, you ain’t gotta outrun the bear, just the person behind you. And if you are the slowest person, you might as well try to negotiate with the bear because it ain’t getting any worse for trying.
      2. On one hand, it is beginning to look like Loretta Lynch might be in as AG sooner than it might have seemed even a week or two ago, and if so, any desire the current AG staff might have to nail some redneck pissants before they go might cause a quickstep in the timetable. On the other, there’s the old bull and the young bull theory: why RUN down and nail one cow when you can WALK down and nail them all and I’ve heard nothing that even hints that a change in Washington will mean a change down in MS as far as current USA Davis. I guess it will depend on who exactly is steering the bulldozer, local or the home office.
      3. A perpwalk now could be good or bad. Chances are that anyone hauled in now would not be a main player, so, sure, that might get those not yet got thinking about their options and/or doing something that will help the overall investigations/prosecutions. The problem is that it is hard to predict what a cornered person might do – talk? bolt? lawyer up? go batshit and kill themselves or others? Some of these folks could be looking at some serious time and/or a complete loss of EVERYTHING they hold dear – money, lifestyle, home, reputation (only because no more fawning over them by locals, etc. – their names weren’t worth anything before they hopped aboard), freedom, career, bar card, etc., etc., etc. In other words, they are facing a return to being a nobody with nothing (but a record), their greatest fear.

      None of this crew, either Biloxi-Gulfport or Jackson County, has a Dick Scruggs-level of money and I suspect none have any really seriously-deep connections that can make things easier down the road. The players involved here don’t really have old, real friends and serious long-time family connections, they are just a nouveau riche confederacy of dunces who like to greedily gobble from the same trough.

      We are probably hearing the same general rumors but from different sources, so just have different thoughts about it all. The one sure thing is that we’ll know when we know.

  3. I have know A.J.Holloway for a long time.I have been involved with many things he was involved in. He is a good person. He loves Biloxi and has always tried to do what was in Bilox’s best interest. He has been the most successful politician in the history of the Ms. Coast in my opinion. He was a great college football player at Ole Ms. All of this being said he is in decline. He has not been effective in his capacity as the mayor of Biloxi for the last 3 or 4 years. Like all great achievers he should consider walking away from his elected position while he is still held in high esteem by most. Yes, I have heard the rumors about some current legal issues due to his behavior at city hall. And yes, the indictment speculation is rampant. These are not the reasons I think A.J.Holloway should consider retiring.He should step down to give others an opportunity to come forward and lead a city that frankly is not where it should be almost 10 years after Katrina. Time for all to pray for his health and also that he has the mental strength to do the right thing for our city. Thank you Mr. Holloway for your leadership, you have been a great mayor.

    1. FWIW, I don’t really disagree with you Biloxi Blues. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the Mayor is helping out as much as he may be getting help. From what I know, he seems to be a generally decent guy with a decent family and if he did get caught up in something, it would not surprise me if he taking care of his business in a decent way, given the circumstances.

  4. Nunn, You are correct,he is getting needed help. You could see the pain in his face. Sad when someone hangs on too long to a position of prestige. I just hope for his family and himself he steps away from politics and spends some time with them in a more enjoyable setting before it is too late. I love the message he gave to certain a–holes on the city council when selecting someone to serve in his absence. I could name a couple in city government that should step down because they are less effective than the mayor. Enjoyed your recent posts.Please keep sending your knowledge thru Slabbed to us all.

    1. Boy that Phil Bryant really has his nerve coming down here to visit us “Coast Trash” (that is what Jackson calls us), after turning his back on us during his entire term. He only throws his buddy Billy the Boy Hewes some bones – in my opinion. I hope he doesn’t think that we give a flip about anything that he or his minions have to say. Too little, too late. And he can take his puppet, Jamie Miller with him. The DMR is now a big political joke – and everyone knows it. When he started firing people just because he wanted to, he lost all credibility as a leader.
      I sure hope that we have someone come up and run for Governor that will take care of the Coast and turn their back on Phil and Billy Boy. They are such Christians!!! I’m sure that they probably can’t even spell the word, much less walk the walk. Go home Phil Bryant. You are not welcome here on our Coast!!

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