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  1. Good to know what Clerk Kolf’s family thinks. Email to Hancock Co Alliance for Good Government Chairman Lana Noonan:

    On Sunday, July 27, 2014 2:55 PM, Pete Kolf wrote:

    I understand that you are supporting Joey Boudin, Bay St. Louis Councilmember, based on his attacks on City staff, including my son, David Kolf.

    In my 35 years in municipal finance I have come across a few loudmouth blowhards like Boudin. He obviously does not understand what is going on and I am certain that he has a personal agenda which he feels will ingratiate him with some people.

    Mr. Boudin and other Councilmembers seem to have a problem with raising utility rates to cover costs. It’s my understanding that the rates haven’t been increased in years and that they are the lowest in Coastal Mississippi. Good government finance practice requires that the rates be established to cover operating costs and debt payment costs. The Council, evidently, has refused to raise rates. They may not have a choice. When they refinanced the GO Obligation Bond, one of the stipulations in the document stated that should the Council not raise rates to cover all costs, the Trustee could raise rates according to the bond documents without Council approval. The trustee has to protect the bondholders. Of course, Council approving the Bond Issue agreed to this in writing.

    The Bay St. Louis City Council has an obligation to insure that City finances are adequate to finance City activities which Council approved when it adopted the budget. This would constitute good government. Many governments included an annual cost of living adjustment in utility rates to insure that all expenses are covered.

    Boudin seems to think that because he is a Councilmember he has the power to do whatever he wants. Miss. Code Sec. 21-8-13 (4) states “The authority of the council is otherwise legislative and is executed by a vote within a legally called meeting. No member of the council shall give orders to any employee or subordinate of a municipality other than the council member’s personal staff. The council shall deal with the municipal departments and personnel solely through the mayor.” Miss Code 21-8-27 states, “The members of the council shall not direct or dictate the appointment of any person to or his removal from office by the mayor or any department directors. Except for the purpose of inquiring or receiving information or advice, the council shall deal with the municipal departments and personnel solely through the mayor and no member of the council shall give order to any subordinate of the municipality. The council shall have the power to investigate any part of the municipal government and for that purpose to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.”

    Joey Boudin is acting on his own. A majority council vote is required to “investigate any part of the municipal government and for that purpose to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.” A majority of the Bay St. Louis city council has not taken any action supporting Joey Boudin.

    Boudin requested David Kolf to attend a closed session for further investigation. David Kolf rightfully ignored Boudin’s request. Why didn’t a majority of the City Council request David’s attendance. According to Mississippi Law, Boudin has no authority to give orders to municipal personnel by himself. I understand that David Kolf invited Boudin to his office to discuss all of his concerns and Boudin refused. It appears to me that Boudin is not interested in getting answers, but is interested in creating a malignant atmosphere in Bay St Louis hoping that he will be judged a hero. In fact, Boudin is making a fool of himself. The City’s auditors and the bond trustee have have supported Kolf’s actions and recommendations. Boudin doesn’t come close to having the stature of the auditors and the trustee. The State of Mississippi has neither responded to questions by Kolf or the City’s auditor regarding the status of the questionable check. The check in question was properly recorded in the City’s audited Annual Financial Reports. The State Finance Department is not perfect and is fully capable of making a mistake. Why can’t the State Department respond to a simple request?

    Boudin’s implication that Kolf’s position could constitute a criminal act is ludicrous. He threatens to go to the State Attorney General Office and the Auditor’s Office. What he will get in response to his threats is that Boudin cannot recommend the removal of any City staff personnel, that the State Department of Finance should respond to questions regarding the check. In addition, no laws were broken by kolf, the Auditors, or the Bond Trustee and that it is the responsibility of a majority of the council to initiate any so-called investigation.

    As the Chairman of the Diamondhead Taxpayers Association I am very interested in good government. Our Mission Statement requires the Association to require that the laws of the State of Mississippi are upheld. Joey Boudin makes a mockery of this.

