20 thoughts on “Federal charges against Tina Shumate dismissed”

  1. Just as I suspected. She took the path that requires her to serve the least amount of time and restitution. Tina Shumate stays 6 months and her parents keep the money for the low lying property in a flood zone V. Not bad I guess. The work of a good attorney is where the real credit is do. Holleman held on to the last probably refusing plea offer after plea offer knowing the Feds did not want this case in court because of who would/could be exposed. Too many bodies still in the closet.

  2. This is bullshit. Shumate deserves much more than she has been given. Why would the Feds stand down on such serious matters? Shumate has no soul no feeling of guilt for what she has done and this just makes her feel justified.After everything that has happened at the DMR it is very disturbing for things like this to take place.Shame on the US Attorneys for not completing what they are paid to do.

  3. Shumate will probably be heading up the Ms. CIAP and Heritage programs from the Mansion. We do have a state wide election year coming up and all the money that can be accessed will be needed. Get her room ready Gov, her mom and Kurt will be calling or dropping by.

  4. Maybe she can help rock and change the new baby. There is just very little to no justice for the taxpayer in this state and now on up to he Feds.
    Does she still have to make restitution to the State Auditor’s Office?
    Imagine if this were one of us?!!!

    1. Look at what happened to the others in the state investigation. I have been hearing they were pushed and rushed into submission by the DA’s.

      But remember, they say this is still an ongoing investigation. I say, they are full of crap. This was probably all planned from the beginning. Perhaps they may have termed it “Operation Save Shumate”

    2. An ordinary person? How about connected by far more ordinary than the Hebert family in the Ladners? To the extent the people in the US Attorney’s office are the product of the same GOP political machine enabled by families like the Heberts this the exact reason I’ve cautioned about the Feds stopping short.

      Kerwin Cuevas knows where all the bodies are buried and Team Cuevas has been very quiet. I bring this up not to raise expectations but given the paradigm he may well walk.

    1. Her attorney played it out until he worked out the right deal that would minimize her time at the Mansion. I do not think the Feds or State planned it out for her to be last. She was just the second to last to plead. Cuevas will plead soon. This coon hunt is over.

  5. At the end of the SH article its states: “”We’re happy it’s all coming to an end,” Holleman said. “We hope to have Tina home soon.””

    I wonder if there is anything behind that statement and how soon, is soon?

  6. WTF??????? Now come one folks. IF this isn’t a blatant slap in the fact, I don’t know what is!!! This is illegal!!! There were people charged with a lot less in this State than this bunch involved in the DMR scandal that were given a lot more time and had to pay a lot more restitution. Maybe they should sue the State!!!! How can this be right???? This lazy ass is responsible for the death of at least one individual. IMHO, The Hebert name is crap on this coast now because the locals have been shown what kind of people they really are. They stab their own in the back and steal emergency money intended to restore them!!!! What trash!!! And Mr. Holloman, you Sir are not much better, n my opinion, for representing them. How low can you go???
    What a letdown. What a backstab to the people of the Coast by our State leaders as well as our Federal leaders. It is a disgrace to our human race. Justic IS NOT blind. If you doubt that statement, just look at this farce!

    1. Mona,

      I hear exactly what you are saying about the punishment that was inflicted with respect to the crimes alleged. I find it really “funny” how the State pushed for prison time and 5 years probation with Gollott and Shoemate (The manager) actually ends up with less based on all she was charged with. To top it all off, Gollott actually had to pay a lot more restitution when compared to the crimes and civil demands.

      As far a Holleman is concerned, he appears to be one hell of a lawyer or the “political effect” may have come in to play since Shumate was a known campaigner for Bryant. As I mentioned before, I believe this was all planned from the beginning. I think the indictments and court appearance dates were strategically set up to bag the low level employees first to satisfy the public. Justice has not been served and I believe some of the main culprits are Joel Smith and Crosby Parker.

  7. In the SH article it states Shumate did not know Bill Walker had any interest in Scotts Property.That is bullshit. It was payback for Walker buying Shumate’s parents property.She pressured people to buy Scotts property

    1. Big Hammer,

      I will say that your post seems to be quite believable. According to the sources I have been in contact with, they certainly claim there was quite a bit of involvement with land acquisitions. This is probably why we saw the ass covering paperwork surface within the last couple of weeks.

