Weekend Update

First up is the update on Friday’s hearing in the criminal case State of Louisiana v Thomas “Haller” Jackson where the phrase “hurry up and wait” comes to mind.  The procedural/evidentiary hearings were continued until July.

Moving right along:

LaPolitics Publisher John Maginnis Dies at 66 ~ Jeremy Alford

Reed’s antics keep newspapers busy ~ James Gill

Up to our necks in mud – and sinking in the Mississippi Senate race ~ Paul Hampton

And finally we end with the Fluffer Congressman Steven Palazzo, a lightweight that refuses to hold town hall meetings with his own people and his primary challenger, the guy that used to make the rounds with all his people in Mississippi 4 regularly, Gene Taylor:

GOP candidates take to the ground for final week ~ Paul Hampton

I get up to the Pine Belt a fair amount.  My prediction, based entirely on my own anecdotal experiences is that Palazzo will not do nearly as well in that part of the Congressional District as he did in 2010.  I think Gene will do at least as well as he did in 2010 here on the coast.

If those two things hold true, Gene wins this primary election.  We’ll see.

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  1. Why is Topix Ocean Springs blocked to the public? I wanted to read the article on “Who are you going to vote for Congress?”, and a huge Verizon ad comes up on the page and can’t be removed. Is the site broken? Who is worrying about the Congress race??

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