    His actions represent anything but an attempt to insure good government. He is solely interested in himself and I would hope that the people of Bay St Louis recognize Joey Boudin as the charlatan he is.

    I hope, Lana, that you will recognize that Joey Boudin is not an advocate of good government and will act accordingly.

    Pete Kolf, Chairman,
    Diamondhead Taxpayers Association

    1. I think Mr. Boudin is acting as any RESPONSIBLE elected official should.
      His questions and concerns are in the best interest of the people he represents.

      Parents always protect their children but Mr. Kolf does not know both sides of the story.

      Thank you Alliance for your explanation to mr Kolf Sr.

      The most important issue is still out there. If this is an error on the part of state how can the city repay when there is only $30,000+ In the Bank?
      David Kolf should have put this in a reserve account but instead chose to spend it.

      I am not an attorney but to me this is misappropriation of funds on the part of our city leader, the Mayor.

      I would hope Mr Boudin will continue his search for the truth. That is all everyone wants. Not to much to ask for.

  2. David Kolf looks like any other “child” that runs home from the playground crying to his family about how everyone has treated him. He forgot to tell Daddy and Wifey that he and the Mayor did “something else” with all the utility users’ money they sent in to them to cover the cost of their garbage pick up and water treatment. Wonder what they did with the money?! No one is asking little Davy, and until they do he won’t tell nor will his best fwiend on the playground, Lessie. And they did this for 3 months. Shame on Davy and Lessie. Guess no one taught them not to touch other people’s things, not their fault!
    Grow up, Kolf. You are looking rather patthetic right now with wifey and Daddy having to come to your rescue, neither of whom were in attendance at the meeting where you put your foot in your mouth. And needless to say, neither were with you and Lessie when you took all that utility money either.
    Now you two boys have got to tell where you are hiding it or where you spent it.
    After all, the playground superintendent may be called in any day now to ask you himself. Better be thinking of something.
    Daddy and Wifey may not be able to get you out of this one!!!

    1. Pete,

      Thanks so much for your email, and while I understand that this is your son at odds with a Councilman, I happened to be at the meeting when Councilman Boudin requested the executive session and a chance for the Council to review the 2 year old file with the State Tax Commission on this check in question.

      Actually, it was David, himself, who volunteered that the file existed. He told Mr. Boudin, ” I have a file with the Tax Commission that I have been working on for two years concerning this issue.” Boudin said, “Oh, you do, well I am going to ask for an executive session at the end of this meeting and would like for you to be there. You can go over to your office and get the file.”

      No one, not the attorney,Mayor or any other Councilman or David raised any objection to Boudin’s request.

      While I appreciate the appropriate format for handling public business, the average citizen has a hard time understanding why a city department head would volunteer that they have information on an issue and not follow through with a request to bring it out in the open. I could be wrong, but I believe had David gone and gotten the file and explained it to the Council in either open or executive session since he was the one who interjected it into the conversation, the issue would have been resoled at that point. I realize David takes his orders from the Mayor, but the Council does not ,and the need for transparency for the taxpayers has to take precedence here, in my opinion. Where I disagree with Boudin is I think this file should be discussed in open session since it does not pertain to personnel or litigation. It is just information concerning a financial issue, and is the public’ business. If David had brought the file with him to the meeting, this could have all been avoided.

      This same time last year, when the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government attended every Budget Hearing of every entity in the County, we critiqued them with regard to preparation, performance and openness and put our opinion in our Newsletter. We actually spoke at the Council meeting in the Bay the night they adopted their budget, and complimented them on the thoroughness of their work and availability to the public. I don’t know what has happened in the last 11 months, but that openness seems to be lacking this year.

      To be very candid with you, if I were the Councilman requesting to examine the file your son volunteered he had in his office with the State Tax Commission, and was refused, I would simply make a Public Records Request to the Tax Commission themselves as I would assume they would have all the same information David has after a two year period of correspondence.

      The records of government, excepting personnel and litigation, have to be and must remain open to all citizens whether they are elected or appointed public officials, or just plain citizens.

      That is one area where I am sure you and I can agree.

