Don’t make her come up there……

She ranks me Phil, and your Gov boots won’t impress her:

LANA NOONAN: Bryant has neither a plan nor a clue ~ Sun Herald Letters to the Editor

In rural Mississippi my experience is the very identity of the local community is completely intertwined with their local public schools.  I would not monkey around with that lightly, especially for cheap partisan political kicks.

4 thoughts on “Don’t make her come up there……”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Doug. I knew those cronies in Jackson were going to come up with some kind of foolishness during an election year. When Bryant’s statement was published by the Sun Herald Wednesday, I decided it was time to take them to task. I wonder what Phil thinks would happen to the kids in the classrooms when he “erases” Common Core, and then “begins” to devise a new plan. Just hurl the kids into Limbo, I guess.
    As I said in my letter, the scariest thing is that these dip doos are in charge. National school ratings were published in the Sun Herald again yesterday, and there we were–at the bottom.
    Wonder how many of our State officials even use public education. That may be a survey worth taking. There has to be some reason for their apathy towards it, other than their political football. Well, we’ve been on the one yard line too long. Time to replace our coaching staff.

  2. Not only are the kids being shortchanged in Ms. but just think about what what this does to job growth. Business and industry leaders see all of this when looking for areas around the country to locate or expand. Number 1 in corruption and Number 50 in education.This says it all. I read an article the other day that showed the top 5 states for incoming moves and the top five states for people moving out. No need to guess where our state was located in the article.

  3. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We have the answer at our fingertips. Vote the trash out!!!! How do we expect Mississippi to get better when we watch the politicians from Jackson control the Coast and funnel OUR money through State agencies to political parties and the upper echelon??? IMHO, we have many incompetent people running this State such as Phil, Billy Hewes, Fata$$ Barbour (yes, he is still giving orders), Pul-ass-o, McKay, and more. Then we allow our legislators to smooze with the heads of these agencies instead of visiting the people in the field doing the work. Our legislators have no business chumming up with the heads of agencies or the committees of government run facilities (SRHS). The sooner the partying and fraternities in government stop, the sooner the public will be served. Until then, everything will be as it is. Get out and vote people! Get your neighbors out to vote. Get rid of this garbage and let’s take back our state!!!!

  4. As I suspected, the regime is now playing the educational game. For a state ranked at the bottom of the list in quality education, you would think our illustrious leadership would be open to suggestions on how to make improvements. They have bashed common core–Why? Is is really that bad or is because Obama is in favor of it?

    Lana’s letter was on target. Bryant is really more concerned with more important issues like “the right to hunt.”

    Charlene, you are correct. The voters are to blame for this trash occupying the office of Governor.

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