Harrison County Indictment rumors: Signals and Clues….

Folks the rumor mill is still going full tilt on more public officials being indicted in Harrison County. People are paying very close attention thus the rumors begin to fly when something occurs that is perceived as out of the ordinary.  And when it comes to public officials here on the coast in January, 2015, out of the ordinary is seemingly becoming the norm.  Here are some links which illustrate what I am talking about:

From the second story by Paul:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway, also under subpoena by White, didn’t show up. Ron Peresich, who does a lot of legal work for Biloxi, when asked if he was at the courthouse to represent Holloway, said he was there to speak to the judge on a “related matter.”

Peresich met with White, Circuit Judge Michael Ward and Utility Authority attorneys Jim Simpson and T. Russell Nobile in the judge’s chambers.

“I’m tired of secret stuff going on,” White told Simpson as he tried to talk to White shortly before that. “You’re trying to hide stuff from the press.”

What was being hidden from the press? I personally do not think it was this:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway checks himself into rehab ~ Mary Perez

Additional background can be found here. Stay tuned.

I almost hate to bring this up…..

But then again never in my life would I have ever expected the Mississippi State Auditor to use the power of the office to obstruct journalism in the public interest so as to spare his political friends and associates embarrassment in the wake of the DMR scandal. Auditor Pickering earned himself a contempt of court citation for that one, which he happily took for the family.

I mention this because one of my better sources there in Jackson County has unequivocally indicated to Slabbed that Jackson Co. D.A. Tony Lawrence’s daughter previously clerked at Dogan and Wilkinson and has publicly expressed an interest in working there after law school. If what I am told is true and Pascagoula is a small enough community where such things would be widely known in the legal circles, I question the thinking that went into Mr. Lawrence leading any investigation into the doings at SRHS, where Dogan and Wilkinson played a central role in the unfolding disaster.

I never had much faith in the Mississippi investigative community and what little I had was shattered when Pickering, former AUSA John Dowdy and pals misused a federal Grand Jury subpoena to seal up the DMR records.  Even if Mr. Lawrence has the best of intentions, the appearance of a conflict of interest is enough for me. Mr. Lawrence should step aside.

Jim Brown: Louisiana joins in giving bailouts to Wall Street

Thursday, January 29th, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Well, here we go again. Big banks and major insurance companies are “high-fiving” each other after they won big in Washington last month. We thought lawmakers had learned an expensive lesson after the financial crash in 2008 that led to massive bailouts at taxpayer’s expense. Back then, the financial industry was allowed to carry on high stakes gambling with your money. And now, it’s déjà vu as congress has reopened the casino doors.

Following the 2008 financial meltdown, congress used a little common sense and passed legislation known as Dodd-Frank, that limited banks and insurance companies from engaging in risking investments backed up by the taxpayer. “Go ahead and gamble on high-risk investments if you want, but don’t expect a bailout,” so the logical reasoning went.

High-risk derivatives were one of the major financial culprits that led to the financial reforms. Insurance companies like A.I.G. were insuring risky Wall Street investments, knowing full well that if things went bad, old Uncle Sam would be there to pay for the damage done. And since insurance companies like A.I.G. are regulated at the state level, regulators in Washington paid little attention.

Here’s what happened that caused the financial crisis. Insurance regulators had for years allowed A.I.G and other insurance companies to privatize the gains but socialize the losses. The fat cats at A.I.G. got multi-million dollar bonuses year after year, but when the losses had to be paid, it was the taxpayer, you and me, that were called on to cover all the wild-eyed spending spree that regulators allowed to take place. Continue Reading…………..

Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Netanyahu and Boehner – The Unctuous Manipulator and the Useful Idiot

Published on Jan 26, 2015

These two were made for each other. Yiddish describes them best. Netanyahu is a schnorrer, the perpetually uninvited guest that always wants more. Boehner is a schnook, the not-so-bright dupe. Skulking around in the shadows for six weeks, Boehner and Netanyahu hit upon a scheme to benefit each other individually and undermine American foreign policy.

The vehicle: an invitation from Boehner to Netanyahu to address a Joint Session of Congress on February 11. Netanyahu said, “Make it March 3.” Boehner, the perfect schnook, dutifully complied. No heads up was given to the Democratic leadership in Congress or to the White House. Legal? Yes, but absolutely unprecedented.

Netanyahu has an election in Israel on March 17. It’s going to be close. A high-profile speech and a poke in Obama’s eye helps him with his base back home. Why not weasel an invitation out of Boehner to address a Joint Session of Congress where he can insert himself into American foreign policy and try to queer any possibility of peace breaking out with Iran? Plus, the timing is elegant … two weeks before the election back home.

In Netanyahu’s mind, isn’t that what people like Boehner are supposed to do for people like him. Serve Netanyahu’s needs as directed. No need to worry about Obama. He’s already given Netanyahu all he could and, he’s so yesterday. Right, Bibi?

We’ll see.

Boehner is a completely incompetent Speaker of the House. Continue Reading…………

About all this yammering about Greece……..

I have yet to find much honest coverage of the events surrounding the Greek elections in the US media, which paint a superficial portrayal of state v state politics that is somehow symptomatic of a deep social divide in Europe. What this is really about is the big investment banks trying to make good on ill advised loans by beating the crap out of ordinary Greek citizens by impoverishing huge numbers of them via forced austerity.

If you want to understand what is going on in Greece, Zerohedge is a great place to start:

In depth coverage can be found here.

Slabbed exclusive: Pictures from a SRHS Board of Trustees meeting

But first I have this because I was frankly surprised to see such an Op-Ed today:

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Administrators, not health care providers, jeopardize SRHS ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

The bottom line here is upper management at SRHS is reverting to the only thing they know how to do well, which is a dog and pony show. The problem is doing so while insider double dealing is leaking out makes the gang look like fools. I can’t imagine the Sun Herald earned any brownie points today in the executive suite at SRHS. The truth sometimes hurts.

Now for that Slabbed exclusive in those Board of Trustee meeting pictures. All hell is breaking loose and the eyes of the state are upon us. Since Slabbed is famous for getting pictures we got some, with an assist from the artist formerly known as Nowdy: Continue reading “Slabbed exclusive: Pictures from a SRHS Board of Trustees meeting”

Tuesday Roundup: “We were robbed by the system”

There are four weeks of the year I do not have time for much more than the day job. This is one of those weeks so here is what I read this morning as I make my way out the door:

Former employees speak out about class-action lawsuit against Singing River Health System ~ Patrice Clark

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi

Former state senator Tommy Robertson charged with embezzlement ~ Michelle Lady

Good thing the JPSO handled the case of Mitch Landrieu’s stolen Jeep or it would’ve been chop shopped:

Crime reaches mayor’s doorstep: Vehicle stolen from Mitch Landrieu’s house recovered ~ Ken Daley

There are other stories out there concerning Mrs. Benson’s past that I won’t go into but there is also a public record as today’s New Orleans Advocate explores:

As Gayle Benson faces vetting by NFL, NBA, past lawsuits may raise questions ~ Ramon Antonio Vargas


Audit suggests St. Bernard civic center head helped herself to $60K in public funds ~ Richard Thompson