      Best regards,
      Lana Noonan, Chairman
      Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

  3. “Of course, Council approving the Bond Issue agreed to this in writing. ”

    Ahem, counsel (obviously Kolf has a problem with spelling) on his own approving such a provision without some predicate authority from his employer certainly transcends malpractice – and indeed, such a provision absent ratification by the client is certainly a nullity.

    Kolf’s rantings about legislative and executive division of duties reeks of solipsism if not a downright juvenile use of logical fallacies. Ironically Mr. Kolf, much like many “lawyers” taught in drug stores or street corners, misses the meaning of the law he himself quotes:

    “The members of the council shall not direct or dictate the appointment of any person to or his removal from office by the mayor or any department directors. Except for the purpose of inquiring or receiving information or advice,the council shall deal with the municipal departments and personnel solely through the mayor….”

    It would appear that Mr. Boudin was “inquiring or receiving information….”

    Your Mr. Kolf reminds one of various executive kleptocrats who, called on the carpet for various “governmental excesses” (euphemism alert for the clueless – this means dictatorial activity) would ladle out sheer bullshit that a legislator was “interfering” with executive duties by questioning the Emperor’s lack of clothing.

      1. The link didn’t post correctly.

        Drag and drop the entire link including the .pdf?OpenElement to view what I found to be an interesting recent Mississippi Ethics Commission decision.

        1. From: Pete Kolf
          To: Joey Boudin
          Cc: Lana Noonan
          Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 10:12 AM
          Subject: Re:

          For you education I have attached copies of Mississippi Code Secs 21-8-13 and 21-8-27.

          You can probably contact a city employee for “inquiring or receiving information or advice” but nowhere in the Mississippi code can you investigate any employee, office, or agency of the city. Section 21-8-27 of the Mississippi Code states “the council shall have the power to investigate any part of the municipal government and for that purpose to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.” It seems to me that you have to get a majority vote of the council to initiate an investigation.

          I understand that David Kolf invited you to meet with him in his office to get the information you wanted, but you refused. You wanted him to attend a closed session, but the Council did not request his presence and he didn’t attend. Miss Code Sec 21-8-13 (4) states “no member of the council shall give orders to any employee or subordinate of a municipality other than the council member’s personal staff. The council shall deal with the municipal departments and personnel solely through the mayor.”

          I don’t recall you getting majority council approval to ask the mayor to have David Kolf do anything. Evidently you consider yourself to be the city council and can do anything you want.

          I am very happy living in Diamondhead. I started the Diamondhead Taxpayers Association and actions taken by me are approved by the by the board of directors and/or by vote of the membership. We were instrumental in replacing the board of directors of the Property Owner’s Association (POA) and we constantly take issue with the City Council when we feel they are not acting in the best interest of the citizens of Diamondhead.

          Not only do I consider you a blowhard, but also a charlatan. I believe you act in the belief that you are impressing people and furthering your political aspirations.

          Your offer to counsel me with anger management resulted in a hearty laugh.

          Pete Kolf

          1. From the desk of: David Kolf


            Stop writting letters! I have to work with these people, even the mean ones like Boudin and some of the other council people.

            Please, just stop!

            Davey Boy

    1. As part of the package of whoppers Pete’s son, City Clerk David Kolf told the City Council about why the administration did not send back money to the state they knew that the City was not entitled to keep, included mentioning Jennifer Bell, the Municipal Auditor. I understand Ms. Bell drove to Bay St Louis today special to address the fact she did not appreciate having words put into her mouth. I understand that the meeting between them did in fact grow heated.

      I am aware that at least one citizen submitted a public records request for the Clerk Kolf’s file today.

