Worse than I thought: Crawdaddy runs partisan political ads as news

Being stretched so thin where content is gotten on the run comes at the cost of quality and there is nothing half cocked in that. I hit a nerve over at the Sun Herald folks:

From the I’m-not-in-it-for-the-money file: There is no payola from Pickering ~ Paul Hampton Crawdaddy Blog

That is good to know but I also would thoughtfully posit it also is worse in a respect too. The Sun Herald is running Stacey Pickering’s political ads for free and calling it news but don’t take it from little ol’ half-cocked me. Paul clue(less) us in on that:

When asked who is running the campaign and making the calls on the ad purchases, he said it was Pickering himself.

This isn’t the Senate race,” he said. “There isn’t campaign staff, it’s just Stacey.”

He said the advertising is just a pre-emptive strike against anyone contemplating a challenge in next year’s election

Anyone for Tea?

I am, I didn’t have to waste my time unraveling any of it.

Rest assured there will be no partisan political ads masquerading as blog entries here at Slabbed New Media, not unless I’m paid and that would be disclosed. Thank you for playing.

18 thoughts on “Worse than I thought: Crawdaddy runs partisan political ads as news”

  1. I took a look at the post at that link. Speaking as a person who has a passing familiarity with properly constructed argument and logical reasoning, that is a mess that don’t git it dun.

    I feel Auditor Stacey Pickering’s pain. I have never seen an award-winning state official get so much grief for getting an award.

    His critics say he’s undeserving of any honor because he didn’t audit DMR. They seem perfectly happy, though, with the contempt of court citation he received for his role in denying the Sun Herald the DMR records.

    “His critics say he’s undeserving of any honor because he didn’t audit DMR.” I don’t think that’s exactly the full extent of the dissatisfaction. Does Hampton actually think this, or is this just another cheap throwaway?

    “They seem perfectly happy, though, with the contempt of court citation he received for his role in denying the Sun Herald the DMR records.” Like is sometimes said: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Maybe Hampton thinks people would rather have let the funny business with the public records go unpunished like Hampton apparently does? Or does Hampton actually think Pickering actually did deserve a contempt citation?

    Please continue.

    1. I think Paul was angry when he wrote that Crawdaddy post. I can solve the mystery because there is a backstory and in order to tell the backstory I must skewer a so called public interest group.

      I think they are also catching grief over the Dowdy retirement. I’m told second hand that my report that he was out as Criminal Division Chief is being termed as off in the weeds but the fact remains he is out.

      Since this has been kept quiet people are speculating which is natural because in the absence of more information speculation is all the interested observer has to discern the context behind the departure.

      I do know this, when John Marshall Alexander retired as head of the criminal division up in MSND it merited a press release.


      Since everyone is worried about how people are perceiving things it may surprise you to learn there are absolutely no Shumates in the custody of MDOC as of 8-27-14 6:47PM Central.


      1. I hadn’t looked for that missing press release today, but it does seem unusual not to have one (or maybe two if the interim or permanent replacement is announced in a second release.)

        I am surprised that there are no Shumates in state custody. There must be some explanation.

        1. An explanation???? I am certain there is an explanation was well. Maybe Stacey Pickering will send out a press release and clue us in. :mrgreen:

            1. That is because she is still listed on the Harrison County inmate list. Whether or not she actually transfers to the state pen remains to be seen.

              We hope to see her home soon……

              1. Yep, I saw that also RFP–I like the way you dig for details.

                The county also has her listed as an inmate with no release date.


                Maybe the Ford Econoline Van only conducts transfers once a month. You know, the one we see traveling the highways with big white letters and government tags. Or, perhaps there are other “secret plans” we don’t know about yet…..hmmmmm

                We hope to see her home soon……………………

  2. There is not an A-HOLE in politics that churns my stomach more than Stacy Pickering. He is a fake trying to live off of the family name which has been in decline for years. He chases down bookkeepers for a few hundred dollars but forgives millions in the Friends and Family program. Like the article written he is a joke. Good evening all.

  3. I can certainly attest to the fact that people beleive what they read in the paper regardless if it was a news release or not. Overall, I think it’s quite clear that Pickering is more concerned with providing statistics to the public rather than doing his job in the way we expect. I think he lives and dies by the number of convictions as the DA does. Enough to fool the pine belt and north MS.

    I think the real concern with the SH should be in regards to the gulf coast community leader award that Jamie Miller received. Didn’t the SH sponsor or have heavy involvement with this Prestigious Award?

    Catering to politics and major advertisers? Hmmmm

    1. There are some folks in the Pine Belt that are hotter than hornets at Pickering for supporting Thad over the Jones County homeboy Chris McDaniels. Whether that translate into opposition remains to be seen.

      Most local newspapers have their own beauty contests Eye-Spy and that is true of the S-H. Some of those contests have winners that are selected from the group that pays the fee to be included.

      Absolutely the media caters to their advertisers and to the politicians to which they depend upon to furnish them news content,

      Finally, call me cranky but I’ve personally never been much on beauty contests, even the one for which I served as official scorekeeper. I maintain to this day that the contestant with the most pronounced camel toe in the swimsuit contest shudda won, though I must admit the winner did an amazing job with the hula hoops.

      1. All I will say is that I beleive my comments may have been misunderstood or misinterpreted. This is understandable with online communication and I do not take offense.

        In regards to the Pine Belt comment: it was nothing more than an inside joke and I do understand that not everyone in the pine belt is from the same mold.

  4. The real story here is Paul Hampton is a bought and paid for politcal hack for the MIssissippi Republican Mafia…now for what I really think…However, it is nice to see him called on it.

  5. Call me dumb, but what is happening at the Sun Herald? I thought they were gung ho to help get the criminals but they are mum at present. And to publish such BS as ‘Pickering earns national recognition’ knowing the full story behind his trying to cover all the misdeeds of DMR and people in high places connected with DMR, it makes this old man wonder where the Sun Herald’s allegiance lies. Stacey Pickering has done nothing for the Mississippi Gulf Coast residents and they had better wake up.

  6. What a hoot!!!! I have laughed until my abs were hurting about this post!!! I guess all of the “dear friends and family” were the only ones allowed to vote?? Not very fair, is it? They should let all of the people vote that were affected by the DMR scandal and I bet the results would be different!!! When he arrrests Harris, McKay, Cloy, Malvaney, (just to name a few), and the rest of the Family Plan Clan, then he can might legally run for a prize! He has a lot of ‘splaining to do!!! His political career is over!

  7. And in today’s Sun Herald, we find Pickering is trying to collect over three hundred thousand dollars from a judge in Jones County Pickering claims has misspent money. We are still waiting for Pickering to collect from all the DMR crooks who have stolen millions with most not even charged by the state or federal government. Can anyone wonder why Mississippi is the MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION? Look at who we have elected and reelected!

    1. John,

      From this day forward you shall now be known as:



      I totally agree with what your saying about who we elect and reelect. I made a Pine Belt comment the other day that “jokingly, indirectly correlated” this issue. Doug may bag tag me again but I assure you I will take no offense since I enjoy peoples opinions regardless if I agree or not.

      “We” meaning the Mississippi Voters–You really have to examine who “We” is generally comprised of. I know there are always outcasts and people who do not agree with the majority, but they lose to the majority at vote time, every time. In my opinion, here is my vision of the general blend of voters in Mississippi who typically vote Republican–or should I say, a melting pot of the majority.

      1) Some vote Republican because its the dominant party–Kind of like Alabama bandwagon football fans.
      2) Some are ignorant and uneducated.
      3) Some are fed from the slop-troff the party provides.
      4) Some actually agree with the ideologies of local Republican candidates so they vote for their beliefs.
      5) Some just check the box labeled “R” because that’s what most everyone else does and they want to look good if it comes up at the next social event.

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