7 thoughts on “Meantime on the Mississippi front……”

  1. Ain’t that special. They need the down time so they can now prepare to do battle with the good folks at the USDOJ.

  2. My Gosh!!! He has a head as big as a basketball!! Poor Trinity….wouldn’t want to have any of his babies for sure!
    And once again, the old boy has the Hotty Toddy Snotty Scott smile on his face. I bet he practices that pose in his sleep. He must be smiling because the good ole boys have cut a deal with the Feds for him. I’m sure that Fat @ZZ is doing all that he can to get him a free ride so that he himself won’t be implicated. I sure hope that the FEDS get all that are invoved in this conspiracy by using all of their tools at hand….including the RICO act. These people are nothing more than common thugs that wear expensive clothes that the Taxpayters buy them. Anyone with any character would not do the kind of things that have been done by them. No morals, no religion, no faith – they have nothing that I desire. And for sure….most of them are ugly and alcoholics!!!

  3. Take Out The Trash : In my part of da’ country we call dem’ large heads – ” watermelon heads ” – its a genetic ting done happin’ when da’ pregnant mama every nite asks for watermelon instead of pickles.

    And looksee at Ms.Trinity she bees gettin’ to looka like a homegirl fo’ sure – no sunglasses, no makeup and no dressiup. She evidently done took that 1 hour credit course, Jodi Arias 101, over da’ internet from Legal Zoom University.

  4. I hadn’t noticed that….she doesn’t have on any makeup. Really not Hottie Toddy Hottie material now?? She appears to have lost some weight too….even he looks lighter….must be using those colonic cleaners again.

  5. Why are You people hating So Much,
    Scott Walker is an amazing Man,
    Helps many charities and people out.
    We’ve all made mistakes in our lives.
    From a distance

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