Heather Hilliard litigation reveals the many sides of Parish Prez John Young….

And it is only right that Slabbed reveal those sides given that I broke the coverage of management team turmoil in the Young Administration back in January, 2012 which was joined almost immediately by the big media outlets in NOLA.  The story went straight down into the gutter with tales of workplace sexual harassment that used terms like “Thong Thursday”, “Booty Call” and “Ass Chaps” in reference to certain female employees or official acts involving them.

Employees resigned under duress and eventually the female employee that brought the original complaint, Heather Hilliard, was terminated.  She then filed suit against Jefferson Parish, ultimately hiring Bobby Truitt to represent her.  This story’s time in the sun has mostly passed but just like with Bay Tech I kept a watchful eye on PACER and I have a doc from earlier this week in the case that I gotta share.  But then today an Easter egg came in the form of the deposition of a member of John Young’s security detail that is simply priceless and it is there we begin as Slabbed explores the many sides of Parish Prez John Young:

There’s 365 days to a year, 30 days to a month, whatever, 12 months to a year, however you want to look at it. John Young’s got 365 dispositions, okay? One for each day, so pick a day.

I can’t imagine this witness we be seen by the defense as being helpful to their cause as the former bodyguard felt like John Young did not treat his security detail with respect:

Well, I think that I didn’t like his style of management as far as the way he talked down to myself as well as other people in the office as well as secretaries, that I thought that it was — you know, he had — ugly in nature, ugly in disposition, ugly in mood, ugly in just his overall demeanor in a lot of senses that I just didn’t appreciate.

The deposition of Sheriff Captain Kevin Smith is well worth the read for those that want to read one man’s inside dirt on the Young Administration as it is circulating like wildfire in Jefferson Parish. Speaking of wildfires earlier this week a Motion for Team Hilliard hit PACER of the kind I have never previously seen before and it is rich because it involves Slabbed’s old friends over at Phelps Dumbar, Kim Boyle and her sidekick Nan Allesandra.  Last time I saw ol’ Kim she was cuddled up like a french poodle with Danny Abel over at the CDC.  Man ‘o man did she and her sidekick lay down a stinker as evidence was apparently willfully spoilated and whatever penalty or sanction is granted for that will be no doubt stuck on the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish. Click the pic to obtain the 12 page PDF:

Click to obtain 12 page pdf
Click to obtain 12 page pdf

Hlliard v Parish of Jefferson Doc 104-1

But it gets better because attached to the Motion and Memo in Support was the internal investigative report prepared for Phelps Dumbar on behalf of the Parish and it is also well worth the read.

John Young can rightfully claim that he restored the public trust in Jefferson Parish government. The reviews from his former employees on John Young the boss are not quite as flattering. Slabbed will continue to follow this case as it speeds to trial.

2 thoughts on “Heather Hilliard litigation reveals the many sides of Parish Prez John Young….”

  1. Spoliation has SERIOUS ramifications: from evidentiary presumptions to cash consequences to criminal penalties. Anyone at the Parish while Louis Gruntz was alive is very well aware of that since he presented Record Management / Retention seminars to all Administration and Council personnel. Sounds like this could have been intentional spoliation since they had knowledge of the law, of their responsibilities under the law and of the possibility of litigation in which the evidence could be required to be produced. Not good , not good at all for defendants or their counsel. AND in some cases defendants have not been allowed to hide behind bad legal advice when they knew better and chose to listen to legal advice they knew or should have known was illegal. Hmmmm…sounds SO familiar to me. Lol. Good job again Mr. Truitt!

  2. Hmm, looks like your girl Kim Boyle gets around a lot. I see she’s the chief hatchetjobber in the HANO Mold case for starters. From what is evident in her writing, a rather banal witless character.
    But – she gets paid a regular check, so if it works, why change, right?

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