Hehehehe | LOL: Wonder if Ernie saw this coming

SUN HERALD | Editorial: Does CMR appointment meet the spirit of the law? ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

While the Op-Ed makes some good points the gang loses me very early in the piece.  Here it is:

Zimmerman’s presidency of the nonprofit Coastal Conservation Association’s Bay St. Louis chapter and his membership in the Mississippi Wildlife Federation are pluses, but there is an important question that needs further examination: Does Zimmerman meet the conditions of state law that this seat is to be filled by a member of a nonporfit (sic) environmental organization?

Are they actually suggesting being an active member of the Coastal Conservation Association and MWF aren’t “nonporfit” enough to meet the plain language of the CMR’s enabling statute?  It smacks of elitism folks and that is exactly what it is.  Fact is the average bubba down here much more identifies with environmental groups like the CCA and MWF than Sierra Club or The Audubon Society and I believe it is from those circles the criticisms above are emanating. They are very misguided.

Slabbed will not hold the fact that Ernie likes to be in a relatively pristine outdoor coastal environment where he can hunt and fish and then eat what he hunts and fishes against him.  As I said yesterday he is a fine appointment to the CMR.  Ernie is honest, motivated and active in the community. He comes from a family of such people.

Editorially Slabbed is against any form of fossil fuel extraction in the Mississippi sound.  That said you can’t hold the fact Ernie has not formed an opinion on this issue against him, mainly because he is brand new and certainly has much to learn.  I’d submit that an open mind is a good thing in fact as I’ll remind everyone of Nowdy’s classic post circa December 2009, A mind is like a parachute. If it doesn’t open, you’re f#@%*d! because it applies here.

If you’re a disaffected environmental type my recommendation would be engagement, not elitism.

Finally the Sun Herald is spot on in wanting more transparency in the process of this appointment.  Perhaps they will get more in the confirmation process.

In other news Bill, Scott, Joe, Tina and Michael along with Trinity and Sharon visited the Federal Courthouse in Gulfport yesterday. Teams Walker, Shumate, Ziegler and Janus entered not guilty pleas.  As this Sun Herald image of Trinty Walker illustrates, she wore a highly fashionable white coat over some sort of mini skirt along with a scarf. I’ll leave it to the sage team of Slabbed Courthouse observers in the commenting community to ascertain whether or not this meets the unwritten but widely acknowledged United States District Court House dress code.

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  1. Trinity Walker is just putting on a little fashion show for the starched shirts at the federal court house. I know one attorney that tells his female clients to not even wear makeup when going inside a courtroom. Opinions are formulated based in part on a defendant’s spouse. One article I read pointed out that all of the defendants sat together except Tina Shumate who was as far from the others as possible inside the court room. That is a message of some sort in my opinion. Does it say Shumate is going to be testifying against others? I would like to hear what everybody thinks. Does Ernie’s appointment duplicate the other recreational fisherman on the CMR? I wondered this when his name was announced. I feel certain Phil Bryant could never bring himself to nominate a true to the left environmental person. I for one liked his honesty of being a person who has not decide on every issue yesterday and will wait until tomorrow after all facts are presented.

    1. The appointment not only from an environmental group but also from Hancock County. The universe of names that would be appropriate to the appointment was gonna be small and that does not count any partisan political considerations.

      The question in my mind is not whether Ernie can be a good CMR board member because he will be. The question in my mind is what the heck the other 4 stooges that turned a blind eye to Walker and his cronies looting the agency are still doing on the CMR?

      1. I agree that the remaining members should have been removed since they did not have the good sense to resign. Jimmy Taylor in particular, who we all know took advantage of his position for his own personal benefit. has way overstayed.

  2. Shumate has a very qualified attorney that in my opinion knows full well how the FEDs work. I heard somewhere that she made an offer already and they said no thanks. She has to go back to her buried treasure of information an offer more. I thought the volunteer separation was noteworthy.

      1. You may well be correct. From what we have heard about Bill Walker this could be the case. When the FBI investigation got going and after he found out about his executive assistant being questioned, it is said he told her that if she gave up anything about him to the FBI he was going to blame everything on her actions. This was just two weeks prior to her death. I hope one day the family is able to come forward and tell the public what they know. I have been told it is volumes of bad involving Dr,William Walker his family,friends, and associates. She must have been a witness to all of the access that was being sold by the Walkers. I for one hope the Walkers decide to go to trial and not plead guilty. All of the praying from that front pew at St.Pauls will not save them from being properly punished if found guilty.