      In other news my crack lawyer, Connie Montgomery kicked Danny Abel and Chris Yount’s ass from one end of Derbigny Street to the other this AM. The honorable Scott U. Schlegel presided over the butt whooping. 🙂

  4. I had to just go ahead tonight and tell a Bay St. Louis city employee what I thought of the Mayor and city clerk in a conversation where Mr. Kolf’s appearance to the council last week came up. This employee was saying how impressed they were that Kolf told the public out loud at the podium in front of a sizeable crowd that one of the reasons people are not moving back to the Bay or are leaving is the growing drug problem–a meth bust on Main St. and a heroin bust on State St.
    That just kind of gave me an uncomfortable feeling, but I was quickly told that ” the public has the right to know these things are going on.”
    “Really,” I said. “Well, I continued, I wish Mr. Kolf felt that way about the financial information in the city.”
    For instance, what did he and the Mayor do with all those utility payments they collected and held back from the Solid Waste and Waste Water?
    They are mighty selective about what is public information and what is not. Like Fillingame getting in the paper Sat. and saying he decided not to make the gaming device check file public because he doesn’t have all the information yet.
    Does that bozo really think right minded people believe that?
    Listen up, guys, it’s all the public’s business, the good, the bad, the ugly!! We’re picking up the tab for it all.

  5. Update—–just heard tonight that the delinquent vendor list in the Bay is GROWING-GROWING-GROWING.
    Businesses waiting to be paid by the Bay. So sad.
    Also, at last week’s Ward I meeting when businessman Bill Adam asked Ward I Councilman Doug Seal, the self admitted very nervous host, “How much did it cost us to restructure the Hancock Bank Bond, because I know those kind of transactions and lawyers don’t come cheap?”
    The answer was $30,000. Found out today when it is all paid including escrow, attorney fees, taxes, etc. around $198,000.
    Why can’t they just tell the truth. After all, it was being asked by a citizen who is paying the bill.
    They’ll just continue to play at the Harbor like everything is fine while businesses wait for their money and the taxpayers keep getting gouged.

  6. I believe the Train is about to Wreck…
    People of Bay St. Louis please start getting involved before this wonderful city is totally bankrupt.

    When your Mayor is in total Denial that he has no money, Mr. Compretta rubber stamps the Mayor’s wishes and Ms. McDonald is still delusional about how the city did not collect enough to pay the Waste Water they will bring this city down.

    How Stupid can they be??? It has never been proven by the Auditors or anyone else that the City is NOT collecting enough to cover the Waste Water Authority obligation each month. This is all we hear from our Leaders.

    The city is collecting, but chooses to use those funds for other General Fund expenses.

    The Waste Water Authority will not press the city as the Chairman is The Mayor Les.
    Such a conflict of interest. The WWAuthority board should remove him from this position and maybe they will get their house in order.

    Mr. Pete Kolf, your son just keeps digging a deeper hole. He better be ready when the Mayor throws him under the Bus …..He has not been too quick to come to his rescue or defend his position recently.

    1. Dis, reading these posts recalls other events involving state agencies and local governments in Louisiana where you had similarly dedicated funds, which in turn were pledged to a bond, but spent elsewhere. This was generally done through a collateral agreement blessed by bond counsel. Seeing bond counsel was trotted out to whipsaw your city council into jacking up water charges, would appear some collusion from the outset between lender and the party secretary of the local soviet (aka your mayor), with the serfs of course getting juked at the end.

  7. So, just 24 hours after Hancock County Alliance for Good Government member, Ron Thorp, visited Bay St. Louis City Hall and requested copies of the “file” City Clerk David Kolf, told Ward 5 Councilman Joey Boudin he’s had in his possession for 2 years, the Mayor has found the “file.”
    It is reported that it contains copies of the 2 checks issued to the Bay from the Department of Revenue in 2012 and deposit slips.
    What it does not contain is any of the correspondence Kolf said he had accumulated over the past 2 years which would determine if both checks really belong to the Bay.
    So, maybe Councilman Boudin knew what he was saying when he told Kolf he was lying to the Council.
    Sounds like an accurate description to me based on what is on “file” at city hall.
    Somebody higher up the chain than the Bay St. Louis City Council needs to get in to those “files” and books of account, and sooner rather than later.

