Election 2015: Scott Walker sentencing letters raise troubling questions (Part 1)

In a respect, when you’ve seen one set of sentencing letters you’ve seen them all folks in that most everyone had done a good deed or two in their lifetimes as well as positively impacting other lives. With that said, the vast majority of the letters written on behalf of Scott Walker fell along those lines including the one from Walker’s wife Trinity, who wrote a heartfelt letter to Judge Starrett not on Scott’s behalf, “but on behalf of our children”.

She then recounted how she came to know Scott in 2010 as “the hardest working, most driven man I have ever known.” She admits that, “He is a “yes man,” who trusts everyone, which has proven to not always be the right answer…”

Scott is certainly a political creature, which inherently means he is a “yes man”. I also bet Scott knows Nic, a local GOP political operative type whose Twitter account literally overflows with homespun wisdom:

I mention this because often sentencing letters are truly revealing of a person’s character and it is clear that Scott Walker has many fans here on the coast. Todd Trenchard, Executive Director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation and recipient of a taxpayer funded booze cruise wrote this about Walker:

Although I am not privy to all that has happened to Scott and his life, except through newspaper sources and gossip, I do know that Scott has been a tremendous asset to many coast wide initiatives and organizations.

I know that Scott chaired the first regional board of directors of the MS Gulf Coast YMCA and his efforts and coordination are the reason this organization exists today. I know Scott was a tremendous valuable resource for the Bacot McCarty Foundation as I am the Executive Director of such.

The Scott Walker that Trenchard personally knows is “a generous man, a person that would give you the shirt off his back.”

There are some hard feelings too, which is not unusual in these circumstances. Steve Ryals, Scott’s father in law makes that clear when wrote, “It is hurtful to all of us who know this young family to read what the media has published about them. His name and businesses have been slandered in The Sun Herald, The Mississippi Press, blog posts too numerous to count as well as local TV outlets.”

Not that long ago James Gill wrote about Ray Nagin’s 10 year sentence and the concept of the “double Richard” for the New Orleans Advocate. I thought about that when I read Mr. Ryals and Brent Warr’s letters.  Mr. Warr is still clearly bitter about his own scrape with the law. What was interesting is I mentioned letters from Mr Warr because there were two as Warr’s cover letter to Scott Walker was included in the submission to Judge Starrett. That cover letter to Scott, which Warr concluded by observing that “the DOJ is overreaching”, started as follows:

Enclosed you’ll find 4 exact copies of the letter I mailed to Judge Starrett on Friday 4/18/14. The letter was sent U.S. Mail with an American Flag stamp proclaiming “Freedom”. That’s what you and your Father deserve

Finally is the Hancock County to Scott Walker connection as Scott’s partners in Precision Marketing Group, Kirk Ladner and Supervisor Steve Seymour also wrote letters on Walker’s behalf. Seymour disclosed that he had known Walker before Hurricane Katrina and that they had traveled extensively together more recently. Kirk Ladner detailed Walker’s strong work ethic when he wrote:

Scott, Steve and I started working together in June of 2012 so I was able to witness first hand Scott’s work ethic. We worked seven days a week establishing a network throughout the Gulf Coast regions of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana advertising the news of the BP Settlement to businesses with potential loses. Countless late Sunday nights we would be doing paperwork to finish our week to wake up the next day and start another.

Ladner’s letter was heartfelt and my opinion was one of the more effective letters to Judge Starrett in that it conveyed empirical observations of how Mr. Ladner’s business partner conducted his personal life.

The body of work that are these letters asking Judge Starrett for leniency, in my opinion accurately portray Scott as a devoted family man that works hard. They also raise troubling questions that have implications for the elections next year. That is the topic for Part 2, which will analyse those issues raised by the Walker sentencing letters.

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  1. Speaking of elections. I wonder how McDaniel would have faired if the COCKren booze cruise would have surfaced a few weeks prior to the election.

    As we all know, the walker cases were delayed. Hmmmm

  2. His mother blames it on the pills, wife blames it on the friends, father-in-law blames it on the news media, Warr blames it on the over reaching DOJ, and no telling who Scott will blame it on when he decides to hold his ego infused press conference, which he will, just like Michael Janus. Scott Walker is a victim according to those who still admire him as a driven model citizen. He will emerge from prison a religious man and maybe become youth pastor at some church, maybe even St.Pauls. They have had worst characters in that position before. If he can sing he may join Warr and the Bibletones. One thing he won’t do is return to the Coast and change the minds of the 99.9% of the people he and his family stole from who look at him as a convicted crooked politician want to be who deserves to be incarcerated for a lot longer than he will be. I wonder what happened to the letters to the judge that were negative about his activities? I know they exist.

