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  1. Great video–love the words.
    “Who’s gonna tell you when it’s too late?
    Who’s gonna tell you things aren’t so great?
    You can’t go on
    Thinkin nothing’s wrong”……..
    This could be the theme song for every public entity in Hancock County right now..
    We are really feeling the other side of Katrina at this point. The wind has stopped blowing, and we can see all these public buildings we’ve built and now have to maintain. We have to get our neighbors to the north in Diamondhead to kick in help support the library system. They are the only entity that is not giving any millage to the library system, but they are using it.
    We can see that there are less of us here who actually contribute to the ad valorem base that supports all of this. As I write this, over 40% of the residents of the Bay and Waveland are on some kind of public assistance.
    We can see the Garfield Ladner Pier that should have been fixed long ago.
    We can see the Waveland Police Dept. and their staff still in their “trailer park” on Waveland’s main street, which, by the way looks great right now. Nice and wide, lots of parking, beautiful library,
    nicely renovated Waveland Civic Center and Business Incubator now in operation.
    But the “trailer park’ has to go and the Pier has to be done.
    We can now see that the reserve fund on Bay St. Louis’s books of just a few years ago, is now gone…used for a $6million dollar payroll for 145 employees. Councilman Seal seems bent on biting the bullet and making some changes to reverse this. Don’t know how they all voted on the spending over the last 5 years, but it has to change.
    Hope he can convince the others. Boudin and Falgout wil have some convincing do do in their Wards where services are almost non existent. Hard to justify a tax hike when there is little to nothing to expect from it. The county is raising taxes, and along with them the Bay and Waveland face paying back the State Revolving Fund of 2003, not to mention the under appraisal of low income housing that the Supreme Court says we all owe the state. Hancock County’s share of that is reportedly $500,000.
    The day of reckoning is upon us as we gently creep into an election year for Waveland in Nov. and County officials next summer.
    Who’s gonna tell them when it’s too late?
    Who’s gonna tell them things aren’t so great
    They can’t go on thinkin nothin’s wrong….
    Lana Noonan, Chairman
    Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

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