Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Book Review. Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel by Max Blumenthal

Published on Jan 7, 2014

Around the time of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, I attended an event at a synagogue in Washington DC. The speaker was Abba Eban … former Foreign Minister of Israel, Cambridge-educated, erudite, probably the best public spokesman the state of Israel has ever had.

He was there to make the case for Israel on a number of matters, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He used his famous line about Yasser Arafat, “he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity for peace.”

Eban, however, was quick to assure his mostly-Jewish audience that the Palestinian problem was not solely their fault. There was plenty of room for the Israeli government under Begin-Sharon to do more for peace.

Touching on how difficult his fellow countrymen could be to deal with, I remember, vividly, him saying that, “There are Jews in Israel that believe it’s not murder if a Jew kills a non-Jew.” A significant portion of the audience gasped.

I was surprised, not so much by the substance of the remark, but that he, one of the founding fathers of Israel, would say it in public in the US. Good for him.

Max Blumenthal does not have Abba Eban’s stature. Not by a long shot. He has, however, told some powerful and discomforting truths about life in present-day Israel. In doing so, as a Jew, he has no doubt alienated himself from a not-insignificant part of his own community in order to tell a story that the American press, in its pathetic timidity, is loathe to tell. Good for him. Damn good for him. Continue Reading………………..

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