The letters everyone is looking for are NPD

Especially Gordon and Stephanie last night on Informed Sources. The estimated 1% of the populace that have NPD are found everywhere in society but are often seen clustered together at top of the heap at large institutions like Mayor of a Big City like New Orleans or even POTUS. After all, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton aka Lord Acton aka Baron Acton nailed it long ago:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.

This does not mean all such people have Narcissistic Personality Disorder but I would posit that Ray Nagin’s time on the witness stand and his answers to the AUSA Coman’s questions make the most sense when viewed through that prism.

Speaking of prisms, meet the investigative journalist that broke the Ray Nagin scandal wide open in Ole Miss Alum Jason Berry of American Zombie via Clancy DuBos of Gambit:

Hours after a visibly humbled Ray Nagin took his post-conviction perp walk from the federal courthouse, I had the privilege of sitting down with the guy who actually uncovered the steaming pile of dung that became the case of United States of America v. C. Ray Nagin.

His name is Jason Berry. He is a blogger.

That’s right, a blogger broke open this scandal, on a blog called American Zombie ( TV and newspaper reporters have crowed about their “scoops” on this story, but the truth is no one had it before Berry. His work continues on other investigative fronts, but he took time out to chat with me about the Nagin verdict.

The recognition is well deserved.

One thought on “The letters everyone is looking for are NPD”

  1. I want to ask some rhetorical questions that can be answered (I think) by anyone having “common sense”. (1) While I agree that Mr. Berry deserves KUDOs for his coverage of the Nagin Scandals, to whom do we give the KUDOs for exposing the CORRUPTION of Mark Morial, Sherman Coplein and Cleo Fields? (2) To whom do we give the KUDOs for identifying for all of us WHO within Federal Government decided to give thos three a “pass” and not prosecute them for the CRIMES they committed against the Public? (3) There’s been a lot of “talk” (by “Step-N-Fetch-It Jenkins”, among others) about a “nuclear bomb” about to drop, which could jeopardize the NaGOON GUILTY ON 20 of 21 COUNTS VERDICT. So I ask, what’s more “influential” to prospective jurors and actual jurors: (a) Blogs like SLABBED or American Zombie, or (b) Commentors on those and other Blogs (like “”), who MAY include Jim Letten and other Federal Prosecutors, but whose identities were not revealed to the Public at the time the Comments were made, and which the Public may or may NEVER have read or even know about the very existence of? (3) Didn’t Judge Berrigan and “Step-N-Fetch-It” safeguard NaGOON’s due process rights during voir dire, and “weed out” any prospective juror who may have been prejudiced against NaGOON by virtue of having read such Blogs or Comments that may have referenced NaGOON? Ditto for Ms. Washington, whose prospective jurors have not even been questioned, yet. Just asking. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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