For those of you that have not met him yet I present Michael Delesdernier

Amongst the stable of politicians that represent the gift that keeps on giving to the media, Jefferson Parish School Board Member Michael Delesdernier certainly ranks as one of the most accomplished.

Jefferson School Board member seeks restraining order ~ Jeff Adelson

This blast from the past remains one of my personal favorites:

Jefferson Parish School Board member Michael Delesdernier flunking grading, grammar and tact ~ James Gill

Of course Delesdernier has some company at both the School Board and our gift giving stable of politicians in Pat Tovrea.

3 thoughts on “For those of you that have not met him yet I present Michael Delesdernier”

  1. Holy Schoolboard Wrestlemania Batman,

    The way these politico want-to-bees create drama of faux violence, faux personal fear and faux painful controversies just to get their name in the paper or on the web reminds me of the World of Wrestlemania. These want- to- be Judges ( Delesdernier failed in first attempts at 24th JDC judgeship), future Councilmen, etc. are peeon, showmen supreme looking to move up the ladder to bigger public trough positions.

    Wouldn’t it be better to disband these personal egomaniacs and for the JP Administration in elected power to just appoint a highly qualified education czar to direct the public school system ? And if such czar would fail then it would be reflective of the Administration’s poor executive job and the entire Administration would then be subject to rejection at the next election.

    These overly inflated faux wrestlers, dressed in their cute personality panties, would probably answer and shout they provide their voting public with direct, grassroot personal representation- but isn’t that part of the general job description of JP Councilpersons?

    1. The environment is so target rich on the JP School Board Jarvis DeBerry had a piece highlighting Cedric Floyd’s well documented anger management issues.

      Kenna (Brah).

      When the school board is best described as “Dawgs fighting over the same piece of meat” and it has been described that way to me by some very knowledgeable students of that JP political scene, it is bound to follow the system has to suffer.

  2. One must realize given the disposition of DeBarry to circling the wagons to protect certain politicians of a given characteristic, the fact that DeBarry calls out Floyd indicates the man has an immense problem.

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