    1. You don’t say! I was there when Clerk Kolf spoke of the file of correspondence with DFA. What’s a $133,000 here and $350,000 there among friends? Add in the $198,000 in additional debt that resulted from the in substance defeasance they did on the Water and Sewer Bonds and the total money is stunning at $681,000. Add in the $20,000 in accrued interest on the $350,000 prior year Utility Fund deficit and it pushes the total to just over $700,000. Financial mismanagement has a terrible price and I fear the total will rise further when the tallying is all said and done as financial skeletons seem to be bubbling up with regularity these days.

  8. Wonder if Mr. Thorp has been notified by Mayor Fillingame or City Clerk Kolf to come on down and pick up his copies? After all, it is common knowledge now that the so-called “file” is there. There except for the 2 years worth of correspondence with the Department of Revenue, the most important part.
    David and Les, your noses are growing!

  9. Interesting turn in this whole scenario.
    We go from owing money for a bank loan to pay the WWAuthority for money collected but not paid to the proper entity on our utility bills, to the city wanting to increase our bills again to pay for the bills we already paid.

    Now the Bond is past due, and between the lawyers and interest and penalties we have a larger debt that we couldn’t meet this year so put off for next year. Where will the money come from next year?

    Then the city receives a mysterious check they can’t account for but claim they have been trying for 2 years to resolve with state, yet the file is empty.

    The auditors say we are basically broke and have concerns on the reserves we don’t have and the November payroll with 3 pay periods??

    Sounds like a Wimpy hamburger deal to me. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today”

  10. I’ll bet Rafferty is making a killing on all of this, most likely billing the city by the hour.

    Maureen Evans’ letter in the Echo chastises Councilman Boudin and says the Mayor has advised him & the Council that if they want to review documents they can come to his office anytime to do so.

    What is the Mayor hiding that can’t be discussed at the regular meetings. Suppose every citizen had to go to the Mayor’s Office to find out what the hell is going on. What ever happened to transparency in our city government.

    The council needs to start asking the hard questions that Mr. Boudin, Falgot & Favre are asking. We, the taxpayers, have a right to know where all the money is going.

    McDonald needs to stay sober, Reed needs to pray more & Compretta needs to throw away his rubber stamp. I do believe there is a chance yet for Seal, at least I have my fingers crossed.

    How the hell can a “REAL” city clerk deposit a $133,000 check into the General Fund and then say he is not sure if it belongs to Bay St. Louis but in turn spends it on general items. If we are already having financial problems, how the hell are we supposed to pay it back when the State comes knocking on the door for their money.

  11. This same City Clerk puts the money from our Utility Bills in general fund and spends it. Waste Water Authority never sees it.

    Now I understand he is putting the Harbor money in the general fund also.

    More misappropriation of funds. Another term used for this is “kiting”.
    When will the State come down and investigate what is going on.
    More citizens need to complain.
    It is bad enough the loan they took may not be legal. If that is the situation, then the payments to it will also not be legal.
    Understand a group of citizens are forming to file a suit to stop all of this.
    What is Mr. Mayor going to do then?? He better count his days left. There may never be a 3rd term.
    As for Mr. Seal, he also better start working for his constituency and not his wife.

  12. After reviewing the Audit that was done by Wright, Ward, Hatten and Guel, and observing the last year of performance by the administration and 4 council members in Bay St. Louis, I have concluded that under this administration and with the assistance of certain councilmen, the revenues of this great little city have been politicized. They no longer serve the best interest of the citizens.
    This is really a shame that a man takes over a city and uses the funds generated by the hard working citizens to fund and further his political career.
    Just a few cases in point: He appoints his daughter I am told to serve as the director of the new Community Center where the obvious execution of services is so radically political that it insults the integrety of the Rotary Club that built it for the benefit of every citizen as a source of revenue to support the city and draw visitors to use it. I am told that just recently it was revealed at an official meeting that this woman has not been bonded and has been handling funds related to not only this facility but also in the utility dept. Is she bonded yet? A councilman asked the question at an official meeting.
    The favoritism in the utility dept. is beyond description with city employees, according to the auditor, still on the take for free utilities, late fees being waived ( both of these are vote getters) and people being charged the minimum for water when after review of their meters were using thousands of gallons of water. This is unethical, immoral, and totally beyond imagination.
    The co-mingling of funds is so bad that the auditor could make no sense of it, and all of this together with deliberate bad management to look good in the news and no plan submitted for a way out of this mess is what resulted in the auditor presenting a report with a disclaimer attached to it.
    Where is Stacey Pickering–remember, Stacey, you serve these good folks in Bay St. Louis just like you did in Biloxi and Ocean Springs with the DMR.