      All I can say is the last name Hebert carries a lot of weight. More especially since the name goes way back to the days of “mother Hebert” and Trent Lott. They have been plugged in tight with the regime for 40 years or so.

    2. The Sun Herald reports (in part):

      The government alleged Shumate approached the nonprofit Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain about buying property from Scott Walker. Bill Walker had co-signed his son’s loan for the waterfront lot in Jackson County’s Gulf Hills.

      The Land Trust bought the property in 2011 with $210,000 in federal funds given to DMR for other purposes.

      Shumate attorney Tim Holleman said she had no idea Bill Walker had a financial interest in the property and did not conspire with the Walkers to sell it.

      I thought one half of the alleged conspiracy was based on using other peoples money to BUY Scott Walker’s property. Maybe this is a mistake in the quote by the Sun Herald. If not, then this non-denial denial out to be about “no longer operative”(*) already.

      * credit the phrase to Ron Ziegler

  8. Mississippi well deserves the honor of being the MOST CORRUPT STATE IN THE NATION! We need to thank our state and the feds who supposedly investigated this agency.

    To say I am disappointed in our legal system is an understatement in regards to the main players in the DMR scandal with them only getting a slap on the wrist. Even though we knew the state would not pursue ALL the elements in the case, we honestly thought the FBI would do their job. How wrong we were!

    We had hoped for a reorganization and accountability of DMR and retiring those money-grubbing CMR Commissioners. All Bryant, Barbour, Wiggins and Lott did was shuffle people around, hire high-dollar do-gooders and claim all is well at DMR with their general flunky Miller supposedly running the show along with Barbour’s Frontier and Joe Cloud doing the accounting. The fox guarding the hen house!

  9. If you are less than content with the outcome, as am I, I suggest you call or otherwises contact the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington and file a complaint and request an investigation in the actions of U.S. Attorney John Dowdy, State Auditor investigator Chris (?) Lott, and MS Attorney General Jim Hood regarding their illicit attempt to shield public records from access and the actions of the prosecutors in handling the cases against those indicted or otherwise charged in this matter. You may call via the main switchboard number (202) 514-2000; e-mail via [email protected] or write via U.S. Attorney General, 950 Pennsylvannia Avenue, NW, Room 4400, Washington, D.C. 20530-0001.

    However, be forewarned. The last time I questioned and sought clarification regarding the applicable details of AG Hood’s 347 million dollar settlement with the mortgage companies for mortgage/foreclosure abuses, I was accused of threatening Mr. Hood and my photo, addresss and social security number were distributed to every Tom, Dick & Harriet at the Bolton State Office building.

    The guilty parties in this sham are very powerful and well-connected individuals and they don’t take kindly to anyone that rocks their boat. We should have no intention of rocking their boat – we should aim to sink that son-of-a-bitch and drown the rat bastards.

    Here’s my e-mail request to the U.S. Attorney General:

    Dear Mr. Attorney General:

    I am requesting that you conduct a formal investigation into the actions of U.S. Attorney John Dowdy, State Auditor Investigator Chris Lott, and MS Attorney General Jim Hood in regards to the illicit removal and shielding of public records in the matter of public corruption within the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. One or more of these individuals have been found in contempt of court for failing to produce the public records as ordered by the court, and the records were literally whisked away at the midnight hour by one or more of these individuals, in direct defiance of the court’s order to produce the records.

    I also request that you conduct a thorough review of the actions of the federal and state prosecutors who handled the cases and charges against those indicted or otherwise charged or implicated in these matters. I believe you will find just cause for an investigation.

    I believe you will also find that there are a multitude of hard-working, honest citizens that share my concern. Thank you for your attention to and consideration of my request.

    Name, address & phone number (omitted herein)

    1. Bob,

      In regards to your issue with personally identifiable information being distributed within the Bolton Building–you have rights and if personnel were distributing that information they should be charged.

      That was an outstanding post and I totally agree with your course of action. If it does any good or not is yet to be seen. If any wrong doings are uncovered (which I am sure there are plenty) they may have some leverage since this whole DMR investigation was a “joint effort” between the feds and our hick town state government. The first place I would start would be the original three employees who were essentially forced to plea. I heard the DA did a number on them and you just never know what kind of information they may have that would send the state auditors back tracking.

    2. Excellent idea that I think we should all do. I have a feeling in my bones that something is just not right and the right plunger pushed down will cause an explosion. This could be the right plunger.

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