BREAKING: Poolman arrested for Simple Assault and Disturbing the Peace | State Auditor pays City Hall a Visit

Slabbed has learned that local businessman Jeff Harding aka the Poolman was arrested for Simple Assault and Disturbing the Peace after he had an altercation with “interim” Building/Code Department Director Charles Oliver. I just interviewed Mr. Harding telephonically, who indicated to me that he was arrested yesterday at his home without incident and posted a $1,000 cash bond. Harding indicated to Slabbed that despite the Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approving his site plan, Oliver refused to sign off on the plans unless Harding agreed to construct a 6 foot privacy fence across the entire frontage of his property on Highway 90. In turn, today Mr Harding swore a battery affidavit against Oliver, a close and longtime associate of Mayor Les Fillingame. Harding tells Slabbed that unlike his treatment yesterday, City Attorney Donald Rafferty has indicated to him that Mr. Oliver will be served with a summons and not arrested. Sources at City Hall tell Slabbed Judge Maggio will make the final call on how Harding’s complaint will be handled.

Additionally sources at the City Council have told Slabbed that Tom Chain of the Technical Assistance Division of the Office of the State Auditor visited City Hall and the City Council Chambers gathering documentation including the November 2013 City Council meeting minutes this afternoon. This was the month the City took a $500,000 loan with The First, a loan Councilman Lonnie Falgout has referred to as an “illegal loan” as it has been alleged that it was made without any statutory authority in the Mississippi Code.

Stay tuned to Slabbed for further details as City Hall is buzzing on this Friday before a long labor day weekend.

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Poolman arrested for Simple Assault and Disturbing the Peace | State Auditor pays City Hall a Visit”

  1. Why is Mr. Oliver listed on the city’s personnel budget roster as the “interim” building inspector? That term means temporary or provisional. How long has he been there and why is the city referring to him like this? Were the terms of his employment temporary? Why?

  2. He is listed like that probably because he is not certified in his position. I believe only Mr. Hayes is a certified inspector and flood manager.

    I imagine that is why Mr. Oliver is categorized as such. I have been told he has not been able to pass the test, yet the mayor has him in a position he is not qualified for at a salary level for a position he can not perform.

    Good old boy Politics !! It’s good to know the mayor.

    Let’s all hope the law will prevail in the case of the Poolman.

  3. With regard to the Building Dept. I have been told that if a city does not having a certified, licensed Building Inspector, that can affect the insurance rates of the citizens in that community.
    Same may apply for the Fire Dept. It is also being reported that the Fire Chief is a qualified firefighter, but not a certified Fire Chief. Wonder if that is true, and how that would affect insurance rates?
    If these reports are true, the city would do well this year, if funds are available, to have both of these individuals upgrade their qualifications through training or whatever is necessary.

  4. Maybe they have tried doing their training and certification, but can’t pass the necessary test to get the final certification?? If they could wouldn’t you think they had it by now??

  5. Then they should be given a certain amount of time to pass it, if they can’t, and it does affect the insurance of the property owners in the Bay, they should be replaced. That would be running the city like a business.
    I doubt the powers that be would run their own businesses that way, but one never knows.

  6. Let me say Mr. Mayor told the City of Bay St. Louis that he was spending $1400. 00 during the election to teach Charlie the test from a private consulting firm!!! The Man didn’t pass the test yet we pay his $$$$
    Good Job Les. By the way my can of Whoop Ass stood next to me while I showed the City Clownsil how full
    of themselves the menistration I mean Administration, was… Thanks to the few of the council that asked
    questions. Mike You have the testicular fortitude that a council at large needs… Hey Google my $350. per hour Lawyer, he got a Judgement against a neighbor city for screwing with a mans building permit. I don’t
    want money, just let me do my business!!!

  7. Unfortunatly for the city our inspector can not pass the test. Sometimes a certification is lot as important as the knowledge.

    Too bad in this situation our City Inspector’s problem is not the ability to take tests. Many of us are still gifted with the knowledge even though test taking is difficult. Our inspector fails in both categories.

    Mr mayor needs to get out of denial and not put our city in jeopardy by not having a certified department head.

  8. No one has defined “interim” yet. At the meeting last night the Mayor pontificated for a while about the State Auditor’s office being in City Hall last week, and finding everything okay with the city’s books, and also said that the state auditor’s thought that the city’s independent auditing firm Wright, Ward, Hatten&Guel had greatly over reacted to the city’s finances in their report. Seems a little odd for a state agency to make a statement like that to the Mayor. I guess he had their permission to repeat it.
    All that being said by hizzoner, he failed to present a budget to the Council to pay. Wonder why, if they have no money problems. All they paid was payroll. Can’t let that slip. Talk about fit hit the shan!!
    The vendors can just wait, but not the others.

  9. The interaction between planning and zoning, and building code is often a rather fuzzy area. We get a lot of arguing like this (though rarely summons/arrests) up her in NC with fully qualified folks.

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