    1. No one blamed all this misfortune on a bad upbringing?
      Good thing for Scott that he wasn’t raised in a culture of corruption.
      He won’t need to turn his entire life around, just prevent getting caught in another little slipup.
      It’s obvious from the sentence he’s not a a common criminal, they rate fewer letters of support from important people and coincidentally they get longer sentences.

  3. “It is hurtful to all of us who know this young family to read what the media has published about them. His name and businesses have been slandered in The Sun Herald, The Mississippi Press, blog posts too numerous to count as well as local TV outlets.”

    Mr. Ryals, with all due respect Sir, the only saving grace that Scott Walker has in his favor IMHO is that he is married to your daughter, whom I think is a hard-working deserving young lady that was duped due to her naivity into believing that Scott Walker was “all that”. She is liked by most people; however, when you lay down with dogs, you catch fleas.
    I think it unfortunate that she and your grandchildren have to be a party to the schennagins and thievery of Scott and his family and the CONprofit group. But Scott knew full well exactly what he was doing, and IMHO, he has the full burden of his father being incarcerated on his chest. And so does the rest of South Mississippi.
    IMHO, my advice for you is to cut your losses and get your daughter and grandchildren out of reach of that bunch of actors/actresses in the Walker clan, because when the real Scott Walker emerges, your daughter might not be so lucky. Yes her dreams are smashed now, but at least she won’t be beaten like his last girlfriends were (at least I hope she hasn’t been). He is self-serving and in love with only himself. She needs to flee while she still can. If she truly loves her children, she needs to hold her head high and walk away. She is too young, talented, and beautiful to be attached to Scott Walker baggage. If he was deserving, that would be one thing….but tigers do not change their stripes.

  4. God, Mona, you don’t pull no punches!

    I could not have said it any better.

    When I go to church tomorrow, I will pray for all of us and if we are too judgmental, I will ask for forgiveness. But if the public does not step up to the plate and complain, people like the Walkers, Bryants, Barbours and the list goes on, will continue to walk all over us.

  5. After reading the comments made by myself and others this morning, I wanted to apologize to anyone who thinks I may have been negative or disrespectful to Scott Walker’s church , St.Pauls over in Ocean Springs. That was no my intent. I was trying to make a point. We have all witnessed in recent years politicians, pastors, policemen, teachers, lobbyists, government employees and others commit crimes and be convicted. Scott Walker is as guilty as the felons he will be locked up with. For those who blame others for his crimes they are entitled to their opinions even if devoid of facts. Maybe during his stay at our expense in the BOP system, he will get his moral compass calibrated and life in order. He will probably be sent to a half way house prior to final release. His days as a “yes man” are over so where will he perform his required work release? I suggest he look into selling cars, maybe even Mercedes. Do they have a Mercedes dealership in Oxford? If so maybe he can spend his half way house time in the same location as super dooper lawyer Dickie Scruggs. Mr. Scruggs was able to return to his 10 bedroom mansion just outside the Grove. Just some thoughts on this Sunday morning.

  6. I have been “lurking” lately and sitting back in disbelief, of the events that have taken place in this case. Since reviving from my initial shock, I fail to understand how this is a fair sentence Mr. Starrett. I assure you, that if any working slob had committed the crimes that this bunch of CONS did that they would be treated like real criminals! Not treated with kid gloves because they happen to have a booboo from flying high in their “corporate plane” that was purchased with ill-gotten gains IMHO.
    I am totally saddened that this fine Judge has stooped to their level and apparently is now drinking the kool-aid. Snotty Toddy and Tipsy Bill have won again!
    Nothing has been said about Moma Bear Walker. And I understand that Joey Zeigler has one of the most serious charges against him. Mail fraud. He should not be able to shirk this charge in any way. Can’t wait to see this one folks. He and his brother-in-law (ex?) Billy the Boy Hewes need to be indicted together and placed in the same cell IMHO (Bless their little ole hearts). Wonder which one would have to do the dishes and house cleaning???
    I, for one, hope that all Coast people with very young children, gather up their families and leave this area where they can be raised with a moral compass and Christian upbringing. If this “arrogant political group of GOPers” hang on to the Coast as their cash cow, you could not pay me to raise a child here. Just look what it did for Snotty Toddy?
    God, please forgive me for sharing my judgmental opinions, and please Bless all of us who are forced to sit and watch this happen to our Coastal community with no apparent recourse.

