Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Netanyahu and Boehner – The Unctuous Manipulator and the Useful Idiot

Published on Jan 26, 2015

These two were made for each other. Yiddish describes them best. Netanyahu is a schnorrer, the perpetually uninvited guest that always wants more. Boehner is a schnook, the not-so-bright dupe. Skulking around in the shadows for six weeks, Boehner and Netanyahu hit upon a scheme to benefit each other individually and undermine American foreign policy.

The vehicle: an invitation from Boehner to Netanyahu to address a Joint Session of Congress on February 11. Netanyahu said, “Make it March 3.” Boehner, the perfect schnook, dutifully complied. No heads up was given to the Democratic leadership in Congress or to the White House. Legal? Yes, but absolutely unprecedented.

Netanyahu has an election in Israel on March 17. It’s going to be close. A high-profile speech and a poke in Obama’s eye helps him with his base back home. Why not weasel an invitation out of Boehner to address a Joint Session of Congress where he can insert himself into American foreign policy and try to queer any possibility of peace breaking out with Iran? Plus, the timing is elegant … two weeks before the election back home.

In Netanyahu’s mind, isn’t that what people like Boehner are supposed to do for people like him. Serve Netanyahu’s needs as directed. No need to worry about Obama. He’s already given Netanyahu all he could and, he’s so yesterday. Right, Bibi?

We’ll see.

Boehner is a completely incompetent Speaker of the House. Continue Reading…………

7 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Netanyahu and Boehner – The Unctuous Manipulator and the Useful Idiot”

  1. Just a few questions regarding the post above….since I hate reading opinionated pieces that muffle a lot of facts. Wasn’t Netanyahu already scheduled to be in the U.S. before the announcement of this? How exactly does hosting a major allie equal “undermine American foreign policy?” Doesn’t our foreign policy include being a gracious host to the Prime Minister of our allies? Didn’t Obama travel to Israel during their last election? Yes, believe he did, but I also recall him spending a majority of his time with the Palestinian Prime Minister instead of Israel’s…not to mention the resignation of the Palestinian Prime occuring a month after that, which led to the terrorist controlled Hamas gaining political control in the newly formed Palestinian government. As a matter of fact, Obama has visited Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Afghanistan 3 times as much to discuss Iran’s nuclear future as he has Israel. Just a few questions that popped into my head when I read this ridiculous article bashing Congress and Boehner for hosting one of our most important allies. But, I guess if you didn’t clear it with the King, it is obviously an attempt to start a coup. Maybe Congress will get upset the next time the White House hosts Lebron James or has Beyonce put on a private show at our expense without officially clearing it in the budget. Maybe he used his tax return to fund all of those events; somehow he gets one living at the total expense of the taxpayer, yet I pay more every year????

    1. Mr. Netanyahu wants to be respected. Who doesn’t?

      Netanyahu’s problem with American officials from former Secretary of State James Baker, to Bill Clinton, to Barack Obama is that he does’t give respect.

      Sure Israel is an ally. They cash the aid checks we send them.

      They do not, however, fight and die alongside our soldiers in any of our wars…two in Iraq plus one in Afghanistan. Other allies from large countries like France, UK, Germany, Canada to smaller countries like Belgium and Salvador have contributed troops and suffered fatalities. I think we can describe them as very good allies.

      I’m aware of the argument that soldiers from the Jewish state would make the other side angry. Seeing there’s a war going on, I think we can assume the parties are already angry.

      1. Mr. Callaghan, have you viewed your statistics as a percentage of total troops, equipment, aid or what? I don’t consider Canada sending a refueling ship to the Gulf military support, however, I did see a few Australians over there when I was there, how about you?
        But your right, Israel does receive lots of military aid from us, but third in dollars following Pakistan and Afghanistan, who do not invest at all in our economy. Israel purchases quite a bit from us, especially from our technology and defense equipment, so seems like money well spent to me.
        Anyway, facts can be skewed and statistics can be manipulated, but YOU stated that Netanyahu doesn’t respect us and has a problem with American officials like Bill Clinton and Obama. Well, if that’s the two people he doesn’t respect, join the crowd, how could you respect either one if those men? What have they done to earn your respect?

        1. I also mentioned James Baker, Secretary of State for George H. W. Bush. In response to your question, I respect Bush Sr., Baker, Clinton and Obama because, notwithstanding their various faults, they all served the country well.

          Netanyahu’s problem is that he thinks that, no matter where he is, he’s the smartest guy in the room. Sort of like with Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham…after a while it wears thin. People catch on to the con.

  2. Clinton and Obama are a disgrace to the office, both of which have “non typical President,” vibe about them. Obviously, your a Democrat, which means you can’t see past the donkeys ass to admit your last few Presidents were flops. That comes from a non-partisan point of view; I wouldn’t dare limit my intelligence to one of the two parties we’ve decided to limit ourselves too. Please don’t insult me accusing anyone if being arrogant when the current President stops the State of the Union to boast about winning the last election….what a disgrace!

    1. In the past, when I encountered someone who said to me that I was obviously a Democrat, I would reach into my wallet and pull out the cancelled check for $250.00 that I sent to George H.W. Bush back in 1979 when he first ran for President but lost to Reagan. Seeing I had a negative net worth at the time, $250.00 was a lot of

      I have to admit I’ve lost the cancelled check and there hasn’t been much improvement in my net worth.

  3. Well, if you could spare your last dime to help elect Bush, then you should have no problem admitting Clinton, and especially Obama continue to disgrace our nation. How can you not? Don’t get me wrong, Bush II was pretty unimpressive, but he still upholds the attributes we expect as a President of the United States. For goodness sake, Obama supposedly played golf 92 times in 2014, how can anyone possibly do that as the most important man in the world, lol..

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