Ladies and Gents I present the “Laid Back”

I think this is a good example of the type of public record Jim Hood and Stacey Pickering would fight tooth and nail to keep from the public. It appears those persistent rumors linking Walker’s doings at DMR to certain boat donation programs associated with CIAP buyout recipient David Harris has legs.

Walker Doster Email Chain 10-26-08 Laid Back

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      1. Signed lease agreement between Mississippi DMR and Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA October 11 2007. Lease the 1984 36 foot Topaz name LAIDBACK.

  1. Go back and do some digging RFP. I think this is the boat that some girl got fired over? Can’t remember exactly what the deal was except that she was refusing to do the paperwork they wanted her to because the boat didn’t belong to the DMR. I know there is something in past print about that. Seems like some other bloggers jumped on her??? Can’t remember exactly, but there was certainly bad blood over the boat they were dealing with and I think it was named Topaz. Remember anything Doug???

    1. There a lot of things which have been alleged various places (some don’t exist anymore online- example old platform Sun Herald comments) which have never been the subject of a credibly reported statement or testimony or accessible document. Believe that this is one of them as far as I know. Not saying it’s not true, but as far as I know not able to verify at this time.

  2. It was also jokingly referred to as the Miss Appropriation by the business office staff except by the poor girl who refused to go along with it and lost her job. But I did hear all those that thought it so funny and went along with this illegal activity are now gone. I would like to know if anybody out there knows if you are fired do you lose your state retirement? I hear of new firings everyday seems somebody is taking out the trash.

    1. From what I have heard, I do not know of anyone losing their retirement. However, I have heard that at least a few employees have started getting dicked on their unemployment claims. Sounds like the crafty work of HR and upper management IMHO

  3. If the poor girl who used to work in the business office is who I’m thinking it is, it’s too bad her work ethic didn’t translate over to her personal life. It may be that she was moved out of the position she was originally hired for so she wouldn’t be working right beside her new beau whose marriage she helped end. I don’t know how true this is but I heard her husband was fired for over charging licensing customers and pocketing the agent fee. If that’s true he’s lucky he wasn’t indicted for embezzlement. I heard she wasn’t qualified to be in purchasing but they had no other place to put her. Of course this is all folklore. I’m not sure what the real story is. Maybe Queen Cobra can enlighten us.

  4. She was very much qualified . She actually had a procurement background dating back to 1994 when Heilig Meyers was in business. You must have her mixed up with the purchasing “chief” who was a friend of Beth Roberts. This “chiefs ” only job ever held was cleaning houses. Her first day on the job a good source witnessed the business office showing her how to use a computer and move her mouse on the screen. Wow so let’s not sling mud at the ones who were strategically removed in the master plan. You see this girl knew way to much as did her husband and they found out she had her son speak to the FBI way back in 2009 . She also had an impressive resume as am administrative assistant working for Citifinancial regional manager in Pascagoula. When the state job came available she went through the proper procedures submitted her application scored 100% eligibility through PERS in Jackson and was fairly selected through the interview process the sole reason was to get a job closer to home. As for the spouse he and the other license clerk were falsely accused all part of Walker and Zieglers plans to remove people who knew too much . He could have easily fought it and won but was too disgusted after spending 24 years watching the corruption going on day after day and his health had deteriated to the point it just wasn’t worth fighting. He had his years in and if needed he has all copies of records proving his and the other clerks innocence. So there you have it. Anymore questions?

  5. You go Cobra! Tell it like it really is . Perhaps Eye-know should invest in a patch for that eye. Perhaps he or SHE will see more clearly out of the other eye.

    1. It sounds to me the only thing you believe to be correct is what you observe through you own eyes Ol’ Dixygirl.

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