  7. Also, one of the bloggers on this site stirred my interest and I began researching who was responsible in our State government, to watch and oversee the money at the DMR. When this all first began, back in 2007 (where I started), Billy Hewes was the Senator that called the shots. He was the Senate Pro Tem and ran everything that went on , as far as Legislation in Jackson. His side-kick was – (drum roll) – his one and only side-kick, Phil Bryant. Then, I skipped up to the present and found this information on the Legislative web site that shows who is in charge of appropriations (both house and senate), and the respresentative committee over the DMR and the senate committee over the DMR. Any names look familiar? Get on the phone and call them to task. That is the only way to get results. That and vote them out of office if they don’t stop the stealing that is still going on with Horne and players. Clean out the DMR! Sweep out the cockroaches!!!!

    House of Representatives – DMR Committee:
    Casey Eure, Chairman; Jeffrey S. Guice, Vice-Chairman
    Members: Jeramey D. Anderson; David Baria; Larry Byrd; Carolyn Crawford; Greg Haney; Timmy Ladner; Doug McLeod; Sonya Williams-Barnes; Patricia H. Willis

    House of Representatives – Appropriations:
    Herb Frierson, Chairman; Mac Huddleston, Vice-Chairman
    Members: Earle S. Banks; Toby Barker; Charles Jim Beckett; Donnie Bell; Richard Bennett; C. Scott Bounds; Alyce G. Clarke; Angela Cockerham; Linda F. Coleman; Mary H. Coleman; Becky Currie; Scott DeLano; Bill Denny; Reecy L. Dickson; Blaine Eaton; Casey Eure; Bobby B. Howell; Wanda Jennings; Robert L. Johnson III; Nolan Mettetal; Sam C. Mims, V; John L. Moore; Willie J. Perkins, Sr.; John Read; Margaret Rogers; Bobby Shows; Gary V. Staples; Preston E. Sullivan; Jerry R. Turner; Joseph L. Warren; Percy W. Watson

    House of Representatives – Investigate State Offices:
    Chuck Espy, Chairman; Gene Alday, Vice-Chairman
    Members: Donnie Bell; Esther Harrison; Timmy Ladner; Margaret Rogers; Ray Rogers; Sara R. Thomas

    Senators – DMR Committee:
    Ports and Marine Resources
    Brice Wiggins, Chairman; Josh Harkins, Vice-Chairman
    Members: Videt Carmichael; Eugene S. Clarke; Deborah Jeanne Dawkins; Tommy A. Gollott; Robert L. Jackson; John A. Polk; Willie Simmons; Sean J. Tindell; Michael Watson

    Senate Appropriations:
    Eugene S. Clarke, Chairman; Terry C. Burton, Vice-Chairman
    Members: David Blount; Terry W. Brown; Albert Butler; Videt Carmichael; Nancy Adams Collins; Hillman Terome Frazier; Phillip A. Gandy; Tommy A. Gollott; Angela Burks Hill; W. Briggs Hopson III; John Horhn; Robert L. Jackson; Gary Jackson; Sampson Jackson II; Russell Jolly; Perry Lee; Chris McDaniel; Sollie B. Norwood; Willie Simmons; Melanie Sojourner; Sean J. Tindell; Angela Turner; Brice Wiggins; J. P. Wilemon, Jr.

    Senate – Investigate State Offices:
    Albert Butler, Chairman; Videt Carmichael, Vice-Chairman
    Members: Lydia Graves Chassaniol; Deborah Jeanne Dawkins; Hillman Terome Frazier; Steve Hale; Philip Moran; Michael Watson; J. P. Wilemon, Jr.

  8. It is okay to vent, Charlene, and by the way, you are so right. Any wonder Miss. won 1st place in Fortune Magazine’s review of the most corrupt state governments in the nation.
    A Sun Herald editor tried to soft pedal it the other day with some skewed liberal statistics, but it is what it is. And it is what it is because the inmates are running the asylum. The rich inmates that is.
    But that’s okay ’cause what goes up must come down. That’s he law of nature and no one can change it. Hope none of them get sick from heights ’cause they are pretty high on the totem pole! Gonna be a steep drop one day.

  9. Thank you Charlene for your information. I hate to be so negative but IMHO, only Gollott & Wiggins pull any clout on your list. Barbour, Frontier Horne and Bryant are calling the shots and Miller is doing what he has been told.

  10. Steve Seymour chased ambulance for Michael a Pohl out of Houston Texas law group
    Together with Scott and Kirk a lady named Magdalena

    1. Andy – I did you a favor and deleted the content that could have landed you in a courtroom. I normally do not take time to edit comments but I made an exception in your case.

      Not disputing the veracity of what you posted but lets not go there if at all possible. Thank you.

  11. In reference to all the letters the court received on how great Scott Walker is…………how about interviewing his former and retired teachers? They will give you a different story. One remark was ‘Walker is as useful as pimples on your butt.’

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