  13. The more and more I read about the internal situation in Bay St. Louis, I really believe that the Council should take a hard look at every department. An individual audit should be done to assess each employee, their position, job description, salary, benefits and perks the city is paying for, cell phones etc… Each individual should be qualified or certified to fit their position.

    This is truly so incredible. There are 4 council people and 1 mayor that have their blinders on.
    What is going on? Maybe after this audit the people will quit defending Mr. Mayor and believe what the good citizens for the Alliance have been trying to show everyone.

    As for Mr. Kolf, If you have been doing and listening to the Mayor and not acting in good faith for the people of this city, then SHAME on you. I know we all need our jobs, but at what cost? Do you not realize you have put this city in jeopardy and yourself criminally? Maybe when the Feds knock on your door you will realize what the Mayor has asked you to do. You have done a total disservice to this city.

    I would like to see a group of citizens stand up and do what ever is necessary either legally, or speaking out at meetings to let this administration know that enough is enough.

  14. It time for Bay St. Louis to do what Waveland Mayor Garcia did. We are top heavy in every department and more so in the utility department. Do we really need all the “political” jobs, two that come to mind are Jimmy Loiacano and Matt Karl.

    Layoff some, furlough some and the remainder that want to work should be willing to take a 30% reduction in pay across the board with the exception of department heads which take a 50% pay cut. The Mayor and city council should receive NO pay until the budget is balanced and there is a surplus of at least 3 to 4 million dollars. Then we will know that the administration really wants to do what’s right instead of placing more burdens on the taxpayers.

    1. Thank You WTF
      With everything going on in the city, I believe you have given the best suggestions for our wonderful Administration to follow. If only they would listen.

      I really don’t know Mr. Karl, or his position, but Mr. Loiacano is always on the streets picking up and keeping our city beautiful. Even before Katrina, I would see him out at 6:30/7:00 working. Wish we had more like him with the dedication and work ethics he has. Other employees just walk around all day or sit in their offices drinking coffee.


    While passing a work crew a few days ago there were eight workers, five trucks and one backhoe replacing one 20 ft. culvert. No wonder the utility budget is so high…. but then again it’s your tax dollars hard at work.

  16. Lets see HE LIED! When you change your story from one week to the next, its simple. If
    Mr. Kolf telling Mike Farve one week the check was in an account, and the next week it was
    put in general fund you LIED… The cover up is always worse then the crime.
    Lets see how they will get out of the fact they used utility deposit money to pay bills.
    Tune your radio to 103.5 5pm til Friday’s for “THE POOLMAN SHOW” hear all the latest Bay

  17. Poolman,
    I think it is more likely that the funds that were misappropriated from Solid Waste and Hancock County Utility Authority were used to make payroll. That is probably continuing too. You see, no one knows if vendors are not being paid, but you let them have to miss one payroll period, and the whole town will know. From what I understand in Waveland 4 years ago, they furloughed people, retired people, those who got to stay had a reduction in pay by having to pay their own insurance, and some just got plain laid off.
    It may sound cruel and dramatic, but it had to be done. The key to this is the fact that Waveland had a new Mayor, and two new Aldermen who had no hand in creating the mess. They inherited it. In the Bay, you have the Mayor who created it along with 4 Councilmen who helped him–all incumbents. Kind of hard for them to eat crow now and own up to their screw ups. And the Aldermen in Waveland fired the City Clerk who helped create their mess. The Bay is stuck with theirs for as long as the sub standard Mayor is in office. It’s a whole different ball game in the Bay.
    By the way, I understand the late vendor list is growing faster than Cogon grass, and that stuff is unstoppable.

