Its that time of year…….

And as per usual in my post Governmental auditing days I will not be attending the two day GAAC conference despite the chance CPAs get to hobnob with the head nabob at OSA. (I actually thought about it this year but the lack of breakout sessions was a turn off). That said I think back to my time on the committee chairing it and the quality folks that served the profession with me like this guy, who is simply top notch IMHO.

All that said, while I won’t get a chance to tell Stacey Pickering hello in person I have been hobnobbing with certain high ranking GOP officials in Louisiana and I’ll have more on that when the time is right. Nothing political folks but public policy OTOH is fair game.

Now, back to the DMR document leak…..:-)

3 thoughts on “Its that time of year…….”

  1. I am curious to see what’s next with these DMR documents.

    I never got around to saying what I thought about that conflict of interest notification. It really was an extraordinary document. One could write a memo to the file reporting a possible appearance of conflict of interest, and include the additional assurances that it was because she did not know this property had been offered and selected for purchase. The surprise is the inclusion of reference to a required but never enacted policy to prevent what is happening (page 3). This really is two separate (but related) issues. There are several reasons why they might be part of the same memo to the file.

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