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  1. The” Louisiana Purchased” investigative series exemplifies what a journalistic media co-op can achieve by brainstorming threads resulting in exposure of unethical campaign finance violations. And all this odorous corruption right under the stuffed-up noses of the Louisiana Ethical Administration which has ever investigated and enforced campaign limits already on the legislative books for decades.

    Mr. Torres and Zurick may I suggest your next co-op topic be” Jefferson Parish Bought and Sold”. Because you gentlemen have become such campaign finance wizards could you explore why some Councilmen in JP require and collect upwards of $200,000 per year in campaign contributions in order to play musical chairs for their next JP seat every 4 years. Particularly weird and unexplainable is when many of them just walk up and slowly sit in said musical seat totally unopposed. This indefensible practice continues despite the Good Government Sistas’ readin’ all the campaign contributions ad nauseum before every Council meeting.

    Perhaps Lee Zurick can get a dispensation from the Head Saint to investigate this unexplained parish phenomenon and ultimately have to move his Peabody down the shelf a bit to receive the annual Jeffersonian Award.

    There is however one bright star arising , namely Honorable Ms. Lee-Sheng, who you’ll will need to interview. As her campaign contribution list has been going down to near nil in the past year while others continue to increase exponentially especially among the newest Council members. Surely this extinct and recent ethical behavior displayed by Ms. Lee-Sheng must have caused her to be named the black sheep and probably black balled from the Good Ole Boys’ Club for life.

    1. No disrespect to Manuel and his Fox 8 sidekick but the stuff from week 1 of this series on Calvin and Cynthia Fayard appeared on the Hayride and then here well over a year ago. Slabbed also first disclosed the River Birch Bundling involving Dominick Fazzio and that was before the Ethics Admin filed suit in that matter and that was quite sometime back too.

      The information they are bringing to light is good and needed but not anywhere near trail blazing.

      1. Spot on, Doug. The fact that the Inspector is rounding up the usual suspects gives rise to that smell in the air hinting at a media preface to some sort of palace coup. Who are the up-and-coming types the Tipsy and Billion Dollar Benson want to have us elect?

    2. Lockemuptight,
      You probably saw already the “Louisiana Purchased” stories on Jefferson Parish, which we posted last week and were on the paper last Wednesday. Thanks for reading.

      Doug, Thanks for featuring the links here also.

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