  18. At the meeting on July 22 I simply put it to them. Invite Mayor Garcia in and ask, how did you do
    it? The answer appears to be raise taxes and utility rates again. Not one word of cuts. Start with
    a cut of the elected officials pay! Oh and cut some dead weight off payroll. Coming soon a new
    job title…Word on the street is the ASSistant mayor jer is becoming the economic development
    director! Can we say hiring freeze NOW.

  19. Poolman are you saying that the City has used the Money people put up as a deposit for their utilities? I thought this money was put into a special account separate from general fund. I guess this is another instance where the city is “shifting” money. I guess No one ever knows when one account is closed and money is returned, the new account puts up deposit so even cash flow.

    So now they have not only co-mingled the Utility collected money, utility deposits and Harbor money. Plus don’t have the reserves the State requires. And to make matters worse they kept the extra 132,000 that state sent. That money was not in the budget as income, so where did it go if not originally budgeted as income and expense to balance for the year? Mr. Kolf should win the award for the best “creative accounting” for any city employee. He has mastered lying, hiding money, and shifting funds.

    The independant auditors hired by the city should be doing a better job and explanation to us the tax payers for a true accounting of the city.

    The city definitely needs to cut personnel and not keep taxing us. When they get their house in order, and money is needed then come to us the Tax Payers.

    The tax payers should ask what the Budget when Les took office for employees and what is it now? what were the numbers then. That is the first place to start.

  20. Tune in tonight at the city council chambers for the Pinocchio and Houdini show! Lets see the new lies and how much money they can make disappear. Bring your cameras, for a photo op on the back of the Poolman’s truck.

  21. The Board of Aldermen in Waveland tonight voted down a methadone clinic in their city. That to me is a good thing even though Facebook was somewhat busy today with support for it. In Waveland the city officials can stand on their own feet. Being unpopular is something they don’t give a second thought to.
    Not after what they have survived in the last 4 years.
    But in Bay St. Louis tonight it was just another spectacle of LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES. And those spineless wonders on the city council just sit there like 7 bumps on a pickle.
    David Kolf actually stood at the podium and told them he had everything current including Solid Waste.
    Brenda Ford the Solid Waste Business Manager sat in the audience shaking her head no and actually saying she hasn’t seen a check from them.
    Did they confront him—-NO.
    They deserve every lie he tells them. He’s making Wussies out of them in front of everyone and they deserve it.

  22. Lets see what comes of the questions from tonights meeting! I am rather interested as to the exec session on my questions about the assistant police chief using a city vehicle! The last pay period approved on tonights docket the ass. chief had 36 hours of vacation time, 36 hours of sick leave and 8 hours comp time. All the while Ms. Chris had a city vehicle and drove it as recent as August 4 2014 near Dunbar and Hwy 90. I just have been informed she is on workers comp. Has any city gas been placed in that truck during her time off? How long will the tax payers take this? If the council takes no action they can end their political careers. Mr. Reed running for Seymours spot, not a chance. Doug running for the Mayors seat… right Wendy and her ethics problems hummmm tune in Friday at 5pm on 103.5 for further POOLMAN details.

  23. Another sad day for the City. We now have a mayor and council putting us deeper in debt.
    Did anyone question the part of the Audit where they used Utility Deposits that were strategically transferred from one account then to general fund to pay bills.

    How much does the city have in the Special Account for Utility Deposits?

    I understand Vendors are not being paid so they can keep up the payroll. Making cuts to payroll is very difficult, but sometimes it has to be done. Always there is excess in each department. Put a freeze on hiring and eliminate some positions. Don’t ask us the Tax Payers for increases to balance the budget when it only subsidizes the current payroll and people Les promised jobs to when he was elected.
    Do we really NEED an asst. mayor?? I have never heard of him or his position until recently.
    When Buzz retires, do we need to fill his position? And if we do we can find someone for far less money than the 60+K we pay him plus benefits. Many good QUALIFIED people are looking for jobs.

