BREAKING: Warrants for the arrest of 5 former DMR Employees have been issued

Former DMR officials begin turning themselves in at Harrison County jail in connection to investigation ~ Mississippi Press

And the former employees have been identified as:

  • Leslie Gollott
  • Grant Larsen
  • Tina Shumate
  • Susan Perkins
  • Kerwin Cuevas

Vital Background on Shumate and Larsen can be found here,  Susan Perkins is somewhat of a shocker but the reasons Miller let her go now come into sharper focus.

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  1. Correction needed to your post: “Grant Larson” Should be “Grant Larsen” with an “e”.
    “Grant Larsen was charged with one count of embezzlement”
    Five arrested today from Department of Marine Resources investigation

    Then there is the Final Revised CIAP Plan 2007-2010. See page 46 for the excerpt with Grant Larsen and some other familiar names.

    State Of Mississippi
    Coastal Impact Assistance Plan

    Skip to page 46.

    The State of Mississippi and the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources wish to
    acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson County
    Boards of Supervisors, their designated contacts, the members of the CIAP Technical Team, and
    all participants who have worked together to design this Plan to conserve and improve the health
    of our coastal ecology. Technical Team members include: Judy Steckler, Dale Diaz, Grant
    Larsen, Marcia Garcia, Bob Fairbank, Vernon Asper, Jamie Miller, Ann Daigle, Robbie Wilbur,
    Margaret Bretz, Dave Dennis, Jane Dennis, Scott Walker and Phil Bass and members of
    Governor Barbour

    1. Geoff Pender is reporting civil repayment demands have been issued to 10 people including Bill Walker.

      Former DMR chief Bill Walker, nine others forced to repay money

      Those 10 according to Pender are:

      Bill Walker
      Joseph Ziegler
      Tina Shumate
      Susan Perkins
      Grant Larson (sic)
      Kerwin Cuevas
      Leslie Gollott
      Walter Chataginer
      Kerry Endris
      Samantha Hebert

      Ziegler, Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes Brother in law has been tagged for $258,000 which is not chump change.

    2. The list of people is something to really think about. Why did Phil Bass commit suicide? Why did Michaela Hill commit suicide? Or did they? What is the real purpose in the Grant Larsen indictment for such a small amount of money when others like Tina Shumate’s sister are only required to repay misused money? What in the hell is Scott Walker doing on the Technical team? Elizabeth Rooks Barber compiled the document but is not responsible for anything. Just on page 46 you have two people who lost or took their lives, 5 people who are now under state and federal indictment and others suspected of knowing what was going on with the land scams. All have Bill and Scott Walker to thank.

        1. Scott and Bill Walker should hope for incarceration because in my opinion their well being could be in danger.So many people hurt by all of this so few enriched.

        2. Scott Walker is faced with the most amount of potential prison time @150 years. You can bet he is thinking about this every second.

  2. Thank you for posting that document. Is that a 2010 document? Look at all the same names that appeared today. Coincidence? I think not. They was hands out from the get-go.

    Also, “compiled and updated by Elizabeth Rooks Barber”. is that or is that not the Barber and Mann group that billed $100,000 for CIAP management and whose company did almost all of those ridiculously overvalued land scam appraisals? No charges for her????

    1. Dear SmokingDolphin, what exactly are you smoking? I know for a fact (as documented in the DOJ findings and published by the Sun Herald) that Elizabeth Rooks Barber did not order any of the DMR/CIAP appraisals and I know for a fact that not one single person associated with Barber and Mann did any of the appraisals for DMR/CIAP. You may need to change your name to LyingDolphin and put down the blunt.

        1. Let’s recap here: You have referenced a document that is a “final” audit of a state government agancy regarding their management of funds from a federal grant program. You also asked the question, “is that or is that not the Barber and Mann group that billed $100,000 for CIAP management and whose company did almost all of those ridiculously overvalued land scam appraisals?” I answered your question and my answer is confirmed by your re-issue of the final audit document. On top of that, the auditors have revealed the guilty (you do read the papers, don’t you?). A moral question you may want to ask yourself is, “Ummmm, should I continue to beat a dead horse to promote my own twisted personal vendetta that has nothing to do with truth or justice?” Because that is what I am reading between the lines of your comments here.

          1. SA you would have to agree that although Barber & Mann did not physically do the appraisals they had the responsibility to review each for accuracy. Also do you think a seller providing an appraisal paid for by the seller should be allowed? This happened in some of the cases mentioned. You cannot walk into a lending institution in this state and have that accepted. While B&M can say they did not do the appraisals just what the hell did they do? They sure played a part in these bogus land purchases. Please tell us how these all got to closings. I, for one, am dying to know.

          2. SouthAuditor: Your comment “… the auditors have revealed the guilty…”.

            Who are your referenced auditors, their names, who have revealed the guilty?

