Slabbed exclusive: Pictures from a SRHS Board of Trustees meeting

But first I have this because I was frankly surprised to see such an Op-Ed today:

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Administrators, not health care providers, jeopardize SRHS ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

The bottom line here is upper management at SRHS is reverting to the only thing they know how to do well, which is a dog and pony show. The problem is doing so while insider double dealing is leaking out makes the gang look like fools. I can’t imagine the Sun Herald earned any brownie points today in the executive suite at SRHS. The truth sometimes hurts.

Now for that Slabbed exclusive in those Board of Trustee meeting pictures. All hell is breaking loose and the eyes of the state are upon us. Since Slabbed is famous for getting pictures we got some, with an assist from the artist formerly known as Nowdy:

Images courtesy of a reader
Images courtesy of a reader
Anderson-Holland Parody_Page_2
Image courtesy of a reader


4 thoughts on “Slabbed exclusive: Pictures from a SRHS Board of Trustees meeting”

  1. But where are our esteemed Board of Supervisors’ pictures? They are such arrogant, lying blow hards that should have been doing the checks and balances instead of trying to be reelected. We would also like to see some of the players’ pictures who seem to be involved. Maybe the Williams will furnish a family photo.

  2. You just have to wonder what my new Harrison County neighbor,Morris Strickland was thinking at the meeting.. Maybe something like ” If I could just get control of all of the pension’s money I could make it all work or I will liquidate it just like that damned oil change business I opened” He really looks intense as he listens to Kevin.

  3. Now that is funny. Doug you need the lady poster who put together the Bryant, Pickering and others parody some time ago to work her magic. I cannot remember her name but is very talented. Mr. Strickland is probably very happy he is no longer overseeing the pension plan portfolio. Being an unlicensed broker can be stressful. Now his only worry is getting uninvolved in all of those real estate LLCs that own property leased to the SRHS. I bet that is where the real money was made.

    1. Patricia had severe health issues last year and is finally on the mend. I’ll make sure she sees your kind words and comment.

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