Jim Brown: Hurricane Season — Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya?

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana


It’s the kickoff for hurricane season and forecasters are predicting 8 to13 named storms with anywhere from 3 to 6 of these storms growing into major hurricanes. Here on the Gulf Coast, we certainly perk up when this time of year rolls around. For years, a good story in south Louisiana went like this:

“I’m a Catholic, so I certainly know a good bit about suffering,” she would say.

“Yeah, I’m a Louisiana homeowner, he answered.

“Oh, so you understand.”

Louisiana homeowners know a good bit about suffering, particularly when it comes to being stuck with the highest property insurance rates in the nation. The New York Times reported earlier this year that Louisiana continues to lead the nation in having the highest annual premiums at $2,700. No other state in the South comes close. If you live in industrialized New Jersey, the cost is $1,697. New York home owners, on average, pay even less — only $1,369.

But that’s not the whole story. Congress merely put its finger in the flood insurance dike with legislation that supposedly capped the skyrocketing rates of property owners in flood prone areas. But what our minions in Washington didn’t tell us is that the rates will continue to climb dramatically in the years to come. The legislation is just a quick fix to hoodwink voters in order to get through the next election cycle. Continue Reading…………

Meantime on the Food Beat, Drago’s is fixing to kick it up a notch in Jacktown

Worth noting is then New Orleans based Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse tried and failed in the Jacktown culinary market several years ago. I think the Tommy Cvitanovich will be a hit myself but I am biased on this topic:

Drago’s will add a new location in Jackson ~ Todd Price

Meantime on the Brennan’s Bankruptcy beat:

Brennan’s to reopen as restaurant after bankruptcy sale ~ Jaquetta White

This has some real possibilities…..

New details emerge in Ladner scheme ~ Dwayne Bremer

So now we know the FBI had at least one mole in Hancock County after Hurricane Katrina and I would be willing to bet they had more than one. I say that because of certain persistent rumors that I would hear from time to time about the FBI knocking around the County Administration Building.

I guarantee Dewayne’s story has started some speculation as to which one of the contractors, all of whose names were redacted in the pleadings in the Ladner Criminal case wore a wire for the FBI.  I may have to shake the tree because the possibilities are intriguing.

Vital background here.

Because he still has hope: “Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman”

Walter, if I may be so bold as to suggest the problem here is not the spokesman or the astroturfers but what do I know?

Tammany DA Walter Reed lashes out at media reports, hires new spokesman ~ Sara Pagones

Does it get much worse than having Gordon and his peeps chewing on the right cheek while Manuel, Lee and their peeps chew on the left? Probably not unless Slabbed joins in. :mrgreen:

Hospital checks to DA Walter Reed raise more questions about nature of payments ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

Something tells me the criminal defense sector of the local legal market will have an uptick in business soon.  We’ll see.

B-E double R-I-G-A-N spells Berrigan: And dat be good for me!

Shazam folks, whenever Judge Berrigan enters the news cycle business picks up here on Slabbed. I think by now everyone knows Judge Berrigan went well under the sentencing guidelines with the 10 year sentence she gave Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy. People are not happy so here is a salient link and a couple blasts from the past:

Our Views: Too easy on Nagin ~ New Orleans Advocate Editorial Board

Old School Tuesday Music: I sense a major disturbance in the force ~ Slabbed 7/17/2012

I sense a bunch of pissed off Chalmations are digging dirt on Judge Ginger here on Slabbed ~ Slabbed July 8, 2011

Judge Ginger Berrigan, Welcome to the infirmary of the SLABBED ~ Slabbed February 18, 2009

It looks to me like Judge Berrigan tooks Jeffrey’s advice knocking off 5 years.  What we are missing in the equation is Lee Zurik.

Worth noting is Mark St. Pierre got 17 for his role in Nagin era corruption. Normally the pols get locked up while those that bribe them get off scott free. St. Pierre was unlucky in that he did not draw Judge Berrigan. Same for Jonathan Bolar.