5 thoughts on “Taking it to the street”

  1. ALRIGHT CLASS of 2014-2015 :

    As I blogged yesterday in respect to CLASS ACTION yall needs to picket where the ROBBERS meet in secret executive sessions and in front of the ROBBERS’ homes !!!

    I’m proud of yall but don’t burn any buildings cause white peoples dem goes to jail when day burn and steal !!!

  2. Lockemuptight, I don’t think the class of 2014-2015 knows the locations of the secret meetings

    It is rumored they do have an out of town field trip planned though

    1. Some rumors are true. Some are not. One thing is certain: What is done in the darkness shall be known in her own light.

  3. The windy storm of which you speak
    Thou shalt not be afraid.
    For truth and honesty come from the breeze
    This storm’s not casting shade.

    The source of destruction comes not from this wind,
    But instead it comes from deep within
    The ranks of unjust power.

    While a windy storm may blow by
    The true destruction still doth hang
    In the black cloud that lingers on
    Casting blame on a tiny windy storm.

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