          1. Thanks rfp. Ms. Hill was involved at the highest levels at the DMR, supporting the director. At some point something happened and Walker suspected her of gathering information about possible wrong doing. She was relegated to a lessor position under the direct supervision of Tina Shumate. What did she tell the FBI when they questioned her? What information did she leave behind that her family found? All appropriate questions at this point.

            1. Ms Hill’s husband has personally expressed his belief to me that everything that happened will see the light of day.

    1. They are absolutely slaving over there. RFP this will be fertile ground for exploration and examination indeed. Let’s begin:

      Practice 3C. Board Governance

      1. Wondered what you would think about that governance document.

        Here is my continued on this:

        How will this be handled? From

        Accreditation Requirements Manual
        A Land Trust’s guide to Understanding Key Elements of Accreditation

        From page 18 of the pdf at the link:
        At renewal application
        3C5: Statement describing which of the requirements the organization did not meet and how the organization has since ensured continued compliance with this practice (if applicable).

        Would something have to be reported concerning certain transactions which are the subject of federal investigations and indictments?

        Bonus LTCMP/DMR friends and family plan picture with the caption: From left: Mickey Lagasse, CDM; Judy Steckler, The
        Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain; DMR
        Executive Director William Walker; and DMR Staff
        Officer Grant Larsen gather after the Mississippi Gulf
        Coast National Heritage Area 3rd Annual Invitational
        Golf Tournament.

        Additional info on the event: “Following the conference, CDM and DMR hosted a golf
        tournament at Gulf Hills Golf Club in Ocean Springs on May
        7. Proceeds from the tournament were donated to the Land
        Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain.”

        Source for picture and additional event info: Fall 2008 Heritage Happenings

        Which type of thing kind of makes one wonder.

        Then there is this previously from Slabbed:
        Contractor C? Contractor D?? This is getting interesting
        as this sounds like language the Department of Justice would use with Grand Jury material. I believe the engineering firm in question would be Compton Engineering as we continue:

        1. Continued continued:

          More circular money flows?:
          LTCMP using CIAP funds hired CDM Smith as a consultant:

          In the Mississippi Gulf Coast region, the opportunities for conservation are great, as is the need for environmental protection. Since its founding in 2000, the Land Trust for the Mississippi
          Coastal Plain (LTMCP), headquartered in Biloxi, Miss.,has acquired and managed property in
          order to safeguard water quality, habitats and species, and cultural resources. With funding from the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP), the LTMCP and its consultant CDM Smith carried out the innovative Conservation Legacy program from 2010-2011. The program was designed to combine stakeholder input and technical analysis to develop planning and technical tools for conserving land in a coordinated, strategic manner in the six coastal area counties of Mississippi. Among the program

  3. We will have to wait for the performance of Zimmerman. But with Bryant appointing him, he will vote how Bryant says or bite the dust. These CMR members are ALL governor appointees and do as they are told.

    As for as the Land Trust, where was Ms. Steckler when DMR was using her? Will she testify in their upcoming cases?

  4. This post is so spot on I could have written it myself. I would add that the political process has become so rampant with attacks on good people that most people choose not to serve. Add this editorial to a long list of politically motivated attacks which drive away honest good willed people from public service. Is it any wonder we end up with self interested criminals running the show? This was a very irresponsible editorial and attack job by the Sun Herald. Save those attacks for the crooks.

  5. Federal dress code ?- federal dress code?-did you say federal dress code?

    Dat Trinity Walker bees dressin’ up like St.Pierre’s wife, walkin’ hand in hand wit’ her man in elitist, big ass sunglasses and da’ finest threads but da’ Goofy Gucci question is – will she help walk Walker to da’ farm fo’ 17.5 years like da’ Saint and also bee left holdin’ da’ bag wit’ all da’ ga’ ga’ $$$$$ ?


  6. !!!Uh huh!!!

    Meff had already admitted to lying continually in order to hide “the criminal enterprise” between him and St. Pierre. To me, this was one of the most revealing moments of the day as Meffert explained why he lied, when he lied, and the moment he realized his ass was in a sling.

    He said the moment he realized shit was about to go down was during the civil trial deposition when he was suddenly asked about the Hawaii trip. He brought this up later on in cross examination as well and stated that up to that point the Hawaii trip was just “on the websites” and had not yet become a real issue. He said he knew it was on “someone’s” radar when the civil case attorneys brought it up while he was under oath.

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