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  1. I wonder if socialite magnate John Koerner ( with the sun glasses draped over shirt with attached blue cords) told his guests the fun cabin was possibly build on alleged (AROD’s family’s property) disputed batture property.

    Anyway it has a bar overlooking the river and quote ‘ is a great cabin for mingling’ cept AROD wasn’t invited.

  2. Make sure everyone reads all the comments after NOLA article including the one posted by noted Tulane Professor, Carl Bernofsky, just 15 minutes ago cause it may not remain there too long before getting censored.

    Dem silk- stocking socialites only done want egotesticular attention and good vibes !!

      1. It’s rich on about 3 different levels, only one of which is readily apparent from this post. Here is the text of the email Professor Bernofsky sent to NOLA:

        Dear Sue Strachan,

        I am sending you a copy of my comment, which I have just posted on Nola.com regarding the article, “Cajun lunch down by the riverside in honor of Glenny Brown,” in hopes that you will understand that you have now inadvertently contributed to the misdeed that Thomas “Tom” Coleman and his friend, John Koerner, have perpetuated.


        Carl Bernofsky
        Shreveport, LA

        How fitting that Thomas B. Coleman, who has offered to buy the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad for the benefit of the city, would generously allow John Koerner and his wife, Ann, the use of his batture “Rivershack” to honor Ann’s niece, Glenny Ann Brown, with a “Cajun Lunch.” A member of the privileged class, Coleman never bothered to get permission from the current owners of the land, the O’Dwyer family of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, to build that rustic river-front recreational retreat. See: Grand Theft on the Mississippi River Batture. Part IIC: The Coleman Compound on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSNoIN2enCo

        Carl Bernofsky

  3. The “Rivershack” that currently occupies part of my Family’s land on the batture is known as “The Coleman Compound” (although one of Thomas Coleman’s “partners in crime” is “John Koerner”, who hosted the debut luncheon party honoring Ms. Brown). Coleman’s criminal conduct is documented in the Part II(C) video in the “Grand Theft on the Mississippi River Batture”, produced by Carl and Shirley Bernofsky, available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSNoIN2enCo. Coleman has been in the news recently as a prospective purchaser of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, which is owned by the City. The “False Statements Act” a/k/a “The Martha Stewart Statute” was violated by Coleman and his co-conspirators in connection with a recent “addition” to “The Coleman Compound”, which was constructed AFTER the institution of my most recent litigation, filed on Thanksgiving Eve 2006, bearing Civil Action Number 06-10811 on the docket of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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