The streets here in the Bay turn mean and bitchy…….

If I got a nickle for the number of times someone has threatened to sue me over something I wrote here on Slabbed, I be summering at my chalet in the Blue Ridge Mountains soaking in the hot tub. To be clear I have not received any sue threats but I understand other people here in the Bay have, and over public information like municipal administrative salaries no less. This boorish behavior is ill advised on about 50 different levels.

I’ve mentioned it before, there is a 500 pound gorilla that is sitting in the room every time Mayor Fillingame claims he has “cut to the bone” or maybe better stated, there are a bunch of 75 pound gorillas that together weigh 500 pounds in the room. To this point, most folks have been trying to tackle this subject in a friendly manner, not dropping names for the most part. That changed yesterday here in comments.

Calling this what it really is, the City of Bay St Louis has a friends and family program and the Utility Fund is largely paying for it.  And if Hancock Bank thinks the people of this town should see utility rate increases so the Mayor’s buddies and family can collect a fat paycheck for much of nothing, they have rocks in their head. Sending Mr Bond Trustee to the City Council meeting acting the part of jackass did not change the resolve of the City Council to make things right and that is very encouraging folks. My best advice to Hancock Bank is to stay the heck outta cIty politics and stop interfering with a City Council trying to do the job for which they were elected.

This evening at 6:30 in the City Council Chambers, Councilman Doug Seal is holding a town hall meeting for Ward 1 residents. I hope it will be well attended. I will be there.

Stay tuned.