        2. SD ,you are correct that Barber and Mann from Madison ,Ms. is the firm involved in the management of the CIAP program for the DMR at the time all of these inflated land purchases were made. They should be held accountable for their part in allowing this scheme to ever happen that has cost us all millions in monies that could have been used in a much better way. Barber is also an elected public official in Madison County which, if not, should create a conflict.

        3. Just read through the attached link. I found page 15 very informative. Seems to me that the Madison contractor did everything in her power to stop these scams and is now being bad mouthed as if she was a part of it. It is possible that they did the job hired to do, but where ultimately ignored by cons making the final decision. But what do I know…

          1. The answer to your question about Barber and Mann’s involvement is easy to answer by Barber and Mann. Show me one sentence that shows B&M was doing anything to stop the land scam. Anyone who is familiar with any of these land purchases and has physically looked at each site could only come to one conclusion and that would be “what is going on here”. In my opinion most, if not all of these sites, do not comply with the pre-established criteria for consideration. That is where purchases should have been stopped.

          1. SouthAppraiser: Calling SA in Madison, MS.- Come in please- Did your internet mouth get dry with fear, choke on a BM ( Barber and Mann), swallow a silent brain fart or what ?

            We are asking legitimate questions about the basis of your apparent, expertise appraisal comments bout’ B&M ‘s appraisal work and responsibilities in the investigated land deals.

            And please refrain from making personal derogatory comments about the SmokingDolphin or we will dispatch SeaWorld’s Killer Orca on yo’ ase.

    1. Those charges carry major incarceration consequences, even for first time offenders. Money laundering is serious business.

          1. I remember this multiple choice question. Just happened to know about that particular buy from the seller of the home. It appears more was bought and delivered if I am reading this correct. Like we already knew before today the Walkers were using the Marine Resource Foundation like their own bank. Just wondering were the CONprofit Godfather, David Harris is in this matter. Just listened to Stacey Pickering on WLOX and he stated he did not anticipate anymore indictments. If David Harris walks away with all of the taxpayers money he swindled people will be livid including myself.

          2. It is probably kind of tangential and I am running behind because I didn’t expect indictments until Friday afternoon at the earliest. Meantime I’m trying to get caught up while reading the indictments. Will try to post it Saturday AM.

  3. So like the other participants in this media site, it appears that in spite of Pickering, heads will roll but we are wondering where are the indictments for Mrs. Walker, David & Melba Harris and others involved in this corruption scheme? I’m hoping there will be more indictments.

  4. Other indictments could very well be delivered when all of this “defense lawyering” starts, deals are
    offered for information, etc. Oh, when these birds start to sing, it’ll be like the Mormon Tabernacle

    1. Only if clean lawyers are allowed to ask the right questions. If not, another scam, another show. I still fly the American flag and have hope.
      From wiki: “Lady Justice is most often depicted with a set of scales typically suspended from her right hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition.[citation needed] She is also often seen carrying a double-edged sword in her left hand, symbolizing the power of Reason and Justice, which may be wielded either for or against any party.
      Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality. …”

      OTOH, “A lawsuit has been filed in the US[10] to have depictions of Lady Justice removed from federal court houses. It claims that since federal judges have the legal right to substitute argument of the parties with judges’ own, depictions of Lady Justice mislead litigants into thinking that judges are actually impartial.[11]
      Preparing for the worst, that some are too big to fail, and hoping for the best.

  5. Don’t mean to throw cold water on the fire but don’t be surprised to see deals from 4 years down to probation and some restitution when all is said and done.

    If they go to trial…. All bets are off

    1. I am told reliably that plea bargain discussions broke down. The wild card factor is that 2 individuals closely associated with Walker met their maker early due to the pressure of the Walkers on one side and the Investigation and scandal on the other. The affected families harbor strong feelings toward the Walkers as a result.

      I do not know what kind of deal the parties were offered. Former Pascagoula Mayor Robbie Maxwell, the Maxwell in the Maxwell Walker Consulting firm involved in the commission of these alleged crimes is conspicuously missing from the narrative. The concept of Prisoner’s dilemma is certainly in play here.

    2. IJR : Let’s just hope in configuring the ordered restitutions of all the monies that the Feds don’t tell dem’ to go see “Da’ Special Man” who says ” Let Them Have It” (i.e. 100 years to repay at $50 dollars a month alla Mr. and Ms. BrouStar).

  6. Robbie Maxwell has been absent because he was smart enough to come clean ( if that is possible) very early in the investigation. I have been told Tina Shumate tried to make a deal but the Feds and State said no thanks. This is evident in the charges against her. She also tampered with her assistant who was indicted. More indictments are coming and I suspect even more after all is told. They did not even address CIAP yet.

  7. I like the comment of the birds singing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir……

    Not only has Maxwell been absent from charges so far, but Runnels, Chataginer, Endris, Hebert, Johnson, Steckler and Barber (to name only a few) have not been indicted (so far).

    Will the other big birds be taken down?

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