    Council you better start looking at all of the checking accounts. November is getting close and the auditors said you may not meet payroll. Lets see where Les and Kolf get the money. What account will they “transfer” money from then funnel to general fund??

    1. If you look at the problem from the perspective of the taxpaying public, the best way to end the spending orgy is to force the City’s hand financially. The quicker it ends the less total debt the citizenry will have to bear when the inevitable happens.

      For that reason there are people talking about withholding payment on their water bills. If a third of the utility customers did that, Les Fillingame’s house of cards would crash and burn immediately.

      I have a few nitpicking issues with the unsigned OpEd that ran in the Echo, one of the ones being the City is not “almost financially broke” no sir. The City is technically insolvent or to use a $1 word “past broke”. And whoever thinks the City delivers a high level of services has never heard the unending conversations on why the grapple truck aka the rubbish truck never seems to run on time. I saw it in Ward 1 for the first time 3 weeks ago and I almost fainted.

      When you expect mediocrity that is exactly what you get. Letting this bunch raise your taxes and water bills without fixing the glaring management problems that have been repeatedly identified by the City’s auditors for years is the act of a financial masochist, which is a polite term for fool.

  24. Oh the $97000.00 that Ms. Bell misunderstood. That money was for refunds on the utility
    accounts, “We refunded that money to the customers in the past few months” Mr. Kolf said.
    If the average customer has a deposit of $70 divided by $97000.00 equals hum 1385 deposit
    returns! What last quarter we had over 30% of our utility customers do what. Well I am going
    to not only ask for the list… Well okay I did file a complaint with the State Auditors office about
    this same subject, maybe doubtful but they may look into it.


  26. What’s New?
    We all know during campaigns politicians promise everything, but deliver NOTHING after the election.

    That is all we have been hearing, what they are going to do, yet after last night, we all know they are ALL POLITICIANS.

    3 more years, get used to it.

  27. No wonder nothing is getting done in Wards 5 and 6. All these guys do is talk behind the scenes. Maybe they could fill those pot holes with some of that meaningless bull shit they spout off to everyone between meetings. The whole bunch is scared to death of the Mayor and City Clerk.

  28. I truly don’t understand why they would be afraid of the Mayor and Clerk??
    They were elected to serve the public and have the public’s trust.
    Quit being so intimidated by the Mayor. If they think they will get special favors in their districts, and rubber stamp the mayor, then we don’t need them representing us.
    The people of BSL can attend meetings and complain to the mayor for services in their districts. bring it out to the public meetings and let he Mayor deny you.
    We elected these individuals to represent us. They are supposed to speak out on our behalf.

    All I hear is “what they are going to do” we go to the meetings to see if they will carry out these concerns and they all just sit there like bumps on a log.
    I don’t mind higher taxes, but not at the expense of unnecessary employees at City Hall. Cuts have to take place. We surely do not need to supplement the incomes of overstaffed personnel in our administration.
    I heard they were going to vote on a freeze to hire any new employees. That did not happen. Come on Council get some backbone and start representing the people who elected you and not the Mayor.

  29. How sad. Hundreds of thousands of dollars being squandered by sophomoric minded people. These people are no different than the ones who received a government grant to repair, rebuild and strengthen their lives. Yet, some decided to buy a Cadillac Escalade and a few years later discovered that their income could not cover the costs of notes and insurance. Rather than conserve their finances or obtain a second income, they waited until the tow truck arrived to reclaim the property that legally belonged to a corporation or bank. Now they drive a POS. (ask a 20 something) If they are admonished by a clear thinking individual, the retaliation regresses to grammar school mindset. Rather than hand-wringing and “who will think of the children” attitude: let us get down to business. The biased media in Bay St. Louis cannot and will not help. We can only help ourselves. As a teen of the 60’s, let’s have one of those old fashioned protests! You know, the none where you carry signs to recall the Mayor? Attract attention! Letters to the editor and social networking is NOT WORKING! Let us get a movement going.

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