State Auditor Stacey Pickering Wins Beauty Contest!!! A Mississippi (Non) Audit Department Update

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My folks how one simple disclosure changes the context. In today’s 24×7 365 news cycle the beast must constantly be fed and sometimes junk food is served. To me the question wasn’t that the content was junk no sir. The question is who is being paid to distribute it? Jackson Jambalaya was and I am fine with that because of one reason:

This post is a paid advertisement.

The disclosure means we know that Pickering’s press release is glorified advertising. And when press releases get passed off as news uncritically what I wonder is if the messenger is being paid and that fact is not disclosed?

Pickering honored for performance and accountability ~ Paul Hampton Crawdaddy Blog

Here at Slabbed New Media we’re hip to the concept of payola thus the reason I wonder about undisclosed monetary consideration in exchange for the promotion. To be clear I am not accusing the Sun Herald or Paul Hampton of anything improper because this may simply be a case of getting some cheap content on the run. That said and given what happened in Judge Jennifer Schloegel’s courtroom, for the Crawdaddy Blog to present such tripe in an uncritical manner represents a missed opportunity. Then again that is what places like Slabbed are for as people yearn for analysis.

Since Fortune Magazine covered a public policy study that named Mississippi as the most corrupt state in the union back in June, the topic has been brought up here in comments a few times and along with numerous emails to me by readers but I have not had much to say on the topic, even after Auditor Pickering conducted a PR counter offensive citing another public policy study which ranked Mississippi as sixth least corrupt state. Like all beauty contests, to the extent the beauty is in the eye of the beholder means these studies are about as useful as used corn cobbs were way back in the day, but that is a different post.  I’ll see if I can’t tackle that part of it a bit later but for the lifers here already know the answer from Slabbed’s coverage of the DMR scandal.

Slabbed has a friend at Rutgers so I’ll clue them in too because I bet they want to learn a thing or two about how things are done here down South as well.

11 thoughts on “State Auditor Stacey Pickering Wins Beauty Contest!!! A Mississippi (Non) Audit Department Update”

  1. What a bunch of crap in today’s Sun Herald entitled, “Pickering earns national recognition”! This elected official has been in office 8 years and has not audited DMR in that time. But of course, Phil Bryant did not audit this corrupt agency while he was State Auditor. Pickering, Inc. did everything they could to keep the DMR records out of the limelight in reference to the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ but the Sun Herald prevailed and Judge Schloegel said amen.

    Is there any wonder why our state is listed as Number 50 in all things bad and first in THE MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION?

    And then some bimbo organization gives State Auditor Stacey Pickering an award……….I rest my case.

  2. We’re traveling out of state in Oct. I am trying to figure out where we’ll say we are from to those we meet.
    My sentiments exactly.

        1. Hell, we’ve done you 100 times better across the border. The Perez family ripped off hundreds of millions from the taxpayers and the legislative auditors STILL haven’t figured it out to this day.

  3. Holy Advantageous Ads and Archives Batman;

    AROD and I tried to get the advertised auction ads of the Miss DMR corrupted boats from Paul Hampton and the SunHerald in which the ads appeared and Paul told us the auction ads and the boats serial numbers were no longer available in SunHerald’s achieves .Hmmmmm

    Batman your post may explain possible political connections between nationally recognized auditor Pricking, Paul and the SunHerald.. In response I offer the following nursery rhyme:

    Prickering picked a peck of pulchritudinous politico pickles,
    And a peck of Prickering pickles Paul did pick and published for free,
    But a peck of published boat auction ads Paul didn’t pick,
    And the public wondered whats up with these picking dicks.

    1. There’s probably more than one way to get the boat ads and serial numbers.
      1. Check with The Mississippi Press. Ads may have run there.
      2. File public records request to DEQ/DMR.
      3. File public records request to the Auditor’s office.
      4. File public propaganda request to Pickering’s campaign office.

      1. rfp: Hopefully AROD is not out rioting in West Point, Miss over the alleged beating of a white veteran by 20 or so afro-amercians and he will give Slabbed his personal attempts to secure da’ bateau’s registration numbers.

  4. Don’t leave out the Booster Club officials they get along with the secretaries. Now there are some serious criminals. Yall are too much, funny!!

  5. Even if Stacey Pickering, Inc. audits DMR, would he have employed any honest people to do an accounting of really what has been stolen from the state?

    The FEDS did not have enough smarts to figure out how much the Walkers and Tina Shumate stole so we shouldn’t expect any better from THE MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION’s State Auditor Stacey Pickering!

  6. I think some of you are being unfair to the employees of the Office of the State Auditor. There have been many very professional and honest employees who have worked there and many currently do. Many of us are CPAs and are in no way corrupt. In some cases, the lower level auditors can only report their findings to their supervisors when they find the information to prosecute the cases and then the political regime chooses not to move forward with the case for one reason or another. It is out of the individual auditor’s hands at that point and many times they never know what happens unless it appears in the paper. This is similar to the situation at DMR. I’m sure the DMR has some very professional hard-working employees who have been tarnished by people thinking they all are corrupt – just because they work there and have no control over who the bosses will be.

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