Greenlit: A Playing on the Internet Update Part Trois

It appears Aircheck and Jammer1954 have been given up:

USA v Jackson Doc 104

Times-Picayune gives judge data on two online commenters ~ Gordon Russell

Gordon writes a pretty good story recapping the order and then some. But it was the bottom of the story that I thought was most interesting and true based on my experience here at Slabbed:

While the email addresses that “aircheck” and “jammer1954” gave might provide clear evidence of who they are, they might also prove useless. Reade said free services such as Guerrilla Mail provide disposable temporary email addresses for people who don’t want to give up their real email addresses to avoid receiving spam.

But he said such “anonymizing” measures are usually taken only by tech junkies and paranoid people.

“Most people are really lazy and just do this kind of crap from work,” Reade said.

4 thoughts on “Greenlit: A Playing on the Internet Update Part Trois”

  1. It strikes me as reminiscent of the “Techies” featured in the TV Dramas “NCIS”, “NCIS (Los Angeles)” and “Criminal Minds” that employees of the Federal Government might go to such lengths to “protect” the identities of on-line commenters. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Magistrate Wilkinson has the resources of the United States Marshal’s service backing him. If it was Sal, Jan or Jim my prediction is it will bubble up quickly. If Aircheck and Jammer took the precautions listed by the Tech in his story, they may never find out who these people are despite all the technology at the government’s disposal.

      Remember the International House guy was caught on camera so coffee shops have their limits when it comes to anonymity.

      1. All the technical precautions in the world are one thing which might obscure identity but thousands of comments probably posted in hundreds of sessions make for lots of opportunities to make a mistake. It only takes one mistake such as a failure to log out or using the wrong screen name with the same site to potentially negate all precautions. Depending on the number of possible mistakes and state of electronic preservation, the determining factor may be resources to look for the needle.

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