For those that think Team Fed’s performance in the DMR Scandal was abysmal…..

Just wait until and see what happens with the HCUA. The smoke has been billowing for years now and there are politicians that have exposures according to lore. That said I fear that just like DMR, the authorities are more concerned with containing the reach of the investigation than unraveling the web of deceit and corruption.

Here are a few salient links so everyone gets on the same page:

I mention all this today because the rumor mill has been churning for a year plus now. I personally wouldn’t get my hopes up the scandal goes beyond Sean Anthony and Kamran Pahlvan, if it goes that far.

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  1. Spot on, Doug. Contemporanous investigations are nothing more than containment, give the rubes a dog-and-pony show, give the presstitudes some copy to print, and essentially immunize the rest of the culprits from penalty under the guise of prosecutorial discretion and allowing prescription to run.

  2. The HCUA is one of my favorite political schemes where money, a whole lots of money, was thrown around the county in all the wrong ways. From high priced Jackson engineering firms ,accounting firms, consulting firms,ect.,ect. to inflated land buys and the construction of water towers and sewage treatment plants that do not have any customers using them. All based on bogus population growth numbers that will never be achieved. The utility customers in Harrison County and cities are paying for this monthly. Sometimes the surcharge on their bills is greater than the water/sewer usage charge for their home.This is as bad as the Kemper fiasco that we all are paying for even though we don’t need the electricity. All because the politicians in Jackson made it happen in the name of progress at the taxpayers expense. When I lay my head down at night and say my little prayer I have added “and thank you God for the septic and well in my yard.Amen”.

  3. There’s a common intent evident in the S. H. Anthony (SAH) matter that’s the “mantra” of most of our elected politicians. That “mantra” being, make the Coast/State look good by hiding the truth with falsified (monitoring) reports and let us know when the Feds are coming to town. In the SHA matter, SHA was falsifying reports regarding the operation, maintenance, and compliance of sewage treatment. And prior to the SHA exposure, a firm operated by Joe and/or Joel Magazue (names/spelling?) was found guilty of falsifying Daily Monitoring Reports for the seafood processing industry and other industry (I believe) that were required to monitor their discharges. How appropriate or telling that these reports were referred to as DMR’s. And, if you do some research of legislative transfer of responsibilities, you will find that the seafood plant inspection responsibilities and authority were removed from the State Department of Health and placed under the control of the Chief of Marine Enforcement at the then Bureau of Marine Resources, who at the time happened to be a relative of Senator Tommy Gollott. Subsequently, plant inspection reports were falsified and painted a stellar picture of compliance.

    Currently, we have water-contact advisories issued almost every other week, and MDEQ officials would lead you to believe it’s due to the wind stirring up sediments and exposing bacteria. Lately, they are having to admit part of the truth that the culprit was a failed lift station or other sewage treatment facility function. And, let’s not forget that MDEQ outright lied to the Bayou Cassotte residents who complained regarding emissions from their neighboring industry. Hence, one of the many reasons why Dir. Trudy Fisher exited “stage right.” They also tried to cover up or keep from the public the fact that Ingalls has been cited numerous times for discharging raw sewage overboard.

    Even those politicians with good intentions don’t want our dirty laundry aired publicly. It’s bad for business. That “business” relies on duping the public and our welcomed visitors that everything is fine, the water’s safe, the seafood is safe, and everything is hunky dory. Here, have another glass of “koolaid.”

  4. Sounds about like the Hancock County Utility Authority where they laid $36million dollars of water and sewer lines in the “buy out” zone. You think some engineers, contractors, and lawyers got rich off of that?
    And that was for a population of 580 families–all that was left after Katrina. Unreal, and no one cares. When I think of the families that could have been helped with that money–families that needed it.
    I hope and pray there is a “court” somewhere to mete out justice to these greedy characters someday.

  5. Oh, don’t worry friends, Dowdy is probably the fall guy in this deal and probably will retire to spend time with his grandkids.

    You can bank on it, the big honcho will continue to thrive and call the shots. Is it Barbour?

    1. Here is the million dollar question. Has the Mississippi GOP infiltrated the federal government representatives located around the state? The personnel who supposed to be representing the Feds?

      1. In reality, eyespy, it makes no difference which wing of the One Party has “infiltrated.” You’ve noticed by now there is no substantive policy difference between the wing which favors the welfare/warfare state and the other wing the warfare/welfare state. At the end of the day, it is the “democratically legitimated” rulers versus the “democratically legitimated” ruled.
        Simpler in style: gangsters take care of their own.

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