Animal House: New Jefferson Parish Whistleblower suit plus the Hospitals back in the news

Never a shortage of hijinks and hallabaloo in Jefferson Parish no siree folks. First up is Veterinarian John Edwards courtesy of Courthouse News.  Like Slabbed before him Edwards is using the services of a man that has a proven track record of hanging skins on the wall in Slabbed’s own Bobby Truitt. Click the pic to nab the 16 page pdf which details allegations of the practice of unlicensed Veterinary medicine by east bank Animal Shelter Director Robin Beaulieu:

Edwards v Jefferson Parish Doc 1

Next up the public Hospital privatization spectacle is kicking back into gear after the Thanksgiving Holiday:

Jefferson to hold public meetings on hospitals’ future ~ Advocate Staff

Inspector general says Jefferson Parish Council should negotiate multiple leases for hospitals ~ Ben Myers

This McClintock guy is a more dangerous than Chris Roberts thinks plus he gives great business advice.

7 thoughts on “Animal House: New Jefferson Parish Whistleblower suit plus the Hospitals back in the news”

  1. I don’t want to “burn bridges” with Mr. McClintock, so I will reserve Comment. He has been SITTING on my allegations regarding my Family’s Mississippi River batture property, without comment for several months. In my sights are the State of Louisiana (Jefferson Parish is a political subdivision of the State) and, among other entities and individuals, the Jefferson Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, the East Jefferson Levee District (or its successor), and Elton Lagasse, among others (Lloyd Giardina, included). So let’s keep an open mind, folks, even if the compass points in the direction we may think it’s pointing. Ashton O’Dwyer. And remember: If Obama had a son, he would look like Philip Chism. AROD.

    1. I would hope he does not do anything with your civil claims. Wants the squatters off? File suit instead of wasting your time pestering the IG.

  2. To Mr. Handshoe: The litigation is Civil Action Number 06-10811 on the docket of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Unfortunately, the litigation was STAYED by Federal judge A.J McNamara when I sued the Federal Judges in an attempt to follow their own Rules in my disbarment proceedings. The STAYof my Family’s batture litigation is something unheard of in the annals of American jurispriudence. What I want Mr. McClintock to do something about is NOT my civil litigation, but PUBLIC CORRUPTION in Jefferson Parish, which allowed politically-connected “insiders” to erect structures on my Family’s land, aided and abetted by crooked Councilmen and Parish agencies. Ashton O’Dwyer (And remember: If Obama had a son, he would look like Philip Chism). AROD.

  3. Still hoping and praying that McClintock would take the upper moral high ground and put his corruption researchers on the real problems with the hospitals. That being too many political jobs, unqualified personnel appointed by the Council and long standing political patronage. Along with two Boards of each hospital entrenched in their own selfish survival as opposed to unifying the two Boards and hospitals, eliminating duplicate personnel and securing one purchasing unit.

    I thought that was what a city Inspector general was supposed to do to save tax dollars by suggesting changes that ensures tax dollars are best spent. Somebody must have told Mc Clintock not to investigate the political patronage at the hospitals if he wanted to keep his job.

    If he keeps pussy footing around political corruption he should drop the “clint” ( undeserving of the actor’s no BS first name ) and substitute” But” ( nothing “But” excuses for doing nothing) and rename himself Mc Buttock ( H/T to Gump).

    1. Holy Hustlin’ Hospital Whores Batman,

      It done look like dere be a foul odor emission from da’ jefferson parish hospital leases and the FBI sniffing around the immense BS dat da’ Council has crapped out over the last year.

      Wouldn’t have anything to do wit’ an existing overload of deadhead political hospital job positions at da’ Jefferson hospitals and/or political hospital spoils jobs to the victorious Councilmen, similar to what was recently disclosed with DA Walter Reed at dat’ piss-ant Satanic Tammy Parish Hospital?

      Course not – dis bees the Parish with a huge Thomas Jefferson statue outside its Jefferson Parish Government Complex on da’ Bestbank !

  4. To: The SLABBED Nation: Doug has a lot on his plate, and may be “mad” at me for reminding all of you that “If Obama had a son, he would look like Philip Chism”. But for those who may be interested in WHY my Family’s batture property issues are evidence of SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION IN JEFFERSON PARISH POLITICS, which has existed for many years, and which continues to this day, which should be thoroughly investigated by Mr. McClintock with more VIGOR than he has investigated the “Hospital Deal(s)”, you should view the video productions by Professor Carl and Shirley Bernofsky of the “” web-site, entitled: “GRAND THEFT ON THE BATTURE”, which are available at: Part II(A):; Part II(B):; and Part II(C): The Part II(B) video features (among other things) then Council Chairman Aaron Broussard making a FOOL out of my Father at a Council Meeting by having already had the Council in Executive Session (illegal), where they had already passed a Resolution allowing squatters and trespassers to build on O’Dwyer Family land, without informing my Father, and then telling my Father that he (Broussard) believed that my Family had a good legal case against the squatters and trespassers who Broussard and his PIMPS, including Lloyd Giardina, had just granted permission to build on land THEY DID NOT OWN! Get this: We know you own the land, but we have (in secret) already granted permission to “our buddies” to build on your land, but we think you have a good case against our buddies (fat chance of getting any State Court Judge to agree with you). This is truly a “piece of work”, and to cap it off, portions of the Council Meeting video tape HAVE BEEN DELETED! So Doug Handshoe is WRONG about this subject being “beneath” McClintock. It is a symptom of something that good, honest, taxpaying people look to McClintock to correct, sooner rather then later. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Good comment shot Arod. I done believe you got Mc Clintock square in da’ middlin’ of his” Buttocks” ( H/T